$48K profit on 1 flip!

$48K profit on 1 flip!

This deal takes place in a town that is unincorporated. That means that it is so small there is no post office. This town has a total population of almost 100 people. I have inside/ specialized knowledge of this town and the area as the school district is amazing and everyone/anyone want to move in that direction. It approximately 15 minutes to a major town that has almost 300,000 people.

I found a property that was severely ran down but it was in a good area. I know ARV of this property was $165K. The seller wanted $75,000 for this property. I was able to negotiate the seller all the way down to $26K. It needed a full gut job inside as well as a lot of yard work. My team was able to compete a 3 bed, 2 bath, 2,000 sq ft total gut and rehab inside and out in a few months. I listed 10% below ARV and had multiple contracts on this property in 3 days ranging from a lower cash offer to full purchase price VA loans( May take up to 3 months to close). I was also able to use a power of real estate attorney because i was heading for another market to do more deals. Fee for using this Power of Attorney was to take this Power of Attorney out for a steak dinner!! No relator fees at all!!

Here are the details

Purchase price--$26,974.73
Sold for--$150,000 Cash with quick close
Steak dinner--$50
Profit-- $48,000

Good Area, Lowest Price!!



Wow, great job. Well done.



Be your very best always-Judy Williamson


How exciting! I'm surprised that you were even able to eat! That is fantastic!



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Congratulations!! Questions:

1) Did you find this property just by driving for $$? Or did the seller contact you from your marketing?

2) What did you say to the seller to negotiate him down to 26k?

Keep up the good work!! Smiling


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great! way to go! yes how did you find it & what did you say to the seller? super job!



Go faster do more! GFDM!

Find property

I found this property just by passing by on my way to another appointment. I sent mail to them but it must have been too late. No forwarding address. Fast forward a couple months…...My name has been getting around for buying properties. Ultimately the town Lawyer got ahold of me asking me if i would be interested in purchasing the property as he now owned it.

I use the same seller lead sheet that Matt Larson has his staff and interns use. (I received this from some training classes) I let the Lawyer tell me everything bad and some good about the property as well as had him commit to what he thought rehab would cost. He gave me all of the information i requested. I also asked him "If I pay cash and close quickly would you take the payoff?" I did not say anything. There was a long moment of silence as i was waiting for him to crack. I learned that he first one to say anything will generally loose negotiations!

I then had contractor go look at the property and the property was even worse than what it was perceived. I called the Lawyer back and told him that i needed it for a substantially lower price. ( i gave him my number. We ultimately settled on $26,000. This is all documented) This property was a tremendous eye sore as it was vacant for over 5 years! As is stated before, there were not many houses in this town. The town was trying to attract people into there and this house was hindering their goal!

This was my first time negotiating with a lawyer. I used the same Real Estate Lead Sheet with him as i do with everyone else. After this deal went through, i also have asked him to keep me in mind for other RE deals that may come is way (Divorce, Death, etc…..)

This house sold quickly because it was in a good area and it was the best looking!


That's really impressive, makes me want to do some rehabs.
How did you finance the purchase and rehab??



Nice Pay Day

Nice job with the negotiation on the purchase price, $75K to $26K. Also very smart on using the power of attorney. This has Home Run Deal written all over it.


Reynold Orozco

GOOD job

take different routes to or from and LOOK for deals.
(AKA driving 4 $$$$$)

Way to take action, 'lawyer' or not, they are human...sometime.

Did you research the property and find how much 'lawyer' purchased it for and when?



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Nice job!



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thanks--I when i drive around i am always looking fro these kind of properties!! i take extra time and veer off from my straight path route in order to see what i can find. There are also other avenues to have deals brought to you. I also leverage my time with having others look for deals for me as well as well as wholesalers.


That was an awesome deal! Conrats on the profit!


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Thanks Carol!


a smooth 48k awesome congratulations man !!!!!!


Thanks Natchez!

congratulation for your

congratulation for your profit


Well Done Smiling

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