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Making a ton of cash in real estate!

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How are You JZ.

I live up here in Yonkers. Bought DG'S book while back and now I am ready to venture into this RE investing. I think its a good idea to form a group in our region for the same reason you stated on one of your post. To help each other out. Honestly, without this website I would be just lazying aroud at home watching tv. So lets get started and lets get going.

Viliame V

I agree

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Also recently gotten into the real estate game over the last couple of years. Have 4 properties but the well is dried out right now. Saw DG's book and thought it looked great so I am going to give it a try.
I agree that we should work on forming a local community. Grew up just north of Yonkers. Let's do this.

Lou M.

New to investing

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If you or anyone live in New ersey please contact me so i can get some tips or even help each other out i do have Banking Experince and a great attitude.

Thank you

Q's 4 U

Hi Jeremy,
So, we have 16 members in the
"Tri State Area Investors NY,NJ,PA,CT Let's Help each other out today!"
Is anyone contacting you, or are people just joining and we are going no-where?
Honestly, I haven't used this part of the site much.
Is there a way to send messages back and forth between the members or do we just have to PM each other individually?
I do not have any particular ideas right now but given where we live we have incredible potential here and we are right now only luke-warm at best!

We are in one of the richest areas of the country, timing is perfect, we need to make our move before someone else does.

Open to all suggestions. Do you want me to copy and paste this message to everyone in our group?

Do you want to split the list with me? Maybe we should get everyone's email address so we can "talk" to / brainstorm with everyone more easily ???

Don't know about you but I am tired of reading and posting and am ready start doing!

Tri State Area Investors ... we need to be living up to our name before someone else takes it!

Whaddayathink? I have to run right now, let me know what you think and I will check in later!
Have a great day!

I'm in Jersey also

I'm in Monmouth County. I'm just starting in RE. As a matter of fact, I'm waiting for Dean's new book to arrive. Never read his first book. I'm looking to learn. Lets work towards getting some deals this year!

Investing together

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Hey Viliame, sorry I did not get back to you sooner. I did not know I had any respones in my guest book. I only was lookin at my posts and private messages. So yeah, how have you been doing? I would love to speak with you more and start a group for our area. Jeremy

Hey Lou

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Yeah, let's get it started buddy. We can all help eachother out and maybe even invest together. Post on my REI club page and let's see if we can all get in contact with eachother. Jeremy


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Hey, I am in NY. I am investing in NY and would deff. invest in Jersey also. Post a comment on my REI club for tri state investors and we can get this up and running. Jeremy


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YES! I just viewed my guestbook for the first time. I have not had many pm's, I am encouraging people to post on my page RE tri state investing club. Deff. copy and paste this on that page! Please! I am ready to get going also! I am 18 and I am sooo motivated. If all goes well, I will own a home upstate and got 50/50 with another dg member I met thru this site. Post on my club page and let's get all email address, send out emails, and set something up asap! I agree, NOW is the BEST time to INVEST! Let's get going! I am ready for us to make it and make it BIG! Jeremy

I am sending this to everyone on the RE list. FYI

Hi Guys!
Jeremy, (thebossspringsteenfan) and I (AngelaK) have been talking online and we are sending this message to everyone who joined the DG REI club (Tri State Area Investors NY,NJ,PA,CT) We want this club to actually mean something and not just be a “thing to join”
Please send me a PM, (personal message) … find my DG name on the site AngelaK and then click on (send PM) send me a message to me with your email address and in a couple of sentences, tell me your position: eg: I have down payment money, I am approved for a mortgage, I own property already , I have nothing, I have no money, I have no credit, I just bought the book, I am new to real estate investing. There is no right answer there is no wrong answer. We are all here to help each other. We are all interested in the same thing and we can all make money right now. Jeremy and I are trying to figure out everyone’s position and how we can help each other right now. Respond quickly,, we are highly motivated and we plan to accomplish! Jeremy and I are going change the world !!! We are looking for motivated people to come and take this ride with us!

(Send a PM message, It is private between you and me … I plan to make a master list of everyone’s email address and pass the completed list on to everyone else in our group.

