Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #167 - Wisdom and Killer Deals on Turnkey Cash Flow Properties

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WOW, this is an exciting week! First, Dean shares a lightning fast lesson on how to turn your past into the fuel that will skyrocket you forward - instead of being the glue that holds you back.


After a year of prep work, Dean’s releasing properties he’s personally bought, totally rehabbed, rented to a qualified tenants, with killer property management in place and each of them are in some of the best areas in the country for positive cash flow and massive future growth. (Yes, they are ALREADY cash flowing!) All you need to do is pick the one(s) you want. So whether you want to buy a killer income property or just get past, “your past” this is a must watch blog! So watch the link below to check out the properties...

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Looking Back

Jan Malek's picture

Dean, Since Jeremy and I met you at our property in Mohawk, NY, 3 years ago, WE HAVE NEVER LOOKED BACK!!
Short and sweet and right to the point.
As always, Our best to you and see you in a few months.

Jan and Jeremy

good job...

D-HI's picture

...Dean & Matt. Question: Do you, or are you going to, have a bank lined up for us to use that will give us commercial mortgages based on the deal(s)? If so, I'll take as many as you can get me.


Great to see this!

Been looking forward to this Dean! One question though - I don't see the monthly cashflows listed like they were the last time you offered properties... maybe I'm looking for them in the wrong area on the site?


dwman's picture

Can we wholesale these properties?

Quick info

deangraziosi's picture

Hey Guys

Here is one quick additional info:

1. Unfortunately in this area we don't have a bank for refinancing these properties

2. When you take gross rent and deduct taxes, insurance, property manager and we also figure putting money aside each month for maintenance these properties are cash flowing around 11% to 12%..

3. Yes you could wholesale these properties.. BUT since we bought them, rehabbed them and they are totally turn key these properties are more meant to buy, hold, cash-flow and gain killer appreciation over the next several years.

Hope that helps;-)

Have an awesome week everyone..


P.S. Look forward to meeting many of you at this years EDGE and of course seeing old friends.

Thank you Dean

steve and veronica's picture

For another great blog. Now this gets me excited. I know some fellow DGers are going to get some great deals. That again Dean for all that you do for your students.

God bless you Dean.

Steve and Veronica

Happy B-Day Dean?

CogniWorld-LV's picture

I know that you say that you have been working on this blog for months. But I also noticed that you have a "Happy Birthday, Dad" Behind you in this blog. So, I am saying Happy, Happy B-Day to you for all that you do for all of us - You deserve this!

Theo T. Smiling

Great Advice

rresnick2112's picture

Thats great advice Dean!! It cuts through any doubts and past problems anyone has maybe had and leaves you with the confidence to forget all of that and Move Forward!! Yeah, no excuses. Attack!!

The properties you've made available is so awesome too! Opportunities galore, many thanks!!

Ross Resnick
Absolute Investments, Llc

Actually Dean, You are doing a great thing for Humanity!

dwman's picture

When all said an done, you are a Godsend for people that can recognize it and, run with the information that they get from this site. The people's only problem is their own upbringing, can they accept it and actually implement it, Shur enough it is something to grapple with!

Thank you so much,

Another great blog

cbrindamour's picture

No one else is sharing their knowledge on a weekly basis with so many people! I love the r & d comment; never thought of it that way! And those look like great deals!

Great lesson and an even greater opportunity

AndyS's picture

Everybody has their own crap from their past. It's just part of what has made us what we are today. However, if you think about it, manure (a.k.a. Crap) is what fertilizes the future. Think of all the things (ie food, plants, butane gas, etc.) that use or come from manure. It paints a clearer picture of what crap can do and does for you.
I say, don't have just a pile of crap, embrace your crap to fertilize your futures! Don't forget, the phrase "Stepping in Sh*t" is meant as a good thing.

As for your houses, I can't wait to get to the point where I can start purchasing these properties. I'm working hard to get there.

Till next week,

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS

(PS: Sorry if this was too graphic for any of my fellow DGers.)


dreamitdoit's picture

Another really great blog(oops,WEEKLY WISDOM).I really like the R & D reference.Not to the point yet to purchase properties,very soon.Thanks Dean for all you do.Happy Birthday.GOD Bless you & your family,Dean.

