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jean lewis and clint j.
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hello, this is clint.thank you for your interest and encouragement. i'm a new student of dg. coming from the pavement up. was a m.a. instructor and restaurant owner in my 20's. now in my late thirties, i am starting from scratch to create a successfull future, in every one of lifes arena. Every encouragement is warmly recieved,and all advice is appreciated. thank you for your perusal time and interest. (charis)

hiking,water and snow skiing,martial arts,surfing, boating,movies,

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know any investors in Sacramento area

if any one knows any investors in the sacramento or yolo county area for networking let me know

Local Real Estate Attorneys

Thanks for the join. Let me know what is expected.
I am looking for a special real estate attorney to handle my contracts and closings. Any bites.

any investors in the sacramento

Hi Arthur I'm a new investor in the Sacramento area. I work with two other investors. We are cash buyers. I'd love to meet up with you. I'm new to this site, is it OK to give out personal info? down below this page is says E-Mail addresses are hidden. How do we connect?

ca.valley resource group

I would like more info on this group. I work the Sacramento area


I am working Northern CA in Santa Cruz and (my electronic mail spelled out is: pike.kerry at the gmail)
counties and monterey co., johnson co. in kansas city, and ingham county(east lansing area) in MI.

I will be making offers that should double from offer prices. These will require some re-hab work, and can provide them as is or rented up(min annual return =10%).

I have some cash(getting tied up quickly) and would be looking to either partner or resell in short time frame.