A new week, a new wave in the BLITZ... Watch this video on debt reduction!

A new week, a new wave in the BLITZ... Watch this video on debt reduction!

Message from Dean:
This is the next wave of my "Blitzkrieg!"

I am committed to continuing to pour out powerful
information to financially improve the
lifestyles for you, my reader and subscriber.

In this email, you have a link to watch an info
packed 9-minute video on one of the most crucial
money topics in your life!

Again, this video is NOT automatically being sent
to everyone, you have to go to the link to get it.

Here is the link to grab your copy:


You might want to be ready to take notes, this
video is really going to help you.

Let me know what you think!

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert

PS Stay tuned because next week I'm sending you a new report
on how to jump into a special area of real estate that
is extremely exciting and easy enough for anyone to get
involved in, so keep your eye out for it!

PPS Don't forget to watch the video.



Dean's newest video

I downloaded the video and gee wish I could hear it or read your lips and it kinda hard online. I have a good idea when u come to Hudson Valley area in NY maybe you can teach me some stuff and I will buy you dinner. Just a thought !! Let me know what you think Dean ?

Warm regards,

Paul T. La Moy Smiling

Thanks Megan. Richie.

Thanks Megan.


Dean deserves a bump up

Dean deserves a bump up Smiling

Thank you

I have a Bank of America VISA account that was accruing over the limit fees and late fees. I called and spoke with a manager and they SUSPENDED my interest (made it 0%) for six months to give me a chance to get current. I am taking full advantage of this opportunity to get rid of those late and over the limit fees. Thank you Dean for this great information!


Way to go !! We all are thanking Dean every day !!

Warm regards,


they are sneaky

I had a card I cut up a year ago. it was just below the limit. So I put that on the back burner and worked on my outher 1's. Paying the minimum on it. I have a sheet with all the bills on it and just kept coping the monthly payment to the new month and just filed the bill in filing cabnet unopened. Then one day I checked out the statement and I was in debt 800 more than when I cut it up. Ohhh I wasn't pleased and was cussing. So I did some research on it and they hit me with a yearly service charge then an over limit fee to bring it over. then kept charging over the limit fees on it and also increasing the interest rate too. That was my fault for not paying att to it. I called them and they did work with me on lowering the interest rate to a reasonable amount, about 5 months ago. So I think your video was awesome on credit cards. It's the last one now and I'm ready for payback and there will not be any unopened bills in the filing cabnet anymore. Smiling

one more thing

I was told, and I'm not sure if it is true, that it is best not to pay minimum on cc bills. If you pay a little more than the minimum, the credit score people see that as a positive, and it will help to improve your score. Anyone have any inside information on this?




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another thing

I was told to pay double if you can and that shows that you are serious and want to pay off your bills faster. Yes if you can't you pay the mininum at least but not less. Hope this helps



Thanks for the information and we are all so thrilled to have the additional "Blitzkrieg" materials. I really enjoy the video blogs and the information because I learn something new each and every time. Thanks again to Dean for taking the time to share his insight and provide some very applicable information. Continued success on all your deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Student's Report

The contents of this video is also in the Student's Report. It was from there I took action and reduced a considerable amount of my debt. Some credit card companies were eager to work with me while others stood their ground and did not budge. Well I have news for them, it is paid off, no more business from me. Debit is the way to go now. We will not be spending what we do not have. Let us see who will suffer now. Taking action is what brings success.



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Nice Bonus

Hey Dean, thanks for taking the time to share some tips with all of us that can really keep us moving in the direction of success! I'm calling the credit card company tomorrow. I appreciate you going above and beyond! God Bless



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Dean's newest video

Hey Paul,

Just thought I would offer a suggestion for your hearing problem. I too had trouble and I plugged in my earpiece from my ipod and heard his video just fine. As a matter of fact I had to turn it down online a little as it was coming in too loud. I hope that works for you. Any type of headset you can plug into your harddrive should work.

Never let an obstacle take you off course. There usually is a way to move ahead. Persevere!

That's my new motto! Best of luck!

Cindy :>)

Great information

This was awesome. Dean was right I had to get my pen out and write down all the information that he told us. Another example of- you never know what you can get- unless you ask.
Thanks for the great informatin. I know it will help a lot of people.


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Dean, thanks for the info

Grady Corbin here. .. sound advice. . !!!I also will pass on a tip a mortgage broker gave me to improve credit score AND pay down the bad debt(gratefully, we have very little bad debt. . but a lot of good debt. . money leverged and working for us). Pay $1 over the minimum. .. then wait one week and send in another additional minimum payment. This, so she says, racks up points and when those computers do their periodic assessments and evaluations, they see,
"paid extra" and " paid early", but the $1 triggers the software program to signal these positives.
hope somone finds this helpful.
I MIGHT JUST FINALLY ADD, again, fortunatly, we have excellent credit; we have used and STill use these ) and 2.99% offers to access cash for deals and fix up money; we are very careful to maximize the " no payments,no interest", mark the calendar and pay that sucker off!!!!


crosstown looker

video blog

Thank you thank you love it


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Fun and Contageous...=) Giving to Family...Hope it helps...

