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Tim Wiblin
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Just a simple fella who has been blessed with talented colleagues who are both my mentors and muses Smiling
In addition, I have friends and family that love me (sometimes in spite of myself!)...and three children that are the light of my life.

This is my first experience with REI! As Dean says, it's a bit like your first date, first kiss, first bike ride, etc etc etc! Scary yet exhilarating in the same breath! Started by ordering the book, read the forums before it got here and now doing double duty by reading the book AND the forums...can't wait to get started!

Learning & sharing with those that thirst for growth...a simple laugh with friends or family...investing time with quality people and enjoying life's simpler pleasures such as walks, sunsets, and nature's symphony.

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Starting Over

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Couldn't sleep the other night wondering how I could be the kind of spiritual father that all three of my children will need over the next 2-5 years of their lives.
Been divorced for just over three years, and to be honest, have been on emotional "cruise control" as my heart was broken and my spirit heavy.
Watched the entire infomercial while heading back to work after a short vacation with my two "wee ones" as my oldest was in FL.
Drove over 12 hours alone from Boston to work and was pleasantly surprised to already receive an e-mail from Dean. Too tired to read but just getting it put a smile on my face and some hope in my heart.
Started late last evening after a couple very long days back at work to read the mail, watch the video, and go to the home site...Absolutely blown away! While the material looks solid and a bit overwhelmed with the wealth of content, the part that MOST struck me was the Forums where I read all 3 of the getting started blogs last night (Thank you, dgadmin for FINALLY stopping blog 2 as I was TOTALLY exhausted after reading and reading...even though it was GREAT stuff!)I am up this morning before dawn getting back on the website, reading and listening to more info from Dean, and just thanking my God for what you and your team are doing...while a big motivation is making more money to change my children's lifestyle, what you and your team are providing to me (and many others) is HOPE...good luck and God bless you for that tiny spark you have given me in the past couple days! Wib

Hi Wib.

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Welcome to the DG family. I've really been enjoying your posts the past couple of days. Smiling
I liked the Stone Soup analogy you put in the credit thread. I hadn't thought about that, but it's very true.
Anyway, it's great to have you! Hope you stick around for awhile.

God bless,


P.S. My Dad was a school administrator most of my life. I can appreciate the approach you took with your students. You sound a lot like him. Smiling

Hey Tim...

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Divorce is not an easy thing to recover from, whether you're a child of divorce or a spouse. From there it's one day at a time. I am a survivor of BOTH!! My best friend recently got a divorce from his wife of 14 years. He's been on the same roller coaster ride as you and I and anyone who's been there. I call him every night to comfort him and listen to him. I've been a single mother for 15 years and been through MANY hardships and real estate gave me hope, and a chance to show my children that I AM a victor and NOT a victim anymore. Although my friend isn't into real estate I keep encouraging him to find properties so we can do a deal together, but he's just too weary and not ready right now. So I will continue to minister to my dear friend and offer words of enlightenment, encouragement and support to him until he can stand on his own again. So if you ever need someone to listen, pray or even talk to please don't hesitate to contact me. We're all in this life together to help each other over the humps. You will achieve your dreams for yourself and your children, so don't ever stop believing it... He has a plan that's greater than anything we could possibly imagine with our human minds!
Continued blessings to you and your family,
Elena Laughing out loud

Best wishes in REI

Hi Wib, Interesting to read of a fellow believer on this site. Regarding your Fav #2 book, I have mentioned that often, and even experienced the author coming up behind me where I was seated, and introducing himself as the speaker my wife and I had come to listen to. He was very down to earth. Hope your REI is a very profitable blessing from God for you. Pas. Greg



I was skimming through the forums trying to find other people living or working in the WV area. I'm just getting started myself and I'd love to talk to others who have been in the field.

Let me know.

thanks in advance.