well im starting to get very frustrated i have gone to rei groups the two that are any where near me i even traveled out of state for one almost 90 miles away to try to get investors like they told me in the book i have placed adds in the paper i have put adds on creigslist and the adds i put there are taken off of the site. i spent the 8700 dollars on the success academy and that hasnt done anything for me either. i have to be doing something wrong i just dont know what it is. i have taken the last of my savings and put it into this and i just dont know what to do next. i cant very well do much till i get a buyers list but i seem to be strikeing out in that area. but i want this to work i dont have much time before my next cc payment is due and thats not gonna be able to get paid because i dont have a job. i was laid off 3 months ago and cant find another one. can someone please point me in the right direction or tell me what im doing wrong i need HELP i am not very good at asking for help but im at my breaking point. please someone im starting to drowned in this mess


Are you calling the academy

Are you calling the academy for direction? that is what you are paying for so use it as often as you want/need.
Don't just post on CL, call the we buy houses listings and ask if they would be interested in some great deals you come across.get their info and keep in contact with them.
try also. I have seen some investors ask for bird doggers on CL& backpage. but you have to hit that right because they remove them fast.
good luck.

Buyer's list

Hi 1945,
Richie's comments are good. You may also attend some real estate auctions, because those who go to auctions are buyers! Do you have your business cards made up, so that you can pass them around at the auctions and any other gathering you attend. Do you have any weekly newspaper, like a "Penny Saver", for your area? If so look for those ads with "We buy houses".


If you would like the chance to work with me or one of my fellow real estate investor coaches and our advanced training programs, give us a call anytime to see if Dean's Real Estate Success Academy and our customized curriculum is a fit for you. Call us at 1-877-219-1474 ext. 125

Fellow Newbie, First, take a

Fellow Newbie,

First, take a deep breath and bring yourself to a calm place. I know that it can get frustrating and overwhelming at times, but you have to slow down and don't get discouraged. This site is full of people who either have been or are where you are right now. But, the good thing is that there are many people here that are ready, willing and able to help you.

I agree with Richie that you should contact the Academy and ask for assistance, but the forums are a never-ending pool of information regarding the how-to's.

But, For your immediate problem, may I recommend that you go to the forum "Marketing to Buyer and Sellers". I was just on it myself. Members on this forum give many different methods of finding your list of buyers. The forum provides ideas on how to locate buyers and also what information you should get from them once you do locate them. The "Penny Saver" is a good source. I just made 3 buyer contacts from that source myself about 5 minutes before I saw your post!

I'm not a member of the Academy because I couldn't afford it. I read and re-read Dean's books and I think I have read all the posts in the different forums. The information I read in Dean's books were made even clearer with all the explanations members provided in the forums. Dean's books are great, but I had questions after I read his books, but I got the answers from the forums.

Again, take a deep breath and regroup. Know there probably isn't any question that you have that can't get answered by someone in the know in the forums. Keep your head up and your determination strong and NEVER give up!

I haven't made my first deal yet, but I'm getting closer everyday. I promise myself that I will accomplish at least one task each day no matter how small. Even a small step will bring you closer to the prize! You can PM me anytime and I will be glad to share with you what I have learned from these good people!

Stay Strong!


Always striving to move forward toward better times!

Verna (newage8767)


It appears that several of the DG Members have given yo usome good advice already. I would agree with the others and one of the keys would be to leverage the Success Academy for the additional support and direction you may need. The coaches tehir can be very helpful and point you in the right direction. I would suggest creatiung an action plan for what you want to do the next day, week and month. Make a lot of offers in your target market area and be sure to know the fair market value to base your offers and have an exit strategy in mind. If you continue to do all the right things, good things should happen. Try to keep a positive attitude each day and continue gaining knowledge in real estate. Good luck on your future real estate deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Another strategy ( dont know

Another strategy ( dont know what you did at the REI meetings) is to make up some creative flyers and attatch your biz card to them, make sure your info is on them and put them out on the table for all the investors to take, either at the entrance or you can hand them out personally. Also, I don't know how bold you are but Anita once said ,when everyone is there, to stand up and just ask for everyones attention, then tell them you do wholesaling and come across some great deals and anyone interested in a good deal should take your card. There are also a lot of web sites you can join and make connections on. Carol has a ton of info on her site, I believe her DG name is freeindeed. look her up and go to her site. She does alot of wholesaling.
good luck, don't give up.


Dear gvd1945. B.C.'s advice is very good. Just stand up and ask for a moment to tell the audience that what you are wanting to achieve. They will listen and I am sure that there is also one or two people who will assist you.

To improve your public speaking skills if you are scared , nervous etc. join a non profit speaking organisation. This will definitely help. It helped me get over my fear of public speaking.


