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Chad Bartlett
Lees Summit, MO
About Me: 

Life is GOOD!!! I feel so fortunate to be on this site! I have received so much education and inspiration here! What a great group of sharing and inquisitive people. DGer's are taking over the country.

I started my REI career when I lived in Anchorage, AK, where I invested in the Kansas City area remotely. Now my wife, two daughters, and I live in a suburb of Kansas City. Now I am able to invest full-time and I am busier than ever. I can't be more grateful than I am for Dean's education and for all the support of other DGer's on and off this site.

I recently submitted my Success Story via video at: . Take a moment to see how I was able to make money in real estate without any of my own money all while I was over 3,500 miles away!

REI, Basketball, Hiking, Kayaking.

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Full Time Investor
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Welcome Chad!

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just stopping by to sign in your guestbook and wish you success on your rei journey!
There is so much information on this site- make sure you read some of the older threads too, where you can learn how some of DG's most successful students have reached their goals.

Congratulations on winning the Edge12 contest! Smiling

Thank you

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Thanks for taking the time to wish me well. That is very nice. It does feel like this is a DG family where everyone is here to help educate and motive others. It doesn't get any better than that! I will take your advice and learn how others have reached their goals. There is so much information here, it's great!


Welcome Chad and Congrats

I thought I would welcome you via your guest book, I really look forward to meeting you at the Edge. Since you are in Alaska, you have a long way to come but it will be very worth it, take advantage of everything you can.



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Welcome to the DG site. There is so much good info and support here!

Congrats on winning the Edge scholarship! I was the winner last year and you will have an amazing time!



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I look forward to meeting you at the EDGE event and can't wait to see you posting here on DG a lot. Your journey is something to share because you will inspire so many new investors that are in your shoes seeing you make it happen! I'll see you posting around the boards here and seeing your journey!

It was so nice meeting you at the Edge!

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very nice meeting you and your wife and your beautiful girls at the Edge!

I know you've been taking action, and I'm looking forward to hearing about your deals that I'm sure will be happening very soon!


what is a 25 to 1

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Hey Chad where can i find more info on this 25 to 1 - thing you talked about?

Keep up the good work.

Great Cashflow

I'm interested in the 2 properties in Kansas City, MO. Contact me about them.

Add us to your buyers and sellers list asap.

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God bless you always DG family.
Keep up the good work.


i realy enjoyed your video.... you inspire me so much... gives me hope that i can do it too. all the best in 2015 man. look forward to meeting you...