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Eddie Kilthau
Phoenix, Arizona
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I am a 28 year PGA Teaching Professional. For those of you who don't know what that is, I teach golf. I have played golf since I was 13 years old. Played at Arizona State, turned pro in 1982 and in 1983 became the (here's the weird statistic about me) shortest male professional golfer to ever play in the U.S. Open, played in 1983 at Oakmont CC just outside of Pittsburgh. Fast forward 28 years, I realize giving golf lessons cannot get me financially where I need to be, so I started studying and learning about real estate investing about 5 years ago. Deans books, tapes, videos and courses are awesome and he truly inspires me by the passion he displays in helping everyone. My goal is to not have to give golf lessons to make ends meet...I want more than that out of life for my wife and myself. OK, I'll be honest, I want to be rich, have 500 houses in my portfolio, and continue to inspire success in others. Look forward to meeting several of you along the way.



Real estate investing, Golf, NFL, Attending sporting events, good food, Personal development, High achievers

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PGA Golf Professional
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Not sure where to ask this question but I have one regarding the involvement of real estate agents in Matt's 25 to 1 system to making offers. The question is if you use a realtor to make your offers, if one gets accepted, who pays the commission to the realtor and how much % is it usually? Would that have to be added to the profit we wish to make if we are wholesaling to other investors? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Eddie Kilthau