Corpus Christi,Texas,USA

Thanks Dean

Valuni's picture

awesome advice! learn from your mistakes and move on. Our past does not dictate our future!
This blog reminds me of your analogy that you used in your book "totally fulfilled" when you asked how much a $20 bill was after you wrinkled it and stepped all over it... obviously, the value never decreases, no matter how beaten up or damaged the bill is; and neither should 'our value' change because of things that happen to us.

Great opportunity on your turnkey properties! Looking forward to seeing more states on your list!

Learning and progressing every day,


bandit1's picture

hey ...great interested in any that you find here on a wholesaler...maybe one week you can get wholesale deals for us investors...and another you can get ones that involve flipping?

So awesome!

Despite my desire to start, I've just been letting living eat up my time. My husband & I are finally getting started. We are not ready for this, at this point in time, but I am making this, partnering with you Dean, one of my top goals. Thank You.

Thanks Again Dean!

Thanks for your relentless efforts in helping DG family out. I will try to get one of these properties.
Thanks again.

Property it is!

Kra-Z LaNita's picture

I have also found a way to move forward. Positive thinking and taking action. One step at a time and keep progressing toward my goals. Thank you for the enlightenment and hopefully my first investment property!

Kra-Z LaNita is making changes!


browleyteam's picture

I'm so glad you did this again Dean!!! You always have such great content for us to take away from your blogs... and now you've done it again w/ these KILLER STEALS!! I'm going to work HARD to get financing to take advantage Smiling

Keep them coming Dean!!



hey Dean. im interesting in the property Warren Me. now how do i go about getting this and what to i have to do im not sure Thanks


thanks DEAN for all that you share with us here on this site.keep up the good work and for that i thank you DEAN.

# 167

Cool that you got those properties going again! After building up somewhat with wholesaling, I will be ready to purchase turnkey by the winter of this year - for my family!

Best wishes to all!


HI Dean, I am interested in these properties. I am originally from the east side of Detroit & familliar with that area. I am currently living in Kalamazoo, mi & Mabye I could help with locating some properties for the same purpose in my area.



peltoncs's picture

are you planning on expanding your areas. its a little to far for some of us. There are good deals here in South texas like Corpus christi. with a unemp. rate of 7.1, being a Port city and large navy/army employer. also nice gulf beaches.


Larry Lyda's picture

Dean, do you have any of these properties in Fl Cocoa beach, Cape Canaveral, Merritt Island areas? If not are you going to in the near future?

No looking back!

Tina1's picture


Again you are right on. Really, your blogs seem to have a flow like you planned it -;)...
At Thanksgiving you began with starting the new year giving thanks and have rolled right into gaining confidence, hitting benchmarks and giving, giving, giving the whole way. Thank you for being such an inspiration and the best Mentor anywhere!

I had a fortune cookie a couple weeks ago that said, "Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want"-- you're dead on again; R&D.

Awesome move on the Warren, MI properties, I'll put the word out.

- Tina

PS To all DG-ers who haven't quite done a deal yet, if you're a bit stuck, stick with Dean! In his words from an Inner Circle last year, "Think Less, Do More". You can do this!


i noticed there are 2 prices on most of the properties what are they and are they priced above market beccause they are rented out and remodeled?

R&D processed...Keep moving forward

rcmfunding's picture

Thanks for this week's Weekly Wisdom Dean. Like you stated that will be the next step for me since I'm concentrating on wholesaling and lease/options with SFL for now. I appreciate all that you, Matt, and others in the DG family do to keep us up and running.


Excited to see if

femailceo's picture

I can take advantage of this opportunity. If not now, maybe in the future. Happy Birthday Dean! AndyS that was a great analogy about Cr$P and fertilizing the future. LOve it all. Great motivator for the morning.

Dealing with the past

Hello Dean,
As always I love to hear what you have to say and look forward to meeting you one again.
However there has been a death that I am trying to deal with. The gentleman that was going to do the real estate investing (my Financee- Fred Torgerson) passed away on Dec 26, 2011.

I must admit I am scared to start the process over again and this time by myself. I will continue to listen to your videos and hope you can give me the encouragement I need to try again.
Good luck at the Edge ...I won't make it this time.


WOW! You just keep giving. Thanks so much for your mentoring and help to make us successful.

Happy Birthday!


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