California Investors!!!

California Investors!!!

Hi i just finished reading Dean;s books and I am looking for investors in the Southern california region to network with. I really need to get my feet wet and would like someone to help. I really cant afford to buy deans academy at the moment times are tough. So if you will please help me, I would really appreciated...Im looking for help with Contracts for California...Any one HELP!!


California Investors --- reply

I am a new investor in Southern California - in the Burbank area. I am not involved with the success academy, but I do know that Assignments and IEE's are popular here and work like a charm. You need to find a RE Attorney who has experience with said contracts and also find a good agent. is a great way to have agents come to you, that's what I used. If you follow the steps in the book (depending on what kind of deal you want to do) then you'll be completing your first deal in no time!

I am interested in getting a net-working group together for support..

Email me if interested.. ColMcDow@****

Investing group....

Oh man I'm so excited... Thanks for replying it really is a confidence builder knowing that we can het help from others here on DG's site... Another great thing is that I am Santa clarita just minutes north of Burbank so it will be great to network with eachother... I am very interested!! Let me know when and where so I can sho up to the meeting... Once again thank you....

New Investor in Southern California

Happy Thanksgiving! First of all I am thankful to the Lord for allowing this wonderful network. Since I too am a "Brand New Investor" and Student of DG, I'm excited to get started here in Southern California and would also like to network with other in the region. I've read (actually listened) to Dean's audio books and have started re-listening to them again as well as re-reading his book so that I can grasp the "no-money" down concepts. I live in the Inland Empire area (Temecula Valley).... Currently I'm leasing the place where we live but my Landlord is very interested in allowing my wife and I to purchase the property with a "Wrap Around." Can someone give me some direction as to how to properly go about doing this with no money down so that it will be fair to both she and us. Thanks for any help!

Interested in joining Network

Hello ColMcDow; I live in southern california (Temecula Valley) and I'm very interested in joining your net-working group. I'm very new to Investing, but I'm a very quick learner. Thanks for developing this group.

california investors

I'm also a newbie and intrested in networking with your group.i'm located in the high desert(Adelanto).
i 'm looking to get started in wholesaling to gain some capital seed money
so i may invest.

California Investors...........Future REI/GROUP?????

Hi Everybody,

I'm Glad to see some folks from California!! I recently sent an inquiry to Dean's support center asking how to start a Southern California group in the REI/GROUP ( ) directory listing, still waiting, not sure if they will ever reply???? So we can network/find local Dean Graziosi minded people/students. If you know how to create a REI/GROUP….here on website, let me know.

I live in Southern California/North Orange County, so if there is anyone in my area that wants to network, please get a hold of me.


David Thillman
Brea, CA 92821
Cell 714-650-0058



David R Thillman

I'll be in San Jose

I' ll be in California, would like to meet some people. I' ll be there from the 3th to 8th of December for a conference. I'll be staying at Hilton Hotel on Almaden boulevard in San Jose CA.


Realtor / Investor
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California Investors

Hello everyone

I live in Ventura county but recently moved my REI
sites to Temecula, am working will real estate
agent and puting in offers still waiting for that
first deal. Read Deans books in July and trying
to network with others, Bishop3 although i can't
give you any advice i would like to network and
see if we can put some deals together?


CJ, Lets Get together

Thanks for the reply CJ, I also live in the Temecula/Murrieta area and would love to get together to put some deals together. You must keep in mind that I'm very new at this but I'm a fast learner and aggressive when I have to be. Let me know your schedule.... Bishop3

Southern California

I'm in the Yucaipa Valley area and would like to network with other REI. I am also a new investor.

Heavy Hitter

...those are some strong quotes, and are of course in the Word for us to act upon.

I am just recovering from a two week bout with pneumonia, and weak as a kitten.

I'm in Fremont, very close to you. A former Realtor for many years, now a mortgage consultant for a major mortgage bank.

Also a believer, both in Christ and in DG.

Call if you wish when you get here.

In Chirst

Gentle Ben
510 795 2776

Support Group...

I am also a recent student of the Dean Graziosi Real Estate system and would be very interested in joining your support group. Just let me know when you're meeting. I am currently living in North Hollywood...


I have a property in Hemet

I have a property in Hemet that I need to get rid of. Contact me so we can figure out if this will be a good investment for you. Check out my post in Newbies section.


