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Hi Anne

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I hope things are going well with REI on your end, what part of the U.S. you from? May you continue to succeed in all that you do.

John A.

Sorry. I didn't see your message until now.

Sorry for the extreme delay. I hope you had a wonderful Holiday.

I'm encouraged to get started in REI, but I'm scared. I've had a hard time find a real estate agent. I have no money or credit, so this has also stopped me a little bit.

How are things going with you?


Hi there,

I see that you just posted your "Offer Letter to Listing REO Agent" Thread.

Advice for you: Post early in the morning when more people are likely to read your question during the day, at this time of night chances are that your thread will fall off the board and many people who could give you solid advice will not even get to read it! ... If you do not have any responses by mid-morning on Tuesday, post another question and that will bump your Forum Topic back up onto the site.



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How's things been going? Are you all read up and ready to go on this? Need some assist?

Hi Anne

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I read in a post that you live in NorCal; whereabout?
Maybe you would like to fill out some information on your profile so that other investors can know a bit about you, and network with you...

Wishing you success on your rei journey,

Welcome aboard

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Welcome to the site and the family. Val and I hooked up from this site and just look at her now. There are tons of people on here to help you BUT you need to do a few things to help yourself....Do your BIO so that we know who is asking the question. Go to a local reic meeting and network with people. Find a mentor to help paid or not....Stay the works...