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about me? Hmmm well im a 50 yr old single woman looking to secure my future . i feel real estate is the way to do that . im very new to rei but i believe i can do this . self confidence is my biggest obstacle. ive read 2 of deans books but im sure i will reread them as much as i need to . any and all guidence would be appriciated . I WILL DO THIS !!!

camping ,fishing, enjoying nature and my boston terrier andy panda .

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hey greg thanks for your

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hey greg thanks for your comment.im a definate newbie and some mentoring would be awesome.

Hey Girl

I'm new as well. I started journaling and looking for another newbie to help push eachother and hold eachother accountable.

sounds good to me im sure

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sounds good to me im sure those little push's are sometimes just what we need.keep in touch