The New Website!

The New Website!

Hey everyone you have to check out the new website (! They have totally revamped the entire thing. This site is now very high tech. I joined the old site about nine months ago but, although the site was designed pretty cool the info for my small area wasn't updated soon enough. In the pre-foreclosure business timing is everything. So what I have done since then was I trained a person how to go to the courthouse and pull the "notice of default" list. The last time I sent her to the courthouse of the county I wanted to search, when she got there they turned her away because the courthouse staff was too busy that day with legal hearings so she had to drive all the way back home. I pay her for her time and it was a 45 minute drive each way. So I spent the money for nothing. Now the new website eliminates that! All the info comes up on a virtual map of the areas you want to search and also tells when it went into pre-foreclosure. The list is very accurate. Just to test it out I went to the city where I had a deal locked up on paper that was in pre-foreclosure and sure enough there it is with the owners name, the bank, the amount owed, the approximate value of the house, and the attorneys name and phone number. This is going to save me a lot of time. Just wanted to let you guys know. This will be a great list to check every couple days and then send out mailers to. I send out postcards most of the time because letters sometimes don't get opened. Come up with something catchy and then try to help the owner somehow. Sometimes short sales are a good fit. Sometimes there is enough equity just to buy the house outright. Anyway check it out, it may be the one thing your competition isn't looking at. Good luck and TAKE ACTION!


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here is what is cool

you can try it for free for 14 days to see how you like it.


You've got to find your obstacles and call them out! Unsheath the sword, and do battle with whatever it is that holds you back!

AFF Vs Foreclosure Alert

Hey guys just a comment in my own confusion but AFF Foreclosure System in fact is for attracting buyers through ads, an electronic business card if you will............The Foreclosure Alert System actually gives you lists of foreclosures in your local area if desired.


4closure website

Thanks for the heads up. I'll check it out. I didn't realize you could even request a list from the courthouse of "deliquent notices". That offers a real leg up on the competition but this website sounds even more beneficial. I really appreciate your willingness to offer the help! What is the difference in the AFF system and were can I find that website?


See This Thread

See this post for side by side comparison of the purpose of each:

Think A Little Different


You can find it on


I'm stumped. How can I sign

I'm stumped. How can I sign up for the 4closurealert plan?


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Look ate coment above.

Like JButcher said above.
You can find it on

check your county recorder

In my county, Maricopa, in Arizona the records are available on the County Recorders web site. They are posted by catigory and day entered. I can check new entries each day.




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do I have it

say cb i new here n i just a day ago started the tryal with the finder for 14 days how do i know if im useing the new one or not, it seems to have all the feetures u talk about thanks for any help u can give on this scott


Thanx as always cbrpower for the tip...been reading the 3rd part of Dean's book, these posts AND dipped my toe in the water regarding this and it certainly makes sense...thanx for your encouragement and info to all of us reading these posts...wib


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free trial 14 days

free trial 14 days, how to sign up



I have signed up for this site, but every time I enter number of bedrooms or anything to refine search it will give me zero matches. Even though it stated there were over a 100 foreclosures. Anybody know what I am doing wrong?

Any help would be appreciated.


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" buying and selling real estate"

I have always had an interest investing in real estate and never really got started now that I'am retired and have lots of time on my hands, I guess this is as good a time as any.


Is all of this info directly loaded into Proptrend? I've noticed a few changes in Proptrend and wonder if its related to the 4closure site update? Or do I need to go to the website in addition to proptrend?

Is this information also on

Is this information also on the MLS?


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I was just gonna sign up for the Forclosure Alert Program and there you were with this great info..ANYWAY, Has anyone been successful utilizing this program? Thanks folks.


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4closure search site - sales maricopa county

I've been using my associates key on the foreclosure alert portal the last 2 months and was able to bid and buy a couple of homes in the greater phoenix area, that I fixed up as rentals.
Both have 12 month lease agree tenants and are pulling 15% cap rates. I'm very satisfied... Took me a week to pin em down... Persistance... I found what I was lookin for...

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maricopa county trustee sale list







post cards and letters

Hello DG Family,

We have signed up on 4closurealert and I wanted to know what postcards or letters where used that were successful?

I have the free recorded message but only one call on that and they hung up.

any suggestions, ideas, creative letters, and so forth or what you use would be great.

Do you use specific colors? Ink? envelopes?

Personal phone number or 800 number?

Recorded message or a message to take name and phone number?

Just some things going threw my head. Trying to get a better response rate.


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I'm new at this and still tgrying to get my first deal. Sadly the market where i am working has turned into a sellers market. Don't have a clue what changed as no new contracts have been awarded to the largest employers, no real job growth, crime is creeping up so go figure. Now even the dirt cheap properties (hahaha) don't work for wholesale or retail flips when a simple analysis is done with the numbers. And the sellers are not coming off their asking price.

I have one of Dean's products called Proptrend and it can find all the pre-foreclosure in an area and provides some filters (dtae, size, ...) as well. When ou view a property, the tool shows it's estimated ARV, and reading some details, provides the Transfer values (which I was told is the amount of default). How is the AFF different than what i have? How is the AFF more accurate that Proptrend? Won't both tools still need to depend on the accuracy of the filing info? Proptrend does Not provide owners' name but a couple of clicks in the porperty appraisers site does.

will the AFF provide me anymore info than I can get now?


I am new to real estate investing and been going to the court house records and am excited to use this program. i have been also hearing alot about proptrend but dont know how to get it. Can any one help

keep going

I live in San Diego a total sellers market & I just got my 1st deal a bird dog fee of $1,350 but have made hundreds of offers & talked to about 100 agents cutting my teeth & I'll say that I have realized that there are deals everywhere if you offer enough and lower offers and create the deal w/our offer.

Bandit signs, flyers, bus cards calling clist adds you name it we can find deals, AFF, Aprobate finder too(im just starting to use this) Im w/you I felt the same way exactly, the market took off here a yr & hlf ago & I felt blue bcuz of it but then i heard Dean say it doesnt matter we can make $ in any market cuz he teaches us to buy in any market ok. See you at the top!



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Is this the same prog Dean offers on Insiders Elite? I hope so and Cbrpower thx for the tip as always you are so helpful working on my 2nd deal w/have it soon, I ask myself "How bad do I want it?"!



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