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Theo Tully
Las Vegas, Nevada - USA
About Me: 

It is now Twenty-Eleven!
I have a new beginning!
I will do whatever it takes!
I will take the actions necessary!
I will succeed!

The best way to teach the poor
to become rich, is to first
become rich, YOURSELF!


Real Estate, Photography, Family, Cooking, Religion, Music, Learning, Helping Others...AND Making Money!

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Customer Services
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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Wecome aboard Theo,
for starters I love it out there in Las Vegas. Heading out there sometime in Late may or early June and have a buddy that works at the MGM Grand. Alot of good people out here on the Deans site and all are willing to help out anyway we all can and wish you luck with this new venture. Maybe we can work on some deals together.

John Lewis

Las Vegas Investors (online network)

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Hello Theo,

I am writing to inform you that I have started an online networking group for those of us Las Vegas Area Real Estate Investors. We are not an REI Club, and don't hold meetings, but we have set aside this group to ask questions - and have your questions answered. Please feel free to join us and expand your Las Vegas Area Network/PowerTeam.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Jonathan & Roxanna
Flippen Investor, LLC

Yes, I would love to join you folks.

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Hi Jon,

I am sorry that I have taken sssssooooo long to get back to you about this offer. But, yes I would like to join your group and maybe even meet or speak with you very soon. Please send me any information about your group and how I might fit in.

Thanks very much,
Theo Tully

Today is the day!

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I am ready to begin again!

Theo lets get together

Theo lets get together sometime and brainstorm how to become serious investors. I am hungry for success my friend.

Yes I hope so Thanks Dave

Yes I hope so


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Welcome to the DG site. You will get a lot of valuable information here.

I recommend you use it wisely by reading as much as you possibly can.

Best to you and good luck.