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Beth & Ned
Northern California
About Me: 

I live in Northern California with my boyfriend of 8 years. We decided to do real estate investing together in order to live the life we "really" want to live and to help people in the process. I have epilepsy and do not work at a regular job, so I am mostly an at home mom, teacher and friend. I have worked in the veterinary field for more than 10 years and I also worked in the "tax" field for about 4 years. I have one son age 13 who is my world, my life, my joy, my reason for everything I do! My boyfriend has worked in the construction/pool industry forever now (lol)! He has been a contractor here in the Bay Area for the last 25 years. I know we make an excellent team and that we will be very successful at this. We cant get enough of all this wonderful info we keep finding here on Dean's site. Please never take this site down. Its wonderful to come here and learn!!! And its amazing what one can learn when one allow's oneself too! Smiling

Music, fast cars, motor cycles (does not include Harley's, sorry), science, learning, sewing, racing and more!

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RE Investor and Student of Life
Have Child(ren)
Some College
In a Relationship


My Journey

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I thought I'd start posting my progress. As I am one of those people with no formal training who is determined to be successful at this. Im going to start by documenting everything I do so that others may be able to learn from me.

First thing I did when I got the book and came to the website was read read read and read some more until I was able to understand the terms, stratagies, creative ways to think. Im still learning, this will never stop. But now Im asking questions, never be afraid to do that or you wont succeed at anything. I have decided to assign/bird dog because of my situation this works for me. I have found several websites to use as an example of my own and Im almost done building the website.(thanks anita for the help) I have alot more to do but I dont think about ALL of it or nothing would get done. Remember to take small steps and before you know it your half way up the mountain! I will keep you all informed.


Sandycheeks Journey

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I posted a new blog in the Journels forum under "forums" I will posting there.

Hey Beth!

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The website looks great! Awesome job!!!
Good luck and God bless,


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Thanks so much for checking it out, and the positive feedback really helps get rid of more fears! So thank you! I was worried it didnt look professional enough lolol! Smiling