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Denise Driscoll
South West Florida
About Me: 

I'm a New Englander originally and I believe this is where my passion for RE started. My family and I have been in FL since 1996. We all love the Gulf of Mexico and do not miss the long winters that we grew up with.

I have been in the restaurant industry as a server for many years, mostly because of the flexibility in my schedule and the income is pretty decent! This is a seasonal industry and I am getting to the point in my life where it's TIME for something better...what's better than Real Estate?!

I have always had a strong interest in property values and... possibilities, opportunities, converting something "not so nice" into something beautiful. Never boring, always an adventure- I can't wait to get this thing rolling!

Dean is awesome. I am very grateful to have his material and this opportunity to create a better lifestyle for myself and my family. Smiling

People. Church. Beach- time. Hiking. Reading. Cooking AND Eating. Relaxing in my own back yard. Being positive and thankful.

Basic Info

Real Estate Investor/ part-time server
Have Child(ren)
Some College

Sites I Visit

Mainly Just This One


Thanks Greg! I'll be in

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Thanks Greg! I'll be in touch.