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New Caney Texas
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I have worked for an airline for 21 years and now looking at retiring early before I lose my lump sum pension. I have a desire to change professions and work for myself. I show Saint Bernard's and my husband I have a great deal of fun doing this. All of our dogs are pointed with the exception of our puppy. you can view my personal website at www.isidoresaints.com. I have a desire to make a career change and improve the quality of our lives and have a larger property for my Saints.

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Buying First Property

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I just received "Be A Real Estate Millionaire" and my first thought in reading Dean's first few pages is that how does one get a bank to loan you money to fix up a property or buy it without good credit or any money. I am just starting out here but just asking if a bank would extend credit if your own personal credit is not the best.

Buying First Property

In my opinion it is very hard for you to get a loan from a commercial bank with your credit. You would have to advertise for investers and sell them off on pertnering with you on the deals you find.


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I was under the impression you could buy properties with little or no money but yes, I am contacting investors to start there. Thank you for your input.

Your money is right there.

Your money is right there. You can sale
your puppies to people that rescue people that live in snow area. Are another place. That need dogs like your Saint Bernardis. They or beautiful
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