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welcome fellow PA investors. here you can ask fellow PA people about state laws and etc about renting and flipping in PA

New Group

This one is for birddogs to stop by and list their desire to help investors from their areas of interest. Be a BIRDDOG for investors, get paid.

Plz refer those you see who are willing to be birddogs. Please be aware that your email addresses are not showing as written.

The group name is now called "300++ BIRDDOGS" and, it's still growing!!

If you still want to reply here, great! Just remember to back out of here to the group home list, find the group named "300++ BIRDDOGS" and join! That way everyone looking for birddogs can find you, since sometimes the replies get lost in the mix of all the postings. Thanx.

Looking for buyers.

Contact me now!!! NE PA has properties producing 10% to 30% ROI. E-mail me today for the latest data on Multi,and Single Family homes that will "Show you the money!!!"


Please Help! Serious Cash Buyers Needed!!!!

I have been having a hard time finding serious buyers. Please help with tips or please sign up as a buyer on my website. Any feedback will be helpful!

Please visit my websites and sign up on my buyers list for your area of interest. Best of luck with your future goals!!!


Looking for buyers in the Philadelphia and surrounding area. Will find what you are looking for and we are very hungry to work.



home loane modefication

89% of the home loan modification contracts were not able to follow through with the loans. experts say there will be 10% home value drop in next year. Bank of america who took over on country wide has a large number of these contracts
Sal cassandro from pa. see you all at the edge 2010!

Altoona PA

4bed 2 bath can easily be converted into a duplex with minimal effort, renters on bottom floor pay 400 plus utilties increasing to 500 end of month. Needs front roof redone and paint and carpet on 2nd floor bedrooms many updates have already been completed. 3rd floor is big open space. Dry basement, wholesale price 38K, won't last long comp and appraisal = 63K-71K. Can't go wrong. Taxes 460.00. Hurry won't last you can rehab into a duplex and collect rent as u rehab WIN WIN.

looking for a mentor,anybody interested out there?

hi everybody,iam looking for a person that knows alot about real estate,who would be willing to {give back} as dean says to mentor a motavated new student in the real estate success academy.i have very little knowledge in this field and would appreciate the time,advise and guidence from you through this totally new world,i want to succeed in this dream,if anybody can help me i can be reached at rydhog2@,thanks and god bless , al from pittsburgh p.a.

Rent Increase

Hi Everyone,
Happy Holidays to ALL!

I need to know what percentage can you increase on a rental. It is a single family home in the poconos.
I've call different offices, and no one seems to know.

I wrote about this before but I don't know where it went. Could some one please help me.


Just Curious

So how long have you been investing in real estate?
And not to be creepy or anything but what part of PA are you from?

Look forward to hearing from you.

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