Knowledge is Potential Power!

Ventura County Investor

I live in Ventura County and am looking for other DG members to network with. I haven't done my first deal yet but would love to network with other investors.


Hi to all the family,I'm a new investor in the long Island New York area also
looking for a group to network with. I'm working with a real estate agent looking at deals hoping to get my first deal soon


Rolston Morrison

Also in Southern CA

I'm in Vista, CA between Carlsbad on the coast and Escondido inland. I would be happy to network with other investors. I have some forms that I have typed and may be a good starting point for a lawyer to start with. Let me know if you are interested and I can forward them to you.


"Faith is taking the first step even when you can't see the whole staircase."

~ Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968)

Newbie in Victorville

Hello group!

My name is Michelle and I reside in Victorville. I just purchased the books and decided to jump right into networking with teams in the high desert.

I am really new at blogging and hope to hear back from you soon.

Have you found any other members in this area?

Any feedback is greatly personal email is michelle.rivera08@****



Hello Bishop3 i was wondering if you got my PM. I will be down in
your area in a couple weeks looking at properties hopefully we can get together?



Hello! MICHELLE, i'm also a newbie (investor)in the high desert. i would like to network with you . i'm also new at this blogging but with time we will get better.
at this time i haven't came across any other investor in the high desert i'm sure there are rei journey is to begin in wholesaling

you can e-mail me @


REI meetings that are already in place in SoCal

These are the meetings you should be at. I live in San Diego & I have been to everyone & they all have good networking.
1.) OCshortsaleguys - Orange County, CA.
2.) - Palm Desert, Ca. Kimmyj from this site is the organizer & the meetings has tripled with Investors since she took over 4 months ago.
3.) SoCal- Lancaster,Ca. -Anita Wilson from this site. Great meetings & info
4.) SDCIA- San Diego, Ca. - The biggest & longest club that has tons of Investors to network with. You want to add CASH buyers to your list, you'll find tons @ this one.

Hope this helps!


Jason S.
San Diego, CA.
**All CASH House Buyer!**
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Hi Jason,

Just wondering if you have contact info for the REI groups you mention. Also, do you know of any in the Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley area?




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Hello guys,

I live here in the Gardena/Torrance area. Read Dean's books and am anxious to get started. I am a total newbie and would like to network with like minded people. It would be nice to shadow someone with experience in this field and hope we could all meet and help each other along the way.



Take action and Just Do it!

Anyone in Northern California


Cindy C

I know there's one up by burbank. but I don't know the link. Organizer:Gabe or Geoffrey in Lancaster. Organizer is Anita wilson Palm Desert area. Organizer is KimmyJ organizer is Bill Tan

P.S. don't forget to put us on your buyers list.


Jason S.
San Diego, CA.
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California Investors

Hi all, I'm looking for like minded REI's in the So Cal/ Orange County area that want to network. The goal will be to support each other, share information and make new business contacts. Only criteria are that you’re serious. Best way to contact me is via my personal email. FYI I live in Brea, CA.(North Orange County)

Sign Up At:



David R Thillman


The reason you don't see everyone's info in there posting's, because it's against website rules. Your suppose to use the PM "personal Message" to share info with each other or use the classified ads section.


Jason S.
San Diego, CA.
**All CASH House Buyer!**
Refer Us To Neighbors, Friends & Family, Earn $1,000
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Looking for investors & partners

Hi all,

I'm a new investor in the Riverside County area and member of Dean's academy. I'm new to real estate and could use some local support. My work takes a lot of my own personal time so this new venture into real estate is only part time, but very serious otherwise I would of never joined the academy. I'm looking for southern Cal. investors like myself who I can partner with as I learn the advantages of real estate. If you are looking for someone in my area to partner with please e-mail me at davalos86@****.


David Avalos

California Investors

Thanks Jason and David for all the info.


Hey Jason

All that info was great, how do I get a hold of OCshortsaleguys? I took a quick look at the OC Investors facebook page. I'll get a hold of them ASAP.
Again many Thanks


bay area investors

hey wilnise
Glad to hear from fellow investor in Bay Area. Would love to get together with anyone in this area interested in investing. Let me know if anyone else wants to meet. Just received Deans books and am anxious to get started.

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