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I just read your post, a little late but, I'm here nonetheless. I've been a member for a short time myself. First, take a step back. This is not a get rich quick thing, with persistence it's a get rich slow thing. One course I studied, the instructor made a comment that brought a lot of light to the subject, how do you eat an entire plate of food? One bite at a time. My theory is some people start with their meat, others veggies, and others desert. I didn't start with my buyers list first I drove around looking at properties. Then to get the experience and get over the fear of talking to people I started cold calling. Next I reviewed Dean's book and any other books i could get my hands on. What I'm saying is don't use up all your energy on a buyer's list. Yes you need one but, there's a lot of other things that make up a REI. Start where you are comfortable and go from there but, never quit. As one of the other respondents said you have a hole network of people out there waiting and willing to help just like what I'm sending you right now. Stay positive and try to do something everyday no matter how small. It might be just looking through the newspaper and getting an idea of what rents are in your area. One things for sure, if their selling or renting they had to buy them first. Oh, and as Dean said, every no gets you one step closer to a YES! Forgive me for being long winded but I will do what I can to keep you motivated and moving forward. Your friend in the DG community.
PS. Send me a PM any time you want to talk.

get started again


i was in the same boat as you. now i have 2 investors and i am trying to find the right prop for them so i do not lose them. you spent the big bucks, so did i so DO NOT GIVE UP, jump back in and read some testimonies whenever you feel down!


buyers list

hello everyone, this is my first post and i got my book about a week ago. I'am almost finsh reading the book, even though Ihave read several of the chapters over. I am egar to get started. In reference to the buyer list, In my neighborhod, I've have seen several signs stating "I BUY HOMES FOR CASH". Would that be a good place to start if I wanted to start as a buyers agent to create a cash flow. I do not have any funds to invest.I know if the investor has cash, I do not have to qualify him for financing. I read that that may move things along a little faster.


Are you signed up with Facebook,Twitter,and Biggerpockets.If not sign up with all three,they have real estate clubs that you can join.You can post Property deals you get there and you will also find investor buyers there.Hang in there it will all work out.Also go to Google and in the search bar type in a search for Real Estate Cash Buyers in your area,it should give you a list of cash buyers that you can contact and talk to.Hope this helps,Good Luck.


I have 3 things to direct your focus

I am no expert, and I'm right there with you. I am new as well to Dean's methods, but what was stopping me was a fear of talking on the phone with my kids screaming in the background and not coming across professional, and I did not have confidence in myself. I've decided to give up both of those fears and mindsets. I've been in the academy for a little over 9 weeks now, and I haven't done my first deal yet. But, here are a few questions and things to maybe help you. When you post on Craigslist, how many ads are you putting in? They get deleted if you put too many in that are too similar. Maybe change something you are putting in.

But, here are 2 of Dean's resources, that if you haven't done, will really give you some focus (at least they really helped me keep my perspective).


Next, what the others said about calling the academy, call them, and talk to them, for hours on end if you have to, 10 times a day. Let them know exactly what you've done and how. If you've built a website, let them know, if you've done some social bookmarking, websites, what you're doing at the REI clubs, what your interactions are like, and most of all... look inside and see WHAT are you AFRAID of, or HESITANT about. Many times FEAR will block out a lot of things and cloaks itself and prevents you from your success. Are you having a positive attitude and telling yourself you CAN and you WILL do this?

Look around this site, there is so much information and motivational stuff, and its really taken me to the next level. Everyone here has a lot of info and will be supportive of you. Keep returning here, it helps a lot! And very important, start a journal. Record all your efforts there, what feelings your having, what you've accomplished, where you feel your lacking, what you do each day to reach your goal. It will really help you to go back and see what you've done. Oh, and speaking of, getting organized so you can see what you've done. This was incredibly invaluable to me!

Keep your head up and keep on trying! DON'T GIVE UP! We all have had our down moments and felt things aren't working at one point or the other. Look at Randy. Boy, he was stuck for some time, and now he's got over 25 deals after being stagnant for 10 months. So many stories like this around here. You WILL overcome this slump.


If you are like me I wanted results today. It didn't happen for me. I did ware the sucess academy out. It took me 9 months to close my first deal, But in the last 9 I closed over 20, It will work for you as long as you keep taking action. GOOD LUCK. If I can ever be of any help let me know.




