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cynthia melendez
hudson valley,ny
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i enjoy reading and learning, being with people, being alone. i enjoy social activities. i love sprituality. i love health and fitness, . i'm a humanitarian @heart, just love the human spirit and the piece of God that i choose to believe is in all of us. i love the outdoors, the warmth of the sun, the light of the moon and the beauty of it all. i love the brilliance of life.

teachings of abraham, health, wealth, people, nature,

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I've been asking myself, "What's different?" I've listened to real estate investor's audios,seminars,read books etc. but there's something about Dean's message that is different, it's contagious...thank God. He makes u want to come out and play. I was telling my 15 yr.old son that it's like being in school and having a favorite teacher whose class u luv to go to . i don't know how else to put it. I also want to thank everyone in the forum. it's awesome to have people talk so openly about their feeling's. There's nothing like the "me toos." All that said, I'm waiting on Dean's book to arrive and am using the internet to stay connected. On a personal note i have to do this now, no more letting the scaries get the best of me, for my son.
Cindy Lu

Great attitude, Cundy Lu.

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It's really good to have you here with us. Smiling You're going to LOVE the book, and I think you'll find it very rewarding to share in here as well.
Best wishes in your new REI endeavors!


great attitude

hi rina,
i am thankful u responded. it put a smile on my face.
still waiting on the book. i started looking in the newspapers to look at the notice of sale auctions and ads by rei's to move toward doing an assignmnt of contract to generate some revenue. i'm also looking into working with a friend who has been doing loss mitigation work. i can work from home and srart suze orman's plan for women while taking care of my 6 month old.

best wishes,

Foreclosure List

Would you happen to know how to access Dean's foreclosure list that I have been paying months for?
Thanks for the input.

love your profile messege

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Cynthia, your profile sounds like something I should have written for me. I am so looking forward to learning more and getting to know people like you. Good Luck! See you at the top. Rita

Welcome Aboard!

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Hi Cynthia

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Just wanted to sign in your guestbook and let you know that I read your post about your WHY, and I was really touched by your spirit and your determination.

wishing you success,