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I am a business major with a passion for real estate. I have studied and learned alot but have not got my feet wet to this date. I really would love to network with investor on this site so please feel free to PM me or better yet I am really needing good conversation from like minded investors. I am very driven and real estate is a new place I am taking my drive. Please contact me I am always hungry for new knowledge!!

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Hey calvin, Hey maybe we could join forces! I'm in the montgomery area. Congrats on becoming a member of the DG family!

Good Luck!

Good Luck!

That sounds like a great

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That sounds like a great idea Darrell, espiacally that I am kind of having trouble finding properties worth going after. I seen where you said you are working with tax liens I know a little about them but not much. I'm trying to get my feet wet with assignments, so maybe you know of investors around our area or properties! So let me know of anything you that you need accomplished that does not fit in your schedule and maybe I can assist you with it....
win-win I geuss huh...


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Congratulations on starting in real estate. Your education and real estate are some of the best investments you can make. Dean's books are packed with great information, tips, techniques and strategies. Keep positive and keep working your plan and you will see results. Good luck on all your future real estate deals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


Assignments may be the way for me to go also. Calvin I also see the need of developing a investors list. The county court house is a good source for names of investors,and in addittion to that you could also find names of investors who belong to and are members of private investors clubs.

You could also set your self up with
with a brokerage firm put an add in say the free adds paper that ussually
has a big readership in your county
for the express purpose of building a data base of buyers who are actually wanting to genuily buy a home.

these people want to buy homes, it,s just that the banks will not give them a loan. Not that these genuine buyers have bad credit mind you but they just do fit the banks criteria.

As I suspect you maybe aware of its really important that you have the house sold before you go out and make the deal and before you make the arrangment of even assingnig the house.

Thats why it inmportant to build a data base for investors then build for ordinary buyer. you can just imagine at how much greater your profit margin will be with ordinary buyers.

what you need to understan Calvin is that say for example you take out a free add in one of those papers and direct the add to buyers who were declined a loan from thier favorite bank.

you could have your add say something likeke this:

Have decent credit has the bank refused
to give you a loan for your dream home?
Well maybe I can put you in your dream home. please call this prerecorded message to see if you qualify.

the whole primary objective of this ad is to generate a buyers list of serious
buyers. do ya feel me?

now this is where you need a broker to business with you, brokers could find a bank for these type of buyers that would finance these people.

Calvin get the data bases first you will not be selling any assignments with out them. it really does not matter that you have a house on assign
ment today you will be able to find
what they want before you qualify them for your new broker friend.

you know how much they looking to spend on a home $367,000.00 three bedroom , $157,000.00 four
bedroom $120,000.oo two
you could always find the house after you have a secured list with thier resonably good credit newly weds like to buy homes also. can you find them
Calvin just thought I would share with you what I am interested in doing.
sorry if I seemed long winded I used as much brevity as I possibly could
tell me what you thnk calvin?

Great post !!!

Hey calvin21, New to real estate about month and a half. I read your post , Very inspiring, Probate court once my mind was on that but after listening to so many people, I just don't know which one to take like foreclosures sale by owner Thank you for your strong words