Let me tell you what I am doing. I signed up for which is an excellent listing site it is also a DG site. I am using Greg Murphy as my guide read his article in Your Town he is the lease option king. I go through the listings for preforeclosures in ascending order they tell you the amount of default, the amount owed, auction date, current owner. I look for ones with a low amount of default, an auction date that is a month or better away. I go to the DG site and look up the value on the realestate analysis system I use the lowest estimate listed to compare prices if their at or less than the amount owed I write that one down. Then I go to and look up the owners name if they are listed you can get their address and phone number. If they are out of town I can get their address form the county tax list. Then I send them a picture postcard and ask if they would be interested in having someone pay up their default amount and take over their payments. I hope this helps gives you some direction. If you wish to talk send me a PM. Keith Success be with you!

Here's a video

kinda going over what Keith is talking about. Watch the last part especially, it will give you some great info too!

Use lots of cheap bandit signs! Handmade, out of cardboard and wire. Cheap!


gvd1945, you need to start running your real estate investing like a business and start setting goals for yourself and these can be simple goals. One goal for an example could be to make at least 1k by next Friday. How will you do it? How many calls will you make on Monday or Tuesday, etc?? If the flyers, going to the meetings is not working for you just yet, you need to start calling people up. Go to craigslist call all those people who are offering owner finance or selling their home and basically ask him/her this, "If I find a buyer or someone that wants to owner finance the house from the seller, would they pay you a finders fee of $1000? It's that simple. I have done this many times when I need a quick $1000. There are so many ways to get referral fees out here.


"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”
Napoleon Hill quote

Don't Give Up!

Dear Friend,

There is also the possibility of using other investors buyer's list! Find a deal and use their buyer's list splitting the profit! Who said you needed to use your own buyer's list! Half of something is better than all of nothing! Talk to people that already have established buyer's list!

Keep fighting



"The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win."
-Roger Bannister

The deal will find you a buyer

I suggest that you change your focus to locating a great deal. I know sounds backwards right? However I have found that a Great deal brings me buyers! It's like fishing with tasty bait...the better the bait the bigger the fish. If you can find a great deal that has a great retuen for a buyer, then put that deal in the newspaper and on craigslist you will have buyers calling you... guaranteed!

here are some more suggestions...

1. Post the property on craigslist. in the state and city that the property is located in. Make it sound irresistible!

2. Go to the Real Estate Services section of that areas craigslist and look for the ads that say “I buy houses” etc… reply to the ad by sending them the info on the property.

3. Go to (Real Estate Investors Association)
Click on “looking for your local REIA?” on the lower right of the page. Click on the state and then call the person in charge of the Real Estate Investors Association in that area. Tell them that you have a property for sale in that area and you need help finding a buyer. Many times they will allow you to advertise the property to their list of members. When you go to and find the group in that area check out their home page. Often they will have a list of vendors. Usually those vendors will have a website. Check it out and then call the number on the website. Other wholesalers will be a gold mine for you. So if there are any vendors with LLC. after their name they are usually the ones you want to contact because they are usually wholesalers. Offer them a fee or % if they sell your property to one of their buyers. They will do the work for you like show the property and advertise the property to their buyers. Now sit back and reap the profit while they do the work…LOL!

4. Go to
Under topic or interest put in “Real Estate Investors” and the zip code of the property. You will get a list of online investment groups in that area. send them a message containing the property info.

5. Go to
Create a free account. Once you post your property it will automatically be sent out to thousands of buyers across the Country. They will begin to contact you to get information on the property. Many will be wholesalers in that area looking to get a piece of the profit for presenting the property to their buyers. That’s exactly what you want so go for it!

6. Post a classified ad in the local newspaper where the house is located. This will get your phone ringing for sure! Here is a “HOT” site for you… it’s called If you think craigslist classifieds is awesome you are going to love this website. This is a single source to get access to every local newspaper’s online classified ads! Every newspaper in every state across the Country.

IMPORTANT!!! Make sure you have control of the property before you complete these steps. Have a signed purchase agreement between you and the seller before you begin to advertise in an effort to protect yourself against the wholesalers who have no conscience about stripping you of your deal and going around you. There out there so always have your contracts in place before you market.

Visit for more great tips.

Hope this helps!


Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10 FREE wholesaling tips and resources!

To your success,
Carol Stinson

No Deals Yet

Thank you Carol for the information. I have been also having a difficult time finding a buyer or a realtor in this area of Virginia. I've spoken with several realtors (17), who seem to think they know everything there is to know about real estate and buyers and sellers etc. I have read tons of DG material on here and all 3 of his books over the last year and half and still can't seem to make it work, BUT I just keep reading and doing and knowing that I too will be able to make a deal, hopefully in 2010. This area I live in has five military bases in it so real estate seems to sell pretty well with all the military moving in and out constantly. I am now gonna try your number 3 above and we'll see how that goes. This just has to work I hate going to my job everyday, especially since I got injured doing it and etc.



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