I'm so stuck

I'm so stuck

I guess I've figured out I'm the kind of person who listens to the negative opinions about what I would like to do with Real Estate investing. I put on the breaks last summer and did not finish the online training. Trying so hard to get the courage to get going. I was so fired up in the beginning and then someone who I am close with was the most negative. I came to a screeching halt. ARG!



Don't listen to those negative people, because I was once in your situation and found myself wondering, "maybe this isnt for me?" But then I thought of why I'm doing this in the first place. Because I dont want to be like the rest and work so hard for nothing! I thought about my mother and how it would be nice to buy her that dream home where she can picture herself making the best garden in the neighborhood! It's all possible. I just decided that if I'm going to make it, I had to start looking for like-minded ppl like myself who want to succeed in Real Estate, so I went online and found a website that gathers ppl of the same interest, together. Go check it out, it's meetup.com and type something that you like in the search bar, you might just find positive ppl like yourself who think the same, I know I did. So don't give up or feel discouraged, cuz guess what, that person isn't going to be the one who's going to be a Real Estate Millionaire in the near future! Smiling

Where are you located? I'm in Hawaii, so its not easy to start out here since its so expensive but for now I been gathering a team of professionals through the seminars I've gone to from the website I told you about earlier.


Hello Chick,
Like the saying goes you are who you hang around with! If you want things to happen you MUST make them happen,So Don't give up! keep going, I don't know what your situation is but if you like it,stay there, if you not Happy with it you must move on! This is not Get Rich Now you must put some work into it. What have you done?

Jay C


Jay C

Don't Listen

Locate every single person around you who has any negativity about anything that you want to ever do in life, much less just this, and distance yourself from them as far as is possible.

Jay C nailed that one. You are who you hang around with. Without even knowing it, you will easily start to believe their negativity. Its easy to quit, continuing against all odds is difficult. That seperates the comers from the goers.

Good luck to you. DONT GIVE UP!


When one sets out to take Rome, TAKE ROME!

Greatness courts failure.

Smile. .!

All I cant say is "dont listen" to negative people out there, just like you I been there . . Dont give uppppp. .! Your friend.


Israel Diaz

Discouraged in MA

I just got off the phone with a realtor. It sounded positive through our email contact, but when I told him what I was doing, he immediately dismissed it. He said assignment deals are few and far between so don't waste your time. He seemed pretty close minded but he's a local guy and we know each other a little. He did agree to get together and talk about a few things, but I'm not sure how open he will be. He's been a realtor for quite some time and done a little investing as far as I know. Any advice to get him on my side? Or should I keep looking? I haven't gotten good feedback from any of the agents I've talked to. Are there any successful DG students in MA?
Please PM if you can help.


What city and area in MA you located? I used to live in Lowell. My mother is located in Ashby, we cruise around Fitchburg alot since friends are around there. But I'm telling you, I wish I was there at an area I know, cuz right now I'm in Hawaii and its not easy out here, very expensive and I don't know much about the area and the professionals are less open-minded knowing that one slip could cost them alot. I have a Realtor who's very helpful, she might be willing to here you out. She's been able to find me all kinds of properties to as low as 30k so send her an email and let her know that you got her information from Jose Munoz, she's helping me on finding my mother a mobile home. This is her email, Louise.Thibodeau@NEMoves.com. She's licensed in MA and NH, so she knows the area.

Best of Luck,

Can you guys advice me?

I need to know if someone already joined the real estate success academy. I recieved a call today and i want t now how that works. They asked my about all kind of my personal and financial situation and to tell you the true, i did not feel confortable with that call. Tha is something personal and they want that i reveal everything in just one call??? i thing something is wrong on this. I need comments please.


I know, believe me I had several of those calls and i started getting frustrated because it started to feel like an Adverstisement but I think what got me mad wasn't exactly the folks calling but the phone call being at a bad timing, everytime haha. But I finally decided to be the one to give them a call, glad i did. They asked me multiple questions as like an assesment, which is needed to see where you are financially and etc, see if they can work a pay plan through it. . If offers so many great things, it has sort of like an online class but fun, because you can view it over and over, in the end of every topic they quiz you to see if you retained anything, it doesn't count against you, it's just a way of you seeing where your own IQ is at, as it increases and gains something from of it. They have email, livechat, and phone calls that you can use for whatever question you may have, its like your guardian angel, atleast that's the way i see it. I don't know what else, I can say or think of since it offers so much, I enjoy it because I get quizzed in the end without it effecting me in any way other than, maybe i should go over my session to see what i missed out for getting that wrong answer. Any questions you may want to ask, let me know.



Real Esate investing is not for everyone. You will make mistakes, but don't give up. You must have a passion for it. If you want it bad enough you will succeed.


"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”
Napoleon Hill quote

Success Academy is great!

