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Hi, Raquel!

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Sorry if we've seemed to overlook your quiet posts. Smiling It is great to have you here with us! And, yes, this is a WONDERFUL place to learn and to find support.
We look forward to hearing more from you and to hear of your successes as you put what you have learned to work for you! Smiling Wishing you all the success you deserve!

God bless,


Hi, Rina! WOW! This is

Hi, Rina!
WOW! This is exciting! This website and interacting in it is soooo new to me. I never know if what I'm doing is right or wrong. Is a quiet post a good or bad thing? I'm still trying to learn how to use this site.

Thank-you for responding.
God Bless You,too
Raquel aka kellie


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Hi Kellie.

I just meant I noticed you had put a few posts into other threads, and I don't know if anyone had responded. Smiling
Feel free to start a new thread (topic) anytime you have a question. You'll get lots of feedback. Of course, you certainly can learn a ton just by reading along as questions are asked. Believe me, some of the same ones are dicussed over and over in here. Partly because there are new people with the same questions, and partly because sometimes it takes 7 times to hear the same answer before it sinks in. Smiling (at least it did for me sometimes)

Again, welcome to the DG family. Jump right in.


LOL wit cha

Hi Rina,
Look how long it took me to respond.
I found this by accident today Smiling
I'm making my rounds trying to make something happen with either a short sale or reo.
Is this the place where I write to you or am I to do PM? I'm still feeling everything out.
Thank-you for the WELCOME again.



I have no idea how that smiley face got on.(cracking up)


Kellie, you're cracking ME up. LOL

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You're welcome to chat here or PM me anytime you like. Smiling