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i,m housewife with a teenager first time at this Deans seem to be very in spirational. thought maybe God open this door for me .I have a lot of years behind me .hopefully Deans teaching can and will work for my future.I,m encouraged.I,m looking to find buyers ,am new at this , and or investor, have listing and working with realtor and anyone out there will give a helping hand much appreciated my family and I Bless you all. may God give you back what you gave him. .thank you and God Bless each and every a shout out i,m located in California there are plenty of opportunties for buyer and investor in my coummnity and neighboring town.there is a finder fee for all property excepted and closed on .terrifics deals for first time buyers also.. listed below are afew examples that i've posted to this page my knoweldge of realestate is very limited appreciated any advice or help from you, especially need financial advice and how to receive funding. and working with a no money down program my credit history is all gone or should i say.not worth mentioning its badddd.very little cash working on a budget. heard of $10.00 up front money for down payement .does not always work.. people want all or nothing at all .thank you. lets build something together.

God ,church family shopping spending money.buying my first property, raising family

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building buyer list looking for buyers and investors.

building buyer list. looking for buyers and investors in the bakersfield area. any one out there willing to give a hand up. just starting out new to this program not much cash ,will help locate for finders fee.willing to do research i find you buy. also working with realtor.and looking for partners.also except out of states investor. God ---------Trust in the Lord and lean not to your own understanding.

mr Brownlee

what I have is listesd with a realtor 3bedroom 2bath ready to move in asking price $105.000.00 what I require would be a 10% finders fee.

Finder's fee

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No one is going to pay a 10% finder's fee for a listed property. Why would anyone do that if they can just look at MLS?

some advice

so where would you suggest that i start. there are plenty of property around me some within walking distance from me.maybe be desireable to someone and may not depends on what your looking for .yes i could do mls and talk to realtors. i also can just go Around my community. and get theforsale by owners.i would still charge a finders fee for now.


I have also attened a few auction. and what gets to me is when the properties are not sold and goes back to the bank,I.m not buying property now. I was getting interested in learning about it. of course i cannot afford do do that just yet. so Deans program i heard about. i have also try Carlton sheets methods some of them work and theres been quite a few mistakes . I left off doing anything thats has too do with real estate until i said there are plenty of property here.without the pro;per help there is no help. i'm new at this there if i find them i will charge a finder fee.

looking for buyer for this terrfic home.

fanatic home located in bakersfield asking price $267.000.00 4 beds 2 single family resident.built year 2000.size 2105 sq.there will be a finder fee charge for services.

another investment or offer

asking price$.19,000.00 manufacture homes 3bedrooms 2 bath ready to move in for sale by owner.has stove refrig. must see.finders fee included.

fabalous homes you just can't beat

single family home. asking price $439.500, 4bedrms 3fullbath 2half bath ,2 stories house custom style construction lot size 20 ac res built 1991 has 2 fireplace ready to move in beautiful view of mountain central ac. can't beat this.looking for buyer and or investor. finder fee require.

there are house in my area.

there are house in my area for rent or for buy write me and let m e know what you are looking for .may be i could always there's a finders fee for service.

just sign on with Lead tackle .com

just sign on with lead tackle .com. looking to build buyer list. and to match investor with property.any advise woulds be appreciated.