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Yes I was one of those people who saw Deans commercial and ordered his book one late evening, my newborn never slept! Up to that point the only RE experience I had was one rehab that I moved into during redhab. But the desire and interest was always there. Quite honestly after reading Deans book Be a RE Mill.. I put the book in a draw and concluded, there was no way I could do that and thought that Italian guy was crazy. But eventually the desire took over and I jumped full force into it setting myself up for success as failure was not an option. It took me a while of studying and reading posts and gathering info from other dg's before I actually took action. I had to have the analysis done before I made a move. After attending the live event i started my business. My first deal, I kept saying through the entire process, what the heck am I doing! But imagine that, I survived. The next five transactions were easy..There is nothing else I would rather be doing than RE. I am continuing to master the art and move to the next level. I am very social and I like to network and talk to people and I am always learning and gathering info., training and absorbing new ideas. I look forward to networking with as many other dg's as I can.

Animal lover, own horses/barrel racer, love anything country and anything Real Estate!

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Hi Donna

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Just wanted to say hi & welcome you to the DG site Smiling Don't hesitate to ask me anything about REI to help you on your way to success, so ask away & stay in touch on your progress...

Everyone Can Make A Difference!
John A.

REIA Networking Event on March 24th @ 6:30PM

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Hello Donna,
I noticed that you also live in NYC area.
I just wanna let you know that there will be REIA New York City / Business and Social Networking Event next week.
March 24th 6:30PM @ Mercury Bar (659 9th Avenue, between 45th & 46th)
Few of us will be there & I would love to meet you!
If you have a time, why don't you stop by, it's FREE event.

There will be other Real Estate buyers & investors, so it's great place to network with other like minded people.
Here is the link!


Miyuki a.k.a. Coco (jazzingcoco)


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Hi Donna:

Just noticed your awesome involvement with animals. Kudos.

How's things going for you in DG real estate land?

Let me know how I can help.



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It was a pleasure meeting you at Dean's Gain the EDGE event 2010. Good luck with real estate investing and all your future deals. You can do it! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe and Stacey

Welcome Donna

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I wanted to stop by and welcome you to Dean's board. I know you will find lots of helpful information on the board and by talking with members here. If you can fill in your profile information I know you will find someone in your area to network with. A lot of great partnerships have been formed here on the board. Good luck to you!


Hi sissy did not realize you stopped by, nice to hear from you I have read a lot from you. You are doing great things. I hope to catch up, still a little slow but to be expected. Thanks for saying hello I will keep up on what you are doing talk to you soon.


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Nice to see someone from the New York area. Good Investing!!

Hey David and Kerry

A shout out from NY, Hooray, sometimes it seems like I am alone out here..If you ever make it to mid island REI meetings let me know! Stay in touch. Good luck with your adventures.

uniondale ny

I am also in Long island happy to know that there are few dgs family members in the Island PM me
Freeport NY


i'm almost there just geting confused on wht contract to use and do they have examples on the site and where do i go 2 look thx bob.how do i participate in topics?


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Hi my name is Rafal i live in staten island so i know exacly how hard it is to evan think about wholesaling in ny but yet u made it happend!!!!Congrats and thanks for inspiration i needed to c that somebody from my area makeing it happen...

add us to your buyers and sellers list

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Your making good moves already keep up the good work.

God bless you
keep learning the family business.