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Michelle L. Chavez
El Paso, Texas
Spending quality time with my family and children. Love to crochette.

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Hi everyone my name is Michelle chavez. I am new to to the real estate arena so bare with me. About 9 months ago I attended Dean Graziosi's Seminar in Las Cruces, NM. I got the feeling and the faith that this program will work out for me. Since then Real Estate has been my passion. I was really scared to get going. Now that I have overcome my fear I know I am ready to become financially stable. I have been doing a lot of research on real estate to familiarize myself more in the area. If anyone has or knows of any suggestions that will be helpful and essential please help me out. Good luck to everyone and may god bless everyone to achieve each and every of his or her goals.

Need Feedback Please

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Good morning everyone. I just finished putting up my free DG website. I would love for any of you to check it out and provide me with any feedback, negative or positive, would be greatly appreciated. I just started on it a few hours. Any input would be greatly appreciated before I start marketing my website.


Thank you and may all of you have a very blessed and wonderful day.


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The website I just finished putting up using DG website is the following link. Took me a while to find the problem as why it wasn't linking. But here it is:


Hello Michelle

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Welcome to DG.com! I see you are from El Paso, I'm in Houston!

Regarding your website links the first link works:


But the last one doesn't:

I think it is because of the dot (.) between eptx and webuy treasured homes. Just wanted to let you know before you print out your biz cards!

Also, I've noticed that "Journal posts" get more visibility than Blog posts, so you can try the tips here:


Hope that helps! Happy Investing!



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Thank you Cris...yes I found out about the dot...lol...I've been trying to post into the journal posts but I don't know how...I go to the member journal's forum but it comes out with another name and not mine...so if you can tell how to do it I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Here's the Quick Tips for Starting A Journal

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Hi Michelle,

When I started out here, I created a blog and then I decided to just copy and paste what I wrote in the Blog and created a "Journal" which is actually a "Forum post" (since I was getting dizzy seeing too much spam on the blogs back then at that time - at least now it's getting fixed very quick!), so I started my Journal in the Forum, and then if I had some concerns, I created new threads). Writing in your Journal also keeps it organized for you. Smiling

Here's the quick tip/forum thread: How to Create a Journal


Happy investing!


8 Potential Properties

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Good morning everyone. My agent sent me a list of 8 potential properties that we can sell. My agent sent me a list of 276 cash solds here in my county in the past 90 days. I am still researching the properties for owner names to get those cash buyers. I am not understanding this part of the assignment in Dean's 30 Days. Is it here in this part that I start multi-tasking? Do I start getting buyers for these properties now while I do more of cash buyers research?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

This is what my agent emailed me so you can have a better understanding of what I am talking about:

Here you go Michelle. Click on the blue link at the bottom of the email. The listing will give you all the information on the property and you can click on the picture to view photos. This is a mix of foreclosures, short sales, and fixer uppers that are priced at a low dollar per square foot. I would mainly focus on the fixer uppers that are being sold by regular sellers. The transactions usually are quicker and smoother and theres more wiggle room to negotiate on price. I Filtered them down to about 8 properties that have potential. I looked up similar properties in the same subdivision that sold within the last 6 months to 1 year and evaluated what you could sell each home for after estimated cost for repairs. I made conservative assumptions, we will get a better estimation after we see the homes. The numbers came out the best on these. Let me know if anything interests you. What I want to do is come up with a catchy email to send out to all the realtors and my database of contacts advertising that we buy homes. Usually the best deals come from this type of marketing as we get to deal with the seller directly and its always best to find deals where you can negotiate with a person rather than fannie mae or a bank. Let me know if you need anything else, like we spoke before I will continue to update you weekly with any new properties that become available. Thanks


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