Conference Call - Tuesday, March 1st 2011 @ 6PM PST - "Marketing Properties for Quick Cash"

We had another great conference call on Tuesday, March 1st. If for some reason you missed it, then you are in luck. You can listen to the replay below right now. The topic for this call is "Marketing Properties for Quick Cash"

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Indiana-Joe's picture

We can't wait to hear the next conference call. We have it marked on our calendar and are so looking forward to hearing the tips and strategies. I know "Marketing Properties for Quick Cash" will be like cash in a flash! How awesome! Thank you for putting together this call for all of us. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


Yes!!! I am so excited and look forward to hearing this conference call. I got it marked on my calendar and can't wait to join in on the call. Thanks for putting in the hard work as always- Tony


Yes!!!!! I think everybody has been waiting for this, thank you again for this informative conferences, Adamina


laura51's picture

This is going to be a great call. Thank-you for the chance to get some great information! Laura


SOOOOOOOO looking forward to another call. As always, it will be impacted with much needed information that we can always benifit from.
As always thanks so much shareing and careing about all of DG'ERs
Moving Forward one step at a time. TIM

Big Thank You

Shellsell's picture

Marked my calendar. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to share great techniques and ideas. I always have enjoyed the calls. Looking so forward to hearing you and Matt teach. Have a great rest of the week. God bless!!!


C.Richard's picture

All set for the call next week and look'n forward to gaining focus on some golden nuggets for success. Now, back to my buyers list! There's never noth'n to do(;>)

I will be on the call!

Lane McCaw's picture

Thanks for the invite! I can't wait to hear what you and Matt have going on!

I'll Be There Too!!!

Captain777's picture

Thank you Dean. I have been waiting for this announcement. I will be there ready.

Thank You

I have submitted registration for the 2nd time in response to the e-mail I rec'd from you. I am just glad that you chose tuesday because I have REI meeting on wednesday and I would not want to miss either on. Time is critical for me now and this is so important. I must forge ahead with marketing and pray that I can do this !

Good stuff !

I am listening to Jeff right now via e-mail. I hope to define and clarify assets, keys, tools etc.

Conference call

Thank you Dean for the invite. This will be my first conference call ever. I am really excited about it.

Can't Wait

Looking foreward to the conference call

Thanks Dean

steve moore's picture

Thank you for your dilgience


tamra's picture



Looking forward for the call. Thanks for the motivation you instill in us.


Can't wait for this! We have it marked on our calendar and we will be there. We want to say thanks for this opportunity!

I am ready

marykucharczyk's picture

The timing for this is perfect. Thanks

Conference Call

santafegal's picture

Looking forward to listening in.

Bad Time

for this so I will have to listen to the replay because I am at work at the time of the call and Driving truck a phone is not allowed to be used not even with an ear piece it would cost me my job quick. So I will just have to settle for the replay and listen to it when it comes available online here.


Good time for the call

Thank you I'll be there.

Sounds great!

Rick888's picture

I can't wait. I've been in a rut lately and this call is coming in at a great time. Thanks Dean for all you do for all of us. Best wishes.


Hoping my state is one of the ones chosen

I really enjoy your weekly blogs. I truly hope my state is one of the rollout states. Thanks for your information, it really is invaluable.

conference call

I am so looking forward to this conference call. this will be my 1st one. every seems to be so excited and helpful.

Conf Call

Deshone Drummond's picture

Super Excited!! Anytime you and Matt are together for a training it means $$$ to anyone listening. I will be ready to take notes. And thanks Dean.

conference call

i'll be on the call thanks dean for the heads up about the call looking forward to get yours and matts inspration and wisdom some time i fill lost at what im doing need all the help i can get thanks again dean as well as the dg family.until tomorrow.

Tonight call with Dean and Matt

bryski's picture

I kinda feel like I'm spinning my wheels!
I need some inspiration and probable and swift
kick in the pants to be honest.
I will be on the call and taking notes.
Then buying some.

1st time

I am looking forward to this. I really would like to do this.

I will be there with bells on!

missslimkitty's picture

Hey everyone:

I just came from seeing the movie "Inside Job", the documentary that exposes the Wall Street debacle that started the foreclosure crisis. I highly recommend it to everyone.

It is all a matter of how you want to perceive this financial crisis... either as an opportunity or in a negative way.

I prefer to see this as the best opportunity to become a millionaire since the Great Depression. Money doesn't disappear... it just gets transferred....sometimes in the form of equity, which is what all of us are doing.

I am looking forward to learning from all of you.

Timing Conflict

Can't be available for the call. Hope to see the Replay up quickly. Hope it's a winner for everyone!

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