Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #229 - I’m Not Fooling Around Here

The first day of the 4th month is traditionally a time for rubber chickens and silver dollars glued to the sidewalk. Well, that’s all well and good for some, but you won’t find any of that nonsense here.

Dean Graziosi is starting this month off by giving away a free iPhone, and copies of his brand new book 30 Days to Real Estate Cash. Then, to wrap it all up…he’s got some great advice to get you outta “park” and into “drive” in your life. Don’t forget to leave a comment below and let him know you’re watching and then download 30 Days to Real Estate Cash for free!

Take action

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Great weekly wisdom, as usual. I've started taking action and have already made a mistake. But when you think about it, when you first start a new job, you usually do make mistakes. But that's how you learn. So I'll keep pushing forward and learn from my mistakes...hopefully, there won't be too many! Ha!

Hope you & your family had a great Easter! Smiling

Thanks Dean

Thanks Dean for another great Weekly Wisdom. I'm over thinking a lot when it comes to my new real estate investing career because I NEED to make this work and this MUST be the legacy that I leave for my son as a real estate mogul!! Thank you for everything you do to make all of us successful and with your help and the help of my DG family I know that I WILL make this work!!

Can't thank you enough.

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The subject says it all. You have been an invaluable inspiration for me in sticking to real estate investing as a path to financial freedom for my family and myself. Don't ever give up on us, because (and I believe I can speak for everyone) we won't ever give up on you! I thank you to the ends of the earth for what you have done and are still doing. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!

OJTing it

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You said it all Dean. On the job training is the only way that some people will learn to pull the trigger. I learned all that I know from your great books as well as the edge..Look forward to the next one in 25 days, 24, 23, 22, 21 ok I am counting..See you then and have a great Easter..

I’m Not Fooling Around Here

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom.....Again, Thank you for all you do.....and continue to do....

At some point everyone, must swim in the deep end of the first it's scary, but after wading through realize it isn't so bad......

Have a Blessed and Happy Easter Dean to You and your family, and staff at DG.Com


Free I-phone, free book, insider elite

Get in the game-don't over analyze - great message. Thursday and Saturday live webcast - awesome and I was glued to it. Dean, you mentioned that you get lonely at the top sometimes. You want to talk about lonely, I understand lonely. I want to tell you something. I think I must be really st_ _ _ d and I can not even say the word. I want so much to be part of something bigger than myself but it is elusive to me. I have not posted any this year because I feel disconnected and shut out. A year ago in January I made my mortgage payment and the bank sent it back to me telling me my house was in foreclosure. I was in shock to say the least and did not understand what had happened right away. Then I saw a post with an offer to go to the EDGE half price. Wanting so badly to be a part of the DG family I bit the bullet and spent the money on the EDGE ticket once the bank returned my check. Next I found a way to get a cheap ticket on US Air. Time was running out but a still small voice inside of me said just go and take a chance. Next a nice lady connected to me when I posted looking to share a cab. Hell, I figured I would just sleep under the stars if I had to. Next thing that happened that nice lady told me when I arrived that another nice lady was picking us up. Bingo - I was in the hands of two of your top lady students. I made the mistake of telling them that I would need to sleep under the stars. That did not happen and should have because I feel I blew it when all I wanted to do was be a part of the family. I managed to meet you and you signed the 2nd copy of the yellow book. I sensed that you probably already new my situation and you just signed the book and said go for it. I so enjoyed the whole event and was intending to be there this year but it's not happening. I managed to save my house Thank God but I am short of money and facing the threat of SMUD cutting off my power if I don't pay them by the 5th. Insider elite was a great price. I have all the books you have written and success academy plus I invested in your other programs. I try hard not to be discouraged and I believe this can be done, yet I am stuck. It takes some money for gas and marketing and I am learning it does require a support system that I do not feel I have. I do however feel I have the unfair advantage and will continue to work at this. I was going to write you privately about this but I need to get it out so I can let it go. This is simply a matter of letting my reality be known and to say I am so sorry because it was never my intention to do anyone wrong. It's simply a communication. I need one good deal. That's all. Just one to start with. Easter blessings - HE lives!

Hi Dean, another awesome

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Hi Dean,

another awesome Weekly Wisdom. What I've been up to is building my buyers list. I'm getting bombarded with deals left and right, but a lot of the buyers have fallen through. I think thats my biggest obstacle right now is getting serious cash buyers to converse with me.

However, I am seeing this as a tiny hiccup in the big picture!


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thanks dean,for the great weekly I found 2 cash buyers at my mothers church.this has been a good day

Happy Easter Dean!

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thank you for giving us the digital copy of your book! Perfect timing! I was just starting to read it for the second time, but if I can download it, I will be able to read it anywhere, anytime!

I am very curious as to what you have planned for next week!? What else could you possibly do?!

You are right, we can get analysis paralysis; even if we have done deals before, it is very easy to get stuck sometimes; that is why I keep coming to this site, to help me stay motivated! And when I read about other investors' deals, it makes me want to complete another deal!

Thanks again for another Weekly Wisdom; can't wait 'til next week!


Over thinking

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Your right about we tend to over think stuff. This weekend I caught myself over thinking about a couple of things to take care off in Real estate careea. I always catch myself with what I be doing and start taking action.


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There is no doubt that On THE JOB training has the best and longest lasting effects. That starts with a little reading ( of your 30 days to Real Estate Cash), listening to few words of DG wisdom (like this week's weekly wisdom) and then taking MASSIVE action. Laughing out loud

Thanks for another weekly piece of wisdom and the book. Hopefully you will sign my hardbound copy of your book when we meet at the IE Party and the EDGE Laughing out loud I can't wait!!!!

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC and IE member

Great Timing Dean!

