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My name is Lilie and I live in Yelm WA. I got to the states 4yr. ago with my husband who is in the military. In the last 2yr. I attained a licens in home and auto insurance and mortgage lisence. I'm looking to be a fool time real estate invester. I just got involved in real estate and I just loved it. I speak 3 languages writ and read. I also go to Toastmasters to speak easy in public.

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Hi Lillie! My wife and I are also a military family stationed at McGuire AFB, NJ. My wife, Michelle, and I are real estate agents (she's full time and I help her out when I can). We are also brand new to real estate investing but we have strong convictions that this is the way to live the life that we dream of. If there's anything we can do for you, please let us know.

We look forward to getting to know you and following your progress in this journey.

Rob and Michelle

Hello Rob and Michelle let

Hello Rob and Michelle let me know when you are stationed in Ft Lewis so we can work together till den we are going to be a team per Deans site and welcome to Deans family and Thanks. Let me know how you progress. Lilie

Lilie could you please help

I am trying to do what your doing with assigning contracts. I am having trouble finding an investor. I looked in the paper and could not find any "We Buy Houses" ads or anything thing else that had to do with an investor seeking houses. I emailed some sites like, , I am still waiting for them to contact me, to see if they work on assigning contracts, in addition to just buying houses from homeowners. Where else can I find investors that are willing to do deals with assigning contracts. Also should I find a seller first, or an investor that will work with assigning. I think it is smarter to find the investor first. Also are you telling the homeowner that you plan on assigning the home over to another buyer ? I pretty much know how the rest of the wholesaling process works. Please help, anyone.