Weekly Wisdom #389- My Kids Take Over The Weekly Wisdom!

So what can we learn about setting goals from a 7 and 9 year old?!

Boy will you be shocked! Because so many times we either set too many lofty goals or we don't set them at all! In this week's Weekly Wisdom, my kiddos break down goal setting to make it simple yet brilliant!

This is a must watch for anyone out there who wants to accomplish more of their goals... I bet that's you!

Check it out!

Awww Dean!!!

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Brody and Bri are growing up so fast! Adorable!

Setting goals and following through... so important to excel in life!

Love this Weekly!

Most inspiring ever

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Dean - thank you for sharing not only your wisdom, but your beautiful children. We are to "approach the kingdom of God" like a little child. This video surely shows why! Love to all

So Awesome!

I love that you are teaching your kids these things at such a young age! Makes me realize that these weekly wisdom's are not just important for me, but it also motivates me to go and teach my own kids these truths. Thanks so much!!

Very nice

Thank you Dean another wisdom that is so important to think about it not only in the beginning of the year (like I normally do), and sharing that with your kids as they grow.
God bless your beautiful children


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I hve a grandbaby now Dean yes am 50 she is soooo cute, your kids are so awesome & cute n smart love it, and a child shall lead them the good book says n so true. making a great point with simple wisdom, children showing us how simple it is, priceless.

Great lesson......

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Dean, those "Kiddos" of yours are growing so fast. Smiling It's great that you are instilling these values in them as early as you are as these will definitely carry them far in life. Many of us weren't as lucky and had to learn these things much later in life and paid the price for this. Setting goals and achieving them are how things get done. It doesn't always happen in a day, a week, a month, a year but through perseverance and practice, they all eventually will happen.

Keep setting and achieving goals!!!

Until next week......

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setting goals


Reminds me of my grandkids, miss them so much. i reminded my 2 kids long time ago as well to set goals, at a yound age, & now being 35 & 36 yrs of age, they always reminds me ea yr, Dad, have you set your new yr goals? Dean you have two(2) beautiful kids, keep the work up....


great to see you with your children and how your raising them to live good life's. thank you

Whoa ! Great kids

Great job Dad ! It is so awesome to see you in action with both of your children and to see how well behaved they are and how they actively participate. I came to a realization watching this weekly wisdom and that is that I don't ever recall either one of my parents mentioning goals. Neither one of them completed high school. My Dad was a jack of all trades as they say and he worked very hard all his life to do the best he could. My mother drove him to drink and came at him with constant accusations etc. Scripture says a foolish woman tears her house down and my mother sure did that and kept the fighting and feuding going. I am the woman I am today because I had a Holy Bible and read it and hi-lighted verses and I observed other people and listened. I was the oldest of three and in charge for awhile til I was booted out at 15. I have forgiven them because Christ has paid the price and forgiven me and I walk with God daily. Everything that has happened to me in my 68 years has made me who I am and given me the strength to survive. I have to give you credit for parenting me as well. I am beyond grateful for you, Joel Osteen, Dani Johnson, Zig Ziglar, Richard Branson, Eric Worre and so many more. Movies - I have learned so much from old movies and I don't watch the so called action flicks of today. Actors who have passed is who I am referring to Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, Haley Mills, Doris Day, Sidney Poitier, oh and music too. My parents did a lousy job. In fact they did not really parent us and we grew ourselves up. Amazing. All I can say is THANK YOU GOD and Thank You Dean. May God bless you always. If those kids don't have their own Bible may I suggest you get them one. King Solomon was the richest man who ever lived and it is all about the content in the book of Proverbs. Ok, I am done. Love you all.


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Thank You as well to your Kiddo's!! I'm learning so much from you! Thank You! I love my parents dearly! But man to have such a parent like yourself really would if been nice. I wasn't EVER encouraged to follow my dreams little lone goals.

Totally Awesome

Love it. Every word is true. Thanks!

Weekly Wisdom #389- My Kids Take Over The Weekly Wisdom!

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Hi Dean,

Happy to see you are teaching your children, what you are teaching your DG Family..Eye-wink

Thank You for all you do.....xo


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