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Washington, DC
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Hi All,
Let see I'm disable, my son live with me due to the economy but that ok.I was looking at TV and Dean catch my eye, because I always wanted to do real estate and he make is sound so good so here I am. Like some of you my credit is bad and I have no money. But I going on line to say some question about the no money down deal. I'm stepping out of my box Dean so here I come.

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No money down

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Hi All,

My name is Angie and I'm very very new. I been read some of the comment here. Can someone tell be the best was to talk or ask a owner that want out of his landlord property to let me buy it with a no money down.

Thank you


Hi Ms. Angie,
I was looking thru the site and came upon you, someone I can relate to on more levels that one! My name is Sonya and I live in Tampa, Fl. I want to get started on this and I was wondering if we could partner up. I've recently got laid off so this is the perfect opportunity for me. As to your question in the forum did u ever receive a reply? I usually check the site several times a day and have signed up for the teleseminar on Oct. 28th. let's keep in touch and help each other!


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Welcome to the DG website community. I just wanted to stop by your guestbook and wish you good luck with real estate investing. You can do it! Each day continue to increase your knowledge with real estate and before long good things will happen. Try to create win-win deals and try to find deals with good equity and you will have more options with an exit strategy for the deal. Believe and Achieve! - Joe


Hi Angie,

I am a newbie that would like to partner with someone with the same interest. I live in Washington, DC and I am experiencing the fear factor. I purchased the books, joined the mentorship program but I am still in the same place. I need that local push. Help!!! Please contact me traceyrucker@****



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Sonya nice to meet you. Yes you do get reply back on your question. because I wait on the reply on software. I'm new too so we can work together. The last few day I been looking at home so forgive me for getting back to you. So let make this happen let's go some home.

Hi Angie

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Just wanted to say hi & welcome you to the DG site Smiling Don't hesitate to ask me anything about REI to help you on your way to success, so ask away & stay in touch on your progress...

Everyone Can Make A Difference!
John A.

Live in the Washington, DC area join this group

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This group is for the new and old member to talk, get help, and get ideal on what work for you and what did not. We all want this work so let talk

I saw your post

I have a investor Bill Oehme phone 706 380-4286 email tell him I referred you to him. He's willing to help.

Have a nice day,
Mike Clay

How thing going with you

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Hi, Make take first


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Hi Mike,

Thank for your help I will let you know how thing work out. You make my day thank again


Earnest Money

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Hey Angie,

To make it legal, it only has to be $1.
If that won't fly, try $10, $50, $100, somewhere you'll find a sweet-spot. DON'T just throw out a large number, ALWAYS keep it as low as you can and if the RE Agent/owner doesn't accept it make them work really hard to get you to offer more....I mean really hard and have a limit set in your mind and hold to it; AND never become emotionally involved to the point that at some point you can't just walk away! Hope this helps.



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Thank so must, this will be my first deal and I want to do it right because this is a sweet deal with few repair and if I rent or flip I will make some good return. The property in DC is hot in the NW area. But again thanks for the infor.


My step Journals 03/24/2010

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Today I call a bank asking about REO well Angela had no i deal what i was talking about, but her help me I was so nervous but she made me so must better. I watch Dean behind close door videos, He make me think I'm doing alot of thing in my day but I still feel a little down I have three family that need to be in a new place my April and I been looking, Talking with some owner to find out the property sold. I'm takeing a broke now to write in my journals. I use to think my problem was bad I'm bless because I have a home and my credit getting better. My three family credit is bad but their are working on it. I just want to find some owner that will do a lease to own. Hey family if you are in the Washington DC area and can help please give me a call (202) 239-1655 Thank Love you DG Family.



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I have a seller that have some properties,his talking number that Dean you and some ofter on here can work with. I'm new he have call me five time in one day. I can talk the talk to smaller deal but not 8 million dollars deal. I was talking to he about a property that in a good market its go for 1.5 million and his talking about selling is to me for 699k. ok family I need your help on this. I'm still in success academy.

Your DC Deal you were working on back in Feb.

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Hello Angie,

I've been trying to follow your posts; how'd you make out with that deal you were working on in DC back in Feb.? Looking forward to hearing how that played out for you.