I joined the Success Academy and couldn't have gone forward without it. I love having an advisory line to call in with any questions. I love having the classes I can take over and over if I feel I didn't get all the info.

I was very skeptical at first and in fact the interview with me turned into me also asking a lot of three different people on different days for about 3 hours before I decided to sink my money into it. It's worth it to me all the way! I don't think I could have just read the book and gone out of my shell as much as I have. But once I decided, I made a commitment with what I am doing.

I'm not one of those people that's really fast either. I work a full time job that has been cut back to 4 days a week and so I spend nights and week-ends learning and slowly moving forward. Sometimes I feel like I'm just inching a long.

I don't know, everyone learns in different ways. Me....I need hands on and I need mentors. I found it.

Unstuck yourself !

HOW? # (1) Don't share your dreams, or talk real estate with negative
people, they will steal your dreams from you.
# (2) Associate and surround yourself with likeminded people.
visit this site daily, if possible to get your daily dosage.
We are family, and we all care and want to get you back on
tract. Like the song says, Come to the river there is a vast supply




dont give up!

your bearly climbing the hill dont give up before you get to the top. Once your ontop of the hill everything will be easier and its all down hill from there on. Just visit this site more often and ignore people who are not qualified to destroy your dreams!Smiling


yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the "present."

"Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still"

We Are Provide Opportunity to do 2 things

Please allow me to introduce myself I'm sharynrenee but u can call me Shari Interpersonal conflict is serious.reclaim your motivation back by making the decision today to make a right choice for your own financial future.obvious the person u so eagerly shared your plan with clearly has a plantation mentality. Don't put your pearls b4 swine in other words people that don't share your vision.Rather than trying to make someone treat u fairly,pray for them,and and trust God to take of U.Be encouraged you make a decision to invest in being financially stable.U are a winner now prove it to yourself don't cave in and quit.YES U CAN DO THIS U ARE NOT A LONE call me if u need a friend or a positive word of encouragement o.k. 703 745 7458
C.Ya at the top.... P.S. write out a prayer,telling God of your COMMITMENT to do so. I hope this helps U. Remember We Are Provide Opportunity to do 2 things help others in distress in a down market and create a fruitful living.


How much money are the negative people in your life donating to the security of your future and retirement? If you are like me, the only one setting up your future is you. You don't have to cut the negative people out of your life, just prove to them you made the appropriate decision. Good luck

success acadmy

i just join the academy 2 weeks ago and LOVE it VERY VERY VERY helpful. Just join it if you are serious about real estate. TKS THOMAS




You will always get inspiration and support here as you know.

One of the best tools is Dean's weekly blogs - go back and watch some of the old ones. It is amazing how many of them talk about dealing with the negativity of those around you. There is a reason for that, naysayers are everywhere, we cannot change those people and their attitudes, we can ONLY change how we respond to them.

This is a great blog with a great story:

Hang in there! Smiling


Great Peeps

Wow, thanks for all the great words. I appreciate the time that was spent to write down words of encouragement. I will use these words when discouragement tries to overcome the reasons why I started this whole endeavor. I know there are many famous quotes about being afraid of failure but having people respond to me 'talking out loud' about frustration makes it so personal. I cannot lose the people around me who are negative because they live in the same house with me, who I love dearly. I'll have to come up with a solution for that one. Thanks all!!

get unstuck

I missed your post yesterday so I'M truely sorry.....
I'm probably more like you so I can relate I've been told every reason why it can't work but like you I just couldn't wait anymore for things in my life to change financially. And I have chosen to change them on my own with all surport you see on this web site I finally said it can't be worse to try i've wasted time doing parttime jobs after working fulltime all day long and like it says rich dad poor dad it time to start a bussiness something that will work for me..... Look at McDonalds there not in the business of hamburgers there in realestate.............SO SHOULD WE.... so I think that were in the right place at the right time in the right market to make alot of money and finally feel good about what we do>>>>>>>>>>philbenice

I agree with every one

Don't listen to negativity from anyone or anything. I've been dealing with the same issues but I realized the other day that the greatest obstacle we've have to overcome is self. Instead of self doubt, put courage in your life. I am trying to do the same. Right now I am down but not out. We easily can put ourselfs out of the game. I am totally broke and no money to invest, but I want this real bad that I must stay focus. I have to stop taking about it and do it. I am making offers but not success yet, but I am bringing buyers a lot but now I am looking for sellers/deals. Take advantage of the coaching. I wish I have that opportunity.



Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.

Prov. 16:3

"I am talented. I am creative. I am greatley favor by God. I am equipped. I am
well able. I will see my dreams come to pass."

Joel Austin


Are there any REI's out there in southern minnesota or west central wisconsin?

In you is the greatest power there ever is.

You can.
Read your reasons one more time.

You can.

Don't give up for your testimony would inspire someone tomorrow.

God is with you.

Just do!

From Kathy

chickx729 I did just PM you.


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