We have our 1st rehab!

We have our 1st rehab!

Demo starts toady we got this property from our bandit signs for 25k from a woman who mother passed and she didn't want to take over the property. She didn't put up a fight at 25k we knew we probably offer to much but the numbers are to good. I really didn't check the comps but I knew of a same type house that sold for 35k a block away got rehabbed placed back on the market at 119k and got a full priced offer. So here's the goal we closed at $23,472.36 our rehab budget is 30k and we our going to list it at 110k. Our GC wants to be finish in 2 weeks but this schedule for 1 month.

We are serious wholesalers looking for serious cash buyers please fill out the application if you're interested in the next deal! http://wesellmke.com/

Check out the pictures below!


Way to go Steve!

congrats Steve!!

great photos! keep us posted on your flipping journey!



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That is so wonderful!!!!!!!

Hi Steve that is really awesome and so happy for you and this deal.If we stay at it long enough it will happen, have a great day, much success, Jim (home pictures look nice and the area looks good too)



Congrats Steve! First are

Congrats Steve! First are always much fun and a time to learn all in one Smiling I wish you well on this one and many more to come. Happy Holidays!




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Hey Steve, congratulations on getting your first rehab deal. I wish you well with this deal and many more.


Reynold Orozco


Congrats on the first flip, looking forward to hearing how it goes. Any before pics we can look at? Keep us updated!




Contrats on your first. Heading towards my maiden voyage also. All the best!



that is so awesome Steve, congrats! let us know how it goes ok. i cant wait till i do my 1st rehab too so let us know the details please ok.. you going to the edge? i am, anyone else, Rey? others?



Go faster do more! GFDM!


Well done!

Gotta love bandit signs!




Jack don't know who you miss them but look at the bottom of the post they're right there!

Our 1st Rehab is now on the market!

I will make a new post when I have time, you know I don't like to type but I will give you some detail.

Click on this link to check it out!


Awesome Steve!

That's Awesome Steve, I see you moved pretty fast on this one. I have 2 rehabs going but have stalled due to funding the rehab.


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