My First Investment and Thanks everyone!

My First Investment and Thanks everyone!

This is a topic that I have not seen too many times on the site so I hope this information is beneficial to many of you.
In 2002, I was 22 years old and driving over to visit a friend when I ran across a very old Beat up house on a beautiful piece of land. I drove down the driveway to ask the landowner for permission to hunt. After speaking with the older fella, I found out he would be moving soon and wanted $31,000 for the home and 14 acres. I had $10,000 saved up in the bank from living with my parents so I told my dad that I wanted to buy the property mainly to hunt.
To make a long story short, We bought the home & sold 4 acres on the front for $22,000, my dad kept the home with a few acres and rented for $750.00 per month. I cut a lot on the back with 7 acres and spent the next 6 months of my life hammering nails and building my first home with very little of my own money. I paid a family friend $20.00 an Hour to help me build my entire house. It took me $5000.00 and trades to get the foundation and first walls up and I was out of money. So I went to the bank with pictures and asked for a construction loan and needless to say they gave me $90,000 to finish the house. This paid for EVERYTHING!! I lived in the home for 2 years with 2 room mates and never had a house payment. I then took a equity line out for $50,000 and bought 25 acres then sold my house and 7 acres for $205,000.

I had worked hard for five years plumbing full time prior to this and never made over $80,000 in those years combined.

My father just sold the old house last year to my best friend for $134,000 which was a great price for the area.

This really goes to show that all the little things Dean shows us can come true at any time. I was a young guy just asking for a place to hunt and fish when I ran across this deal. Its amazing what can happen just by stopping and talking to a stranger. It can actually be fun and you can learn a lot!

In October 10, I bought Deans "Profit from Real Estate Now" and started reading the journals on and my passion for Real Estate has come to life again!!! I just want to thank Dean and every single person on here who shares their successful deals and failures too, its all part of a wonderful cycle to improve and help each other out and I really appreciate all of you! All I am learning from Deans teachings and all of you who help now will change my families future forever! Thank you.


John Trivett


That is an amazing story. I look forward to seeing more of your future deals to come:) Smiling


When you say thank you, you are telling the world that you want more. Say thank you every day! It will bring joy, and it will bring so much more.

Great story John and keep

Great story John and keep pushing forward.


Way of using your head instead of your hands. Great move. You were an investor and never knew it. Outstanding...Jan


Glad you found your way back!

That is a GREAT story! Thanks for sharing!

Sounds like your Dad probably has a head for it also!



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Thanks for sharing that story. It gives me some insight to your process.


Always Looking to Acquire Houses | Always Looking to Amaze Investors


We are happy for you. Keep us updated on your success.

Steve and Veronica.


Creativity goes a long way in real estate.


Don't Count the Days, Make the Days Count!!

Great story!


thank you for sharing your story from which we can all learn a bit.

wishing you success in your rei journey again,




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My journal:

Thanks Karen

My father always talked about making money in Real Estate but it seemed he was always waiting for the "Perfect Deal" Which the deals he did were great ones but to far between. I know now of all the opportunities I missed out on because I was not educated then to know. Now, my goal is to master what I am learning here so I can help my family out of the rut they are in and also provide for myself and new bride to be. Its going to be a fun journey!


John Trivett

Thank you Steve & Veronica

I appreciate all your contributions to this network. I have gained a ton of great information just by reading your journals. I hope to be as successful of an investor as you both! My goal is to be posting many successes in the near future.


John Trivett

John good going, and don't

John good going, and don't let go of that girl you only got about three months to go. Congratulations on your up coming wedding also GOOD LUCK to the both of you.

Thank you James!

I am looking forward to the wedding even though most of my family cannot even make it. As of Friday, I am not even sure my parents can afford it since were having a destination wedding. My goal is to help them pay for it so I have A lot of work to do!! Just not today...

Its a super sunny day and the golf courses are looking very green, so I think Im heading to the range. Have a great evening


John Trivett

Great Post!

It's amazing what you can find out "accidently" while keeping your eyes and mind wide open!


Hey James,

I like your story. Everyone proves time and time again how real estate propels a person to success. Your little act of asking to use the land but keeping you mind open helped you and your father to find success.

Thanks for the write-up.



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Good work John !!

The post was great .

Keep the momentum going !

Randy Sherman
Elkton Maryland

Great Story!

This was truly a "down-to-earth" story!

Thank you for sharing.

Peace and Blessings,


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Congrats on your progress! That's a wonderful story and really gives us more ideas of what you can do when you think outside the box.

Keep up the good work and keep those posts coming!


How intriguing! A destination wedding!!

Where is it going to be?



"You're never too old to be what you were meant to be!"

"Shining Like a Star & Dancing on Sunshine"

"Shoot for the moon! Even if you fall short, you'll still land among the stars!"

This is what I really enjoy

This is what I really enjoy reading on here Smiling Great story, keep it going.

Hi Karen

We are heading to The Riviera Maya in Mexico and staying at the Adventura Spa.. I cant wait.. Hope you have a great weekend and congrats on The Edge Event. That is so exciting!


John Trivett

John just stoped to say hi,

John just stoped to say hi, and see how you guys are doing.

Hey Jim

Thanks for stopping by. Things are going great in Myrtle. The weather has been absolutely perfect and I have been very busy with work "Plumbing". Today I am sending invoices and trying to collect so I am stuck inside for a little while! As far as Real Estate, I am trying to find investors because the deals are here. I am at the point now where I have everyone in place to quickly remodel a house and thats what I enjoy! Theres a lot of competition in the area but also plenty of opportunities. Hows things in New York going? I hope all is well. Its already 70 out here so I think I'm going to hit the links soon. Have a good one!


John Trivett

Good Inspiration...

Hey John, congratulations on your wedding. I've always said that being married is the hardest job I've ever had but it is also by far the most rewarding. Great story about your investment on the house and acreage. You are a great inspiration to others and keep up the great work. Remember it's the things that you focus on that will come to be.

Steve Tellez

Great Success Story

I really enjoyed reading this post. It was quite uplifting. What an experience!

God Bless


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Its great how when you

Its great how when you merely seek out the things you want to do(hunting) you inevitably find success.
When one resonates with the things that drive him and our mind is focused on success simultaneously with our hearts are open...

First Investments

I would be curious to see how you are doing now. As a coach I talk to many students everyday. A number of them call up to simply say: I got my first deal!! I wanted to tell someone.

I talked to one of them last week and on his first deal in NJ he made $6800.00. that is so great and probably more that he had made in 2 months at this job. He has seen the vision of what real estate investing can do through DG.

I talked to another couple that have accumulated 1.2 million in property in 5 months. I talked to him later and he said he was on his way to fly into Minn. to buy hunting property for himself. Something he has wanted to do all of his life. He said Randy, I am paying cash for it to boot!.

These are real stories and they happen everyday. It might as well be us right?

Randy Bailiff
Dean Graziosi Success Coach

First Deal

That was a great first start. It almost sounds like DGs start with the apartment building that he divided up to live in and rent Great thinking outside the box.


David Phillips

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