Your Friend,



Family in Florida

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Hi Angie,
What city in Florida? I have a contact that has many properties in Florida. Let me know.

Peace and Blessings,

Family move to Florida

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Hi Shelia, My client will be there this Friday, she looking in clermont, leeburg and kissimmee. Looking for a 4 bedroom under 100k or less REO. How your husband?
Thanks for your help. If you can give them my contact number that will be nice 202 882-2178 because I need to talk with your person.

May God Stand By You


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I know how you feel, my cell phone went out - for some reason after sitting on the charger for 4 days (I forgot about it after being bummed out and constantly checking on it for 3 days). I picked up my cell and the screen works! I have to wait 8 days to get a new $14. ink cartridge.My funds are so tight. My computer was hit with a virus - acting crazy - but I simply put in the newest version of Microsoft on it and it was working computer quit on me - completey quit 5 months back and I got the newest Microsoft and a new hard-drive and fixed it. That shocked me that I did that!!! I broke my ankle 10-24-2009 - so not too long ago.I'm 47.5yrs old - so am not a spring chicken here.I was laid off over 1yr ago.My 22yr old son fell off a roof - while at a friends bday party. This happened just a few days ago- I Praise God that he is ok! (so far). I too joined the Success Academy and expect good things from them. It was hard to sign off on about $3,000. ...eeeesh! When I get my 5th deal done they pay us back! It a tax write off too - so I have more hope that that will help.
When I feel downhearted and frustrated - I tell myself to be patient. If I can get just one deal done then I know I can get more done after. I looked online today - did a Google search for 'we buy houses in AZ' cause I'm in AZ. I decided today to Google for 'we buy houses' in other large towns near me - near Phoenix, AZ...I may Google for CA and other states too.

Hang in! If I have any success I'll Hollar at you! It looks like you are closer to making something happen.

Sincerely and God Bless,

Mary Laughing out loud

Aloha & Mahalo Angie!

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Hello and Welcome to the DG Community!
May You have Great Success on your Journey! You will find a variety of free resources at your disposal on my profile page.
Most of your questions can also be answered by researching in some of the Forums, Posts, and other links available. It would also be to your advantage to complete your profile to it's fullest as well as creating your own personal journal such as my example on my profile page.
You may also spark your Local Real Estate Investors to partner up with you.

Notes TX

I would be interested in your notes in Texas.




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If you are looking for some homes in CA and AZ I have a live of house. I work will the seller rep.

Re: Md realestate

Hi Angie,

I am looking for deals in Maryland and wondering what you might have.


MD Properties

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1933 East 31st Street Baltimore MD 21218 Single Family 3br/2ba 1176 SqFt $31,500.00
3809 Swann Road Apt. 204 Suitland MD 20746 Condo $36,000.00
3852 26th Avenue Unit 3852 A Temple Hills MD 20748 Condo $25,000.00
1210 ENSOR ST BALTIMORE MD 21202 Single Family 2br/1ba 1080 SqFt $4,000
2215 PRESTON ST BALTIMORE MD 21213 Single Family $12,500
2645 __ LOYOLA SOUTHWAY BALTIMORE MD 21215 Single Family $9,000
1101 N MILTON ST BALTIMORE MD 21213 Single Family $13,000
1753 HOMESTEAD STREET BALTIMORE MD 21218 Single Family $15,000
3019 HARLEM AVE BALTIMORE MD 21216 Condo $20,000
3705 CENTRE PL BALTIMORE MD 21224 Single Family $25,000
2109 WESTWOOD AVENUE BALTIMORE MD 21217 Single Family $41,400
3516 FOREST HILL RD GWYNN OAK MD 21207 Single Family $39,500

Please do your own due diligence.
Angie Spivey (202) 239-1655

Hi Ms Angie

My name is felipe and i am new to the game i like get some help on getting started. I have few deal at hand with my RE agents but it has been hard to structure offers and having trouble doing the paper work if you could assist me ill greatly appreciate it.


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Hi Felipcerda1227
So tell me little about your property are the property rehab, or need little work? what the Sft of the property. Look at Real Estate Analysis on this site to help you out. Good Luck