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Dominic & Kim Herness
Southern California
About Me: 

Dominic is an Elementary School Physical Education Teacher and Kim is a stay-at-home mom to our 3 small children. We are interested in Real Estate Investing as an opportunity to better our lives and have the ability to relocate out of Southern California. Cool

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New Investors

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We are new to Dean's Success Academy (joined 2/20/09) and we are FIRED UP!! Excited to be investing in Real Estate in Southern California. Cool


hi I'am new at this barely joined the success academy I lived los angeles,ca. I was wondering if you were having any luck getting deals or had any suggestion or pointers you could pass on like how to approach lawyers and real estate agents because ive been having bad luck .

Welcome, Rick!

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Welcome to the DG Family! You will love it here, there is so much support. I will PM you with some information on how we found our lawyer and realtor.

Hi Dom & Kim!

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Congrats on your first Deal, very exciting!

I was wondering if you could PM how you found your lawyer. That would be greatly appreciated. Smiling

I also live in SoCal. I'm located in Thousand Oaks, Ventura County. If you ever want to meet up to network, please let me know. I think getting a group together to network and discuss ideas will be Great.

To Our Future Success!

R.E. Budda

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We like you idea of networking!! How great would that be for all the Southern California DG Family members to get together once a month or so to network!

We could pick a central spot, and you, us, Jason, Kimmy, Anita, and anyone else that wants to join us could have our own REI club!! Smiling

We'll PM you about our lawyer!

Hello Kim and Dom

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It would be really nice to buddy up with you guys and other fellow DG members here in So Cal. I currently live in the Gardena so if you guys have REI meeting that's not too far, I'm willing to go and check it out.

I'm really new to REI and like all newbies, have a lot of questions. Thanks.


Welcome, Chris!

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That sounds great! Where is Gardena? Currently, the closest REI club to us is in Rancho Cucamonga. I don't know how far that is from you. We are getting quite a few So. CA members here. It would be great if we could all get together and start our own REI club.

PM us and we will try to get together.

Hey Guys!

Where did you go?
I have been so busy for the last couple of weeks and am now able to spend a little time catching up with my emails, this site etc., I am surprized that you seem to have stopped posting? Did you start another thread about your endeavours? Or did you just make that first $M and you are too busy travelling the globe to check in anymore?
Bottom line here is that you guys are missed and I hope all is well with you both and with your family.
Let me know!

Southern California DG Group

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Hi, we have been out for a long time with different family issues but we started to go back to the DG family. We would love to be part of the group and share ideas here in our Los Angeles area.
We haven't done any deals, a little bit discouraged because after submitting offers on REOs we've finding out that they have 15 to 20 offers already, and ours of course is the lowest one and every time gets denied.
We would love to be part of the group and share all these wonderful ideas that every body is giving out.
Getting together once a month, that will be perfect, we want to make some deals and we look forward to your knowledge and support.
Ana Lucia

So Cal REI group

Hello, I was reading your guestbook and saw that you guys had talked about starting a So Cal REI group. I am interested in joining you guys if you still exist. I live in Lakewood but we are all a freeway or two away from each other. Please let me know. Thank you.