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Ocean County NJ
About Me: 

I am a leader
I am a warrior
I am confident
I have hope
I have faith
I am going to succeed
I am going to lend not borrow
I am a beleiver

Anything is Possible

I am a Real Estate Investor

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Masonry/Real Estate Investor
Have Child(ren)

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Mainly Just This One


Elena M Action Plan

Thanks for the daily affirmations.

I have already read Bishop Jakes book
on Repositioning's
a wake up call.

Very into Joel Osteen.....have two
of his books.

Your daily affirmations are being
adopted by me...........

Thanks Greg

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Greg hope your holidays were great.
To your response I'm looking to get my first deal under my belt. So I could no how it works and feels. I live on the Jersey shore (not the one on tv). I would like a mentor to work with . Just some guidence. Split everything done the middle. Were I live is a summer resort and the property values start at $350k to the millions. There are lower price homes, just over the bridge.

I don't know if your interested in doing something like that and make money in New Jersey. I'm definitely interested. Anything to move forward.

Hope to hear from you Greg


How do I get an urgent message to Dean or a very close associate? Ive had my heart set on having someone as a close mentor and havent received any feedback. Bless you and yours in this New Year.
Michael D. Doonan


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I like your profile. The PMA (positive mental attitude) is so important. Believing is seeing, seeing is believing.

very inspired

i see you like joel osteen too!

big fan.

I'm new at this but I have lots of time available during the day.

Let me know if I can Help.

alane leo

Thank you Alane

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Between Joel and Dean it keeps the motivation and inspiration at the surface.

Thanks. Needed that.

I'm with you 24-7. 365 days a year. I like to think I'm on my way to the top too. Feels mighty fine. I keep Joel Osteen with me everyday. CD's in the car and magazines in the house. Those daily inspirations always humbles me. I like to think I'm a better person for it. Good Luck with your climb and God Bless. Patti