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Hi Ana, Did you get any comp's on other houses in the area? It seems that the owner is upside down in the mortgage, which means he owes more than the house is worth. How far have you gone in the BARM book and TALD audios. Not knowing all the fine points of this deal, it sounds like it is going to go to foreclosure. Have you given consideration to a short sale, but remember there is important info you need from the seller before you can even get started approaching the lender on a short sale. Let me know how you make out. There are many people on the site that are willing to help you. Don't be afraid to open up a post and ask for help. Good luck....Jan

Upside Down

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Thank you for your response, I did comps and they run between $280,000 to $310,000. Owner is completely upside down, owes $330 on it and that's why he wants to let it go, he cannot make the payments anymore. I don't think this will work for us. As far as the BARM book we have not received yet, only the TALD audios which we are listening now. We are very anxious to receive the book and follow all the steps, learn as much as we can to start making deals.
I'll be asking for a lot of help and guidance I have a lot of confidence in this program. We have attended several seminars reg. RE but this looks completely different. This website and all the posts are very informative. I have a question for you, did you enroll in the mentoring program? They offered us also but I know it's a lot of $$$.

Back To You

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First, I think you are right about this deal, unless you have some magic method, this guy is going down the tubes. There are probably more liens on this house than he is telling you about, so I would back out in a nice manner and go on to the next deal.
yes, I am in the mentoring program and have been since May 08. Is it worth the money, Yes it is. If you want an edge to get you to the next level, this is the way to go. Is it expensive, Yes. But what price would you pay for freedom, I am not talking being a billionare overnight, just to be comfortable, you know what I am saying. My dream was never to be filthy rich, my dream was to become a person that you could got to for help and being able to provide it. To help my family is number 1 on my list.

It is up to you. It is a very in-depth course that requires you do your work or you just wasted your money

I have been involved in 3 deals since May, but I have also walked away from these 3 deals, with my mentor at my side, anytime i wanted him there. The deals just didn't produce the numbers I wanted, so it was easy to walk away. I hope that this help you figure out what you want to do next. The TALD tapes are great,,good move. Please stay in touch, and contact me anytime you need to talk or ask advise.....Jan


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are you in the ballpark of 1.2-1.8 million? 6-9 month term
call me if you are 714-624-7557

Are you interested in the midwest?

I live in a tri-state area in the midwest and I was wondering if you were interested in investing in this area. There are good investments but I haven't tried to put any of them under contract because of money situation. If you are interested contact me at joycecobretti@****. Thanks

Welcome Ana

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I wanted to stop by and welcome you to the board. It looks like you have been a member for a while. I just have never had the opportunity to say hello to you. Glad to have you here!

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Thank You Sissy

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I have been reading a lot on your posts and you are an expert on the business. Thank you very much for your welcoming note, I've been absent of this website for a while because of personal reasons but I'm gona start again, there is no better place like this one where everybody is so friendly and helpful.
Once again thank you and I'll be asking for your guidance and expert advice.