Hey Wayne

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Put a comment on the investing group thread. We are trying to get everyones info and get started so we can help out. Monmouth County is nice, I'd love to work with ya, pretty soon, maybe we can even invest in Rumson! = )

She said it!

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Get those pm's sent, post on the tri state investors thread, contact us, and do something about it. Those millions are not just going to fall into our laps, we gotta work for it!


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Keep up the great work and you will do well with real estate investing. Make the offers. That's the key and the money will come to you.

Thanks Jason

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Thanks for the support Jason, I am even more motivated now. It is amazing how we met thru the site one day and we both made money together just like that. I know you will do great also. Talk soon, and let me know when your offers are accepted so we can work together again.

realestate investing

i' m looking for a mentor to start investing in realestate projects i wouldlike to partner up with a partner in the realestate field of rentals for cash flow


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Hi, where do you live? I am always up to invest with more people. Rentals are good for right now. Send me more details.

Hi All!

I'm from Long Island and own four homes. I rent three and live in one...I'm looking forward to becoming a multi millionare under Dean's belt. I've been to several R.E. conferences and taken many classes. No one can compare to Dean's course. Having been a licensed real estate agent, Dean's course is very inspiring. I'm ready to jump in and start investing again.. I'm open to all ideas... And I agree - lets get the ball rolling! I think there's enough of us that are eager and willing to go beyond the call of duty...Until then..

whats next?

Can someone tell me what's next? we have members - now what are we going to do? If anyone is interested in investing in the N.C. area I have a contact for a hard money lender, and an investors with properties ready to be sold...

Also in New Jersey

I agree with AngelaK we should be networking with each other and have each others e-mail so we can contact each other and kick things around and share ideas on how to make this work better. For instance I have a webpage for individuals looking for loans, which at least 4 lenders will compete for your business but I dont know If am allowed to mention it.

Welcome back!

GREAT to have you back!
I thought you ran off and joined the E Street Band! Smiling
Loving the new pic.
Is there a story to go with that? Looks autographed, Yes?

Lets Talk

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My name is Jamell and I live in CT. I am looking for a someone in CT to give me some good tips on investing. Please contact me on the PM.

Thank You

Motivated to start in RE

Hi! I live in Long Island, NY and looking for people to guide me in the right way. Read DG's book and I'm really excited to get started. Just don't know where and how to start. Hopefully we can help each other.

Sharon W.

CT Investor

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Hello Jeremy
I am a Real Estate Agent/Investor in Connecticut. What kind of investing are you doing? If you are interested in doing business in CT let me know. I frequently come accross some great deals. Hope to do business with you in the future.

Teena Villareal

looking for some help

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hi my name is EDWIN GARCIA and im looking to do some bird dogging for the right money i live in the upstate ny area as a matter of fact its around deans old stomping grounds i will bird dog for all who are willing to pay i have the time all i need is the money if you have the people i will look for them and sign a contract until the deal is email is eddietk1@****

Hey J. and the Club.

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New to the club and ready to roll. I run across some REO multi-family units in northern NJ. I am living in southern Jersey and I am not familiar with that area. If anyone is interested with property in that area I am willing to pass on the information.

im ready

I just joined your group and want to know if you have any future plans or ideas that I'm able to capitalize on and in return make you plan or idea bigger then what you expected...

list of investors

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Hello jeremy,

My name is Gerard Doret I am a first time investor and I'm looking for investors to work with in NY...

I couldn't find a free REI club to build my list of investors to contact when i find great deals...

So i figure if i ask my DG family, I may have a better luck to build that list...


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number of my forecloser listing is 24 with porp id numbers and reo sales 19 if anyone is intested email me looking for hard money

Need houses?

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Get some houses, would you be willing to partner up with someone in Ohio?

Need a Lender in South Jersey!

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Hi everyone! I hope all of you are doing good in your business. I'm a new RE investor and need some connections with some Lenders for South Jersey area. If you can help me out then please email me ASAP. Thanks for reading my message!


Know Any Lenders in NJ

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Hi Angela! I hope you are doing good in your business. I'm a new RE investor and need some connections with some Lenders for South Jersey area even thou I see you live in NY. If you can help me out then please email me ASAP. Thanks for reading my message!