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I'm guilty! I just finishing a little book by P.T. Barnum (Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus) entitled The Art of Money Getting. Chapter 9, Let Hope Predominate, But Be Not Too Visionary, speaks on the problem of over analyzing as well. I've been warned again.

Last week's Weekly Wisdom mention of needing Courage to move forward to Confidence was right on time too. I've been dabbling and getting my feet wet for way too long. Should have made the big splash long ago.

And Dean, thanks for the book download. The timing couldn't be better, as I just got laid-off last week. Determined to do it now, I decided to go back to the drawing board on Wholesaling, so your latest book on that very subject, at this very moment, is like a God sent gift.

Thanks again, Dean & DG Family.

Okay...I'm ready!!


I so look forward to your Weekly Wisdom videos. They just seem to reaffirm that I am in the right place, at the right time. I'm definitely going to take advantage of the free download (wouldn't mind a signed hard copy, too)!

But, seriously, I'm ready to make any changes I need to in order to make a better future for me and my family.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and paving the way.

Greatful For The Things You Do!

Dean It's People Like You That Make This Country A Great Place To Live!!

I can never have enough of your teachings.

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Even though I have learned and applied what you taught, and it worked. I must take advantage of this one. Thanks again Dean

Another amazing weekly wisdom

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Dean thank you for everything you given and continue to give.


have the book and its always good to get an infusion of you, dean anytime. like the battery,
you just keep going

starting dont know what we are doing.

Dean.thanks for your weekly wisdom and free not good at computers i sent a few message but have not receive ant replies.again we live in Maine don;t see many people from here.How to we set up buyers list.we went to craiglist but we have not receive any one coming to site or calling.what are we doing wrong,can you steer us in right direction in been since 2011 we have not done 1 deal don;t know.Thanks


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HAPPY EASTER, I need to make the first step. I need basic steps and basic paperwork. I am working for AT&T now. Gotta pay the bills. But, thanks for all your encouragement every week.


You are so right, time to quit the safe thinking and start the exciting life.Thank you so much Dean

Thanks Dean

Hi Dean,

You hit the nail on the head - not waiting until you have all the information before taking action.

Thank you again for all you do and I hope to receive a hard copy of this book.

Gino Evangelista

Live Webcast on Thursday - March 21st

Hi Dean:

On the live event you spoke to Jon & Kristi England. Jon mentioned that he had access to Private Money Lenders that he had no deals for them to fund. Well, I could use the contacts to fund real estate deals around the country. It is an opportunity to help out investors who need to get their deals funded. (and it is an opportunity for the Private Money lender to earn ten to twelve per cent return) If you need more information, please visit my website at
Please pass this website to your Private Money Lenders. Thanks for allowing me to post a comment.

Staying On Track With Your Book - Thanks

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Good morning -
Day 16 of working with Dean's new book. Really appreciate having a hands on reference I can read and follow. It really keeps me from over thinking and trying to reinvent the wheel.
I really like to listen to your weekly videos. Being able to start my week with REI as my initial business focus keeps me from allowing all the noise around me to pull me in another direction. Thanks Dean, your continued encouragement and support is helping me to stay on track.

What a deal!!

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Hi Dean,
Thanks again for all you do and what you provide for anyone out there. I just signed up for the IE and have your books already but this goes to show how committed you are to your having more free content on your site then the others sell. I look forward to using your system to get to the 100 deal mark and beyond.

Thanks Dean

Thanks for the encouragement Dean. I fell like you are talking to me personally. I am the best at over analyzing everything. I know I am not the sharpest tool in the shed and I have to clear out many of my fears and lack of knowledge. I have come a long way from wear I started....Well I would write more but I need to do some stuff. thanks again

GEtting Started in the USA

Hi Dean, was good to meet you at the Buying Summit in Las Vegas in March. I already have your book and you did sign it (thanks). I have a question to ask your students. We are trying to find a realtor in Cincinnati and are not having much luck. They say yes and then send nothing or they just say not interested. I could be asking for properties that are priced to low or it is just because I am from Canada and the long distance is the factor. If anyone in Cincinnati knows of a realtor that will work with Canada let me know and I will call them.
Thanks in advance for the help and Dean keep up with the great blogs they are interesting to watch and learn from.

Great wisdom as always!

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Great wisdom as always! Overthinking is definitely one thing that holds many people back and we try to wait for certain feelings to go away before we act, but that will never happen. Some tings you have to do afraid, and as you do them afraid you will find out that the fear will eventually disappear.

Over Analyzing is a Form of Fear

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Dean as usual you are right again. Over analyzing to me is one way that I let fear control me at times.I'm not afraid to talk with anyone about real estate or proclaim that I'm an investor, I could do that all day long. Dean, I know I have all the potential in the world, but it means nothing if that potential is unrealized. I'm learning more day by day thanks to you and D G Insider Elite.I will obtain my goal of being able to quit my job and move to Phoenix, AZ to be with my wife and 2 sons whom I love so much by the end of this year. I've had to work away from them for the last 2 1/2 yrs to support them. Dean, I'm counting on you and all your wisdom to help me get there. This is all or nothing for me, I'm laying it all on the line. God place this opportunity in my hands and it's up to me to get busy. Thanks for all the training. Happy Easter to all!!!

Can't wait to read your book

Hello DG family!

I've been getting educated since December 2012 and I am off to a slow start. I've yet to close a wholesale deal and I'm working on re-creating my buyers list.
Dean and DG family members thank you for your comments. It has helped me keep my motivation up in these slow times. I'm ready to pull the trigger and make things happen...Anybody want properties in the Fox Cities Area in Wisconsin? Lots of potential, but money is low to make the deals actually happen.

Thank you,

Thank you for all that you

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Thank you for all that you have and continue to do Dean!

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