Little script in case someone feels they need it:

Credit card rep (ccr): Thank you for calling xxx credit card company; how can I help you?
yOU: I'd like to find out my interest rate on my account.

ccr: Yes sir/ma'am
yOU: Can you tell me what interest rate I'm paying right now?

ccr: Yes, that would be 22%
yOU: That is rather steep. I would like to request that my rate be lowered. Can you do that or do I need to talk to somebody else? (DG hint: we don't like to repeat ourselves, find out immediately if they are one to be talking to, that has the authority to reduce an interest rate...otherwise you end repeating yourself 3 or 4 times and that's the truth)

ccr: Yes sir/ma'am. I can lower the rate to 19% for you today.
yOU: 19%, is that the best you can do? I really need for a lower rate.

ccr: Yes, sir/ma'am. Let's see. I can lower that rate to 17% today.
yOU: I was really hoping for better than that. I have an offer from (sureFree Credit right now for 3% APR for balance transfers. Is there a promotion you are having right now for 3% or lower?

ccr: No, ma'am
yOU: If you can't give me better than 17%, I need to talk to a supervisor or a manager or somebody who has that authority.

ccr: Yes, ma'am. Please hold.

-----patiently waiting------

Supervisor: Thank you for holding, what could I do for you?
yOU: I've been a customer for a long time and I usually pay my bill on time, but right now things (economy) have gotten tight and with that high interest rate of 22%, my monthly payment is to high. I really want to stay with your company and if you look at my record, you'll see I've been a pretty good customer. I have an offer right now to switch my balance to "XYZ" company and if you can't give me a more reasonable interest rate, that's what I'm going to have to do. I have to lower my payments and this interest rate is ridiculous.

Supervisor: Yes, sir/ma'am. What is it that you're asking me to do?

yOU: I'd like 0 to 2% interest rate right now for 6 to 9 months.

Supervisor: Yes, sir/ma'am, I understand, but I cannot do that at this time. We do not have that product available right now. I see from your history with us that you are a long-standing customer, but there have been a few late payments here and there. The best I can do for you today is an interest of 12%

yOU: Interest rate of 12%? Okay, I'll take it. Thank you.

DG family and friends - like everything else there are many ways to obtain the end result. You know your objective is to lower your rate as much as you can. Know that is your end goal...to go as low as you can get it. Get creative and know when to stop pushing. =) Another note: Very important that the banks are already dealing with the foreclosure issues and really don't want to be losing more money, by losing valued or even customers in general. You know your situation and go for it.

The Script above came from someone - Who actually endorsed Dean in his bonus products on debt relief. It was kind of amazing how I started with Dean Graziosi, then went back to go listen to this CD...and later here this guy say if you looking to create massive wealth right now...Real Estate is one of the 3 and he literally goes on to refer a guy by the name of Dean Graziosi. Kind of freaked me out, but made me feel good. Anyhow take care - Be Bles$ed and see you at the top. Change the World.


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That's great that you got the credit interest rate from 22% to 12 % and that is better than nothing. So that shows that we can go all kinds of deals with the banks to get us better rates or deals if we all work on it. So now go get a piece of property and get the deal done. Let us know !! Good luck !

Warm regards,

Paul Smiling

Much Appreciated

Dean (and team),
The "Blitzkrieg" has my interest piqued and has me looking forward to each new post, video, etc. Thank you for looking out for us all by providing tips, suggestions, etc. on things that will help us in all areas of our lives, and of course ultimately in our real estate goals. It really is refreshing and great to see that you, your team, this site, your goals, the members on this site, etc. is truly about helping people. It's all inspiring! Looking forward to more and to everyone's (and mine) success!

Nancy D.


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credit cards

that is some great advice dean!! i have done exactly that a few times and it has worked !!! before the economy plunge i was using the card companies to jump from one to the other for the 0% interest for a year or 6 months which ever sent one to me.i would use it to buy material for a job or pay off something at a higher interest rate.there are many ways to use these cards or opm [other peoples money] as long as it is for GOOD debt as dean says !!


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Cin, Thanks for your suggestions but it wouldnt work for me because I am profoundly deaf and unfortunately ipod wouldnt work for me. I am hoping the cochlear implant will help me to hear ipod and phones. Thanks for your help.

Warm regards,

Paul T. La Moy

you are a winner for helping people, Thank You Dean!

it's great to know there are so many ways to make a deal in real estate.

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