P.S. How do I post a pic in my profile?


I Need a Lender 4 South Jersey!

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Would you be interested in investing in the South Jersey area? I'm ready to start making the killer deals that Dean teaches us. Please let me know ASAP.

Thanks for your time,
John A

Rearing To Go In New York!

Hello fellows:

As Viliame V noted, "lets get started and lets get going". I am new to real estate and it really is a good thing to network with others of like minds. I belong to one REI Club in the city, but have been thinking about expanding my network recently; I didn't know that my answer to prayer would be so fast! I hope that we can all get together in the near future on a regular basis and assist one another on a local scale?

Thank you Dean for making this possible.


Favorite #2:
My site

Hi, I checked out your site. Very cool!

The Boss!!!!!

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Ahh...Snap! I like your new diamond shaped badge.........So proud of you! You kept the faith and followed through no matter what came across your way. Congratlations. Continued success to you..............Lubertha


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Hey Jeremy

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I spoke to you on the phone today, it was great talking to you! When you get a chance this week send me a link or some contact numbers of some RE Attorney's that I can use for when I do Assign Contracts in NY. Thanks bud & happy house hunting Smiling

John A, from NJ

WHats Going ON

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Yeah I was just wondering what is going on with our NY group. I think it would be nice if we could have a meeting sometime and exchange ideas and kind of motivate each other let me know what you think. How is it going for you. Im working on putting the ultimate RE team together. Let me know what's up Send me a PM or email me at shanegore08@****


to one of my favorite people ...

... Had to do this here and had to do this today of course ...

To the most successful teenager I have ever met in my life!

Happy Birthday my friend!


Hello, I have a question

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Hello, I have a question that you may know the answer to. I have made a few posts but no one has answered it yet. I am going to make an offer tomorrow to lock a house up under contract then offer it to an investor Wednesday at an investor meeting. I have a realtor and so does the owner of the house I will be making an offer on. To do an assignment do I need my own contract or do I use my realtors contract and put the and/or assigns next to my name and write in an exit clause (i.e. pending partner's approval)? Also, if it is accepted and my investor also accepts then what next? There are other contracts that have to be signed, right? Do I go to closing and will my realtor still be involved once my investor accepts? This is my first offer, I'm a little nervous that I will do something wrong in the paperwork department. I have read the book and watched the Edge seminar and am very excited and if the offer is accepted I know my investor will jump on it. Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it. -Amanda


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does any one think me a 19 years old kid could make it through real estate???

Selling a shell in Fort Plain

My name is Mario and I was wondering if there is anyone that would be interested in a very solid structure in Fort Plain, NY. It is in Montgomery County. The address is 1 Kellogg Street; Fort Plain, NY 13339. If you can please call me at 954-540-5518, I would be happy to talk to you more about it. It has 200 amp service to the breakers, a furnace & hwh only 2 or 3 years old and has a working diswasher. I thought I was going to get financing/grants but it did not work out. I would greatly be thankful for anything you can do for me. Thank you for your help. Mario

I live also in Yonkers

Dear Viliame,

I also live in Yonkers. I was wondering if maybe we can create a support group or something like that to help each other out, find deals, advise, etc. Would you be interested??
How has it been going for you?? I see your post was in January, maybe we can share experiences??

Tatiana T.

Hi Jeremy, I live in

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Hi Jeremy, I live in Brooklyn too. I'm looking to invest in multi-families in Brooklyn, there's a lot of property deals here. It will be great to get to know you and work together and share resources.

Please send me a message.

Thank You


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Does anyone here live in or would like to invest in ct

hey Jeremy! How are things

hey Jeremy! How are things going?

Jeremy Lost

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Sorry, for your lost may god be with you and your family.

JZ journal???

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Jz where is your journal? Log into mine again. I have an idea I would like your help on. It's in today's post(checking on and motivating each other)


-one step closer

Hard Money

i have a 5 unit in Ohio that is fully rented at $2,000 a month my pay off is $65k and it will value at $127,000 do you know of any investors or hard money lenders that may want to do business on a deal such as this.


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I don't have a journal, it is something that I have to set up soon!