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Angelisa Weaver
North Mississippi
About Me: 

•I am a real estate investor in and around the "Mid South"
(northwest Mississippi and southwest Tennessee).
•I am a social entrepreneur and not only do I work hard to help others solve their real estate challenges, I thrive on coming up with creative solutions that result in WIN-WIN situations for
ALL parties involved. Smiling

I provide creative solutions for real estate challenges; helping others solve their problems, whether it is getting rid of problem properties or obtaining the dream of home ownership.

My internet marketing skills not only bring great deals; but, they
allow me to network with other real estate professionals,
legal and financial pros as well. I work with some of the most successful, genuine people in the industry; thus,
I have an exclusive team ready, willing, and able to......
............Make A Difference thru..............
Dedication. Understanding.
Communication. & Knowledge. and that is how I came up with the name M.A.D. D.U.C.K. (Mad Duck). It is an acronym as well as an ironic symbol! for more about ole Mad Duck goto www.Angelisa.info

Making A Difference by solving real estate problems!

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Building Your Buyers List

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Just like to keep all my REAL ESTATE INVESTOR friends informed when I find something of great value that is currently free. If you want to network with real estate investors, this site is great. You also get some web based tools to help buy & sell more properties. Let me know what you think, click the link. Eye-wink www.ConnectWithInvestors.info

NEW tool - Plug in your zip & get a list of local buyers.

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We all know the biggest challenge real estate investors have in today's market is finding buyers for their properties.

To help your success, what I am going to do for you is give you access to an organized list of buyers in your local area.

Just plug your zip code in and get a downpour of the most active real estate buyers around.

ACTIVATE your local buyers list now!


Strategic Default??? hmmmm very interesting!

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With housing woes capturing front-page headlines in the
United States, the odds of distraught homeowners becoming
even more frustrated and opting to abandon their mortgage
obligations has become a growing concern within the

More and more homeowners are simply throwing their hands up and saying "forget it"! I'm done"! Shocked :{

Still-falling property values are pushing more homeowners
underwater, and the social stigma attached to foreclosure is
steadily eroding as delinquencies become almost commonplace
– such factors can fuel the fire for so-called strategic

A survey by the Pew Research Center found that more than a
third – 36 percent – of Americans believe the practice of
“walking away” from their mortgage payments and their home
is acceptable, at least under certain circumstances.

Of the nearly 3,000 people polled by Pew Research, almost
six-in-ten, 59 percent, say it is wrong for homeowners to
deliberately stop paying their mortgages and surrender their
homes to the mortgage lender.

Two-in-ten, or 19 percent, feel it is “acceptable.” An
additional 17 percent volunteered that it depends on the
circumstances, an answer that wasn’t given as a choice in
the survey, according to the nonprofit think tank.

Twenty-one percent of the survey respondents say they owe
more on their mortgages than their home is worth. Their
assessment is strikingly close to the latest estimates from
CoreLogic, which finds that some 11 million borrowers, or 23
percent, are underwater. Analysts warn that the farther a
homeowner falls underwater, the more likely they are to
throw in the towel.

According to Pew Research, nearly half, 48 percent, of all
homeowners say the value of their home declined during the
recession. As a group, these individuals are more likely
than those whose home did not lose value to say it’s
acceptable to renege on a mortgage (20 percent vs. 14
percent, the survey found.)

Rich Morin, a Pew Research senior editor in Washington, says
caught between big mortgages, sinking home values, and the
financial strains associated with periods of high
unemployment, many homeowners have stopped making their
mortgage payments. They feel their best-case scenario is to
bail, take a big credit hit, and lose their home.

Here's where you come in as their solution provider.

Here are the facts:

They've already decided to walk away from the home so you
offering them a short sale is the most favorable way for
them to avoid destroying their credit altogether. A short
sale does not hurt your credit as much as deed in lieu or a
foreclosure. They save their credit the best they can and
you make a big check for helping them out.

1 in 7 homes are either in foreclosure or behind on
payments. There are more opportunities now than we've ever
seen. 12% of all homeowners with mortgages $1M or more are
delinquent which provides a multitude of opportunities for
us as a real estate investors.
This article was just written in the last day or two!

Hey MississippiAngel ........

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Thanks for replying to my post. I will keep you in mind. Are you really from Mississippi? Lol. It's A pleasure meeting you. I have seen your other reply to other posters. Do you have Edge 2010 and Set For Life. I was fortunate to purchase it and Matt and Carol say it's really powerful I am just doing things the manual way first. Great talking to you. Stop by sometime.

Daniel In New Mexico

Mad Duck

Communication. & Knowledge. and that is how I came up with the name M.A.D. D.U.C.K. (Mad Duck). It is an acronym as well as an ironic symbol! for more about ole Mad Duck goto www.Angelisa.info

Sorry is taking this long to get in touch with you, but my husband had surgery, everything is well now, (I hope). I wanted to ask your permission to go to your website, and try to get YOUR WISH IS YOUR COMMAND tapes I don't know if I steel can do it,or if I can download them still for free. I will be waiting for you message. Thanks and God Bless you have a nice day your friend Ada....


im from Natchez, mississippi. hope your having lots of success.