Very Powerful..WRITE THIS DOWN

Very Powerful..WRITE THIS DOWN

You want buyers NOW??? Do the following?

1. Go to your local Real Estate city club and ask the president of the club to show you who the serious buyers are.

2. Attend a AUCTION and see who the serious buyers are and introduce your self and get the buyers phone numbers. You can find auctions through the local newspaper.

3. Once you lock up your deals, advertise a a "Foreclosure Tour Bus" in your local paper and sell all your homes and collect your check. If you have 5 deals locked up, you should at least pocket 25K on the low side.

4. You may need a shortline or trailways bus, because your phone will be ringing off the hook. One thing to keep in mind is that when people call you for the bus tour, explain to them that they need to show proof of funds or letter from their bank. You definately don't want people who are not qualified serious buyers on that bus tour.


"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”
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Thanks Jason

Some awesome tips here. This is a great way to make some fast cash!



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for the tips..


I will never accept defeat there for I will never fail


Thanks Jason for the info! Continued success..........Lubertha



Sounds like something Im

Sounds like something Im gonna start doing very soon.

that is great advice!

thanks for the geat advice ! that is what im going to do .
keep the advice coming I need all I can get.

thanks Build assets!

life is good

Thank You

Thanks for the great info. We are going to our first investors club meeting this Wednesday and this info will be helpful.


Wow and thanks


Rei club

Just had a great idea! if you cant find a Rei club close, then Start your own
REI CLUB. that will pull all the investor's in your area! then you can network
with all the big money investor's close to you! your buyers list.


life is good

REI club

that's a great idea except that it takes money to organize that and that's my worst enemy right now.




Great ideas, thanks so much

Great ideas, thanks so much for sharing. The DG family is continually impressive with it's out of the box ideas and support for each other.


All the Best in Life!


have you had and luck

have you done this and if so please share some detailes how many properties did you have how many did you sell how did it turn out and also where are you doing this sounds like sonething i would do here in Arizona

some good ideas! Thanks for

some good ideas! Thanks for the information! I plan to put some of this into use this week!


Success and Nothing Less!

Great Idea

I hate I didn't think of this myself.


Great idea Jason, saw something like that on TV. Thanks for sharing.



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Jason, You are the man. You have out-done yourself! I saw a report on the Fox business channel where a group of banks were pooling resources together (REO's) and doing these bus tours in San Diego, and in Vegas. The only problem was, no investors were allowed to participate. I guess we'll have to sponsor our own tours. INVESTORS ARE TOO SAVY. It seems like the banks are trying their best to shut us out. It's still a great idea!

I love your quote. I have written in my goals, from a year ago, take time to do the little things in a great way. Something I stole from coach John Wooden. Before each practice he made his players tie and re-tie their shoelaces. We often overlook the little details that can make all the difference between wining and losing. Prehaps, this is why he won 9 NCAA championships! I know it's a stretch, but coach Wooden can teach us something about REI.




Great Ideas Thanks!

Thanks for sharing the great ideas I would not have thought of this myself even if I was at the auction. This is why I am so glad this forum is here and that is why i am here... thanks again for the great ideas!


I work for the Rail Road and Drive Trains, live in Fort Worth area in North Richland Hills Tx. Just want that first deal and have read Dean's book twice, and excited and learning everyday. Made several offers but no deal yet

finding buyers

I read somewhere that if you try calling HUD offices and ask for a list of landlords then you can call them and get their criterias and if the office will not give up the landlord's names ask for a list of available Hud rentals and try to call from that.

Great tips ...

Will need to put these ideas to work this week !!

Much obliged...


Love it

Great idea. I'd seen this tact on TV used by RE agents down in Florida, never thought about implementing it myself. Terrific!

And I agree with others here, this sight is fantastic for just this reason alone: learning new ideas and ways of doing things.

Thanks much!
Nancy D.


Help feed the hungry -

This is true for RE..."The best way to learn this business is to do this business." - John Addision, co-chief executive officer, Primerica

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Thank you for your insight.

Thank you for your insight. I was just reading your 66 offer thread where you able to double chose on the 6 that got accepted? Please post updated.


Stop thinking just DO IT!


Thanks for all the great ideas. I am in the process of building my list and am having some luck. I currently have 4 cash buyers so im excited about that but I really like the auction idea. Thanks again. Tony

Selling the product

Thanks Jason for your comment about buyers,After reading it...All i could think of was/Action is the first step,All of the actions after,Seal the deal!


Invest in yourself!

I never meet a strange anyway!!


Great idea, since I am a people person I will take your advice and run with it. Thanks for the help.

I'm On My Way!!

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Thank you so much for the information, I love the idea, a bus tour arround the city shouldn't cost too much!! and jst to add to it, instead of a bus you could rent a sprinter for a day it fits 15 people inside but of course if you are going to have more than 15 people a bus would be the way! or 2 sprinters lol whitch ever is cheapest!
thanks for the info i'd never have tought of that.



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