Weekly Wisdom #340 - A Lesson From My Daughter! (MUST SEE)

This week's Weekly Wisdom might be my favorite one in years... Probably because I got to do it with my amazing daughter Breanna, and I love spending every moment I can with her Smiling

And this week, Bre and I have a message for you about hard work and practice that you NEED to hear! Don't miss this special message my daughter and I have for you this week! Sometimes we can learn so much from our kids... I know I do!

Watch now Smiling !

And remember, leave me a comment below and let me know what you think. I love hearing from the DG Family Smiling

Enjoy your day and have a great week!

- Sincerely, Dean Graziosi -

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Hey Dean and Breanna!

thomgilbert's picture

Great weekly wisdom! Practice and hardwork produce our results. Thanks for the reminder and inspiration. Keep practicing and working hard!

Make it a great week!

Well now - that just made me smile all over!

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Dean - Your daughter is beyond precious! How wonderful for you to share her and her wisdom with us. She's got one terrific Daddy.

Great Message !

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"Out of the mouths of babes" ... practice & hard work until it becomes 2nd Nature; even for an eight year old. That is one great example to follow !

Thank you Breanna

Practice and hard work. I got it Thanks!


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You are a lucky man to have such a great family. I love watching your kids grow into a small you in one form or another. They will grow up and carry everything that you teach them through their lives. I hope they pass it on as you have done to their kids..

Awesome! So sweet! Thank you

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Awesome! So sweet! Thank you Dean for having your daughter help with the Weekly Wisdom! It's so true, practice and work hard! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us Breana!

Beautiful and wise :D

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She is so precious, I know you are one very proud daddy! 8 years is such a wonderful age! Love the videos with your kids in them! Practice and work hard!

Kids change everything....

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Thanks for the message Breanna (and Dean)! Learn everything you can from your Dad, parents are our most important teachers.

Dean, I have two kids, and my whole mood visibly changes when someone asks how they are. They are my favorite subject! You look extra beaming when you have one of your kids on with you. Isn't that the best feeling?

Thanks as always a great way to start the week.

Wow.... practice and hard work

I once had a boss that told me, all the regular guys doing what I was doing ( I was in sales ) were working until about 4:30PM each day... and that he noticed I was working hard each day until about 6PM... and he commented, that I was getting ahead of everyone else by that hour and a half of extra work.... getting so much more accomplished... and I had the head and mind of an entrepreneur even then.... now I own my own business... and am working towards real estate investing, other than my own homes.... and I would whole heartedly agree that "practice and hard work..." are sooo very important. Thank you and Bri for the important reminders.

Remember, the sky is the limit

Simple, but it works!

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Thank you Dean for another great Weekly!

great message from you and your precious daughter!
... hard work makes good practice, and... good practice makes perfect! Smiling


Great Video of you two

Thank you! Dean and Breanna for that reminder which says it all.
Practice and hard work and no dabbling.
With what you teach Dean and doing it the correct way
and not deviating what you teach will have a winning outcome.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Great Weekly Wisdom

That was an awesome lesson from a very smart young lady. Great job on your part Dean.


Wow, What a difference in Brianna (SP?). I remember how shy she was. You have a lot to be proud of. Congratulations on helping her get such confidence. F

Weekly Wisdom #340 - A Lesson From My Daughter! (MUST SEE)

SKL Properties's picture

Hi Dean, & Breanna

Out of the mouths of babes......Eye-wink

Work, and Patience.....a Winning combination......Smiling

Thank You Dean for all you do.....xo


Two Critical things that are easy to forget

Hi Dean and Breanna,
Thanks for reminding all of us that things won't happen without practicing your business and working hard to accomplish what you want to achieve!! PS- Breanna is as cute as ever!

One Question

Are there different levels of working and practicing? I mean, how is one's success gauged and rewarded. Does it mean that a billionaire works and practices harder than a millionaire and a millionaire works and practices harder than a 6 figure earner? Why is one reward astronomically while the other remains a mere dream chaser even after putting in all the hard work and practice? Working hard and practicing does not seem to correlate in the real world. Destiny seems to play a greater role among many high achievers, much more than any other earthly explanation including the law of attraction and thinking to grow rich.

Dean and Breanna.

Father and daughter team very nice .

oh my Lord

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Adorable, thats what i am trying to do , practice right and work hard. thx Dean

Old school basics

SeattleDan's picture

Hi Breanna and Dean,..Practicing what skilled teachers teach and good old fashion "hard work", which can be fun, will bring you knowledge and ability and open up your talents..Great Team you tWo..

Finding the true goal

Hi dear Dean.Yeah.Of course practicing the right way over and over again(Hard work) is the most important thing.But you know the problem that I have is I don't have a clear goal in my mind of my future to practice for it.I don't know what my mission is in my life.I don't know what I want to do with my life.In fact there are many things that I like to do(being a great artist,being a singer in English language,being a great guitarist,being a great pianist and etc...) but I want to find the thing that I'm most passionate about from deep in my heart.You know I mean I can't do all of these things so I have to choose one.Everyday I ask a question or a set of questions related to each other from myself.The questions are:"What is my mission in my life?","Who do I want to be?","What am I created for in this world?","What do I want to do with my life?".These kind of questions are the questions that I can't find an answer for them and yet I think they are the most important questions in my life.You know Dean,now I'm 21 years old.I don't want to get old and say to myself "You should do that or this when you were young."I want to find the thing that I am created for and most passionate about (The thing that would be the best of me).In other words I want to achieve my true goals before It gets late.And I'm sure if I can find the answer I can find the right way of practicing I can go to the highest level of that thing in my life I can feel it.
So Dean please help.How can I figure out that what I want to do with my life?How can I figure out what to choose as my goal?I want to find the best of me and go for that.So how can I do that?I love my life.Dean,I know one thing.I don't want to have a normal life at all.I want to find my own destiny and have a lot of challenges in my life.I want to do something in my life.I want to be someone who is finding the true goal in his life and go for the highest levels of success in that goal.I don't want to let my life go in any direction.I want Something that brings me the most success and happiness and fulfillment in my life.Something that I've been created for.The unit thing that I've been created for and I'm great at it.
Thanks Dean.
And hey I love you so much Dean.And what a beautiful daughter you have.

You have a beautiful Daugther

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Breanna is abosoultely wonderful, she is smart and very precious, consider your self blessed to have a daugther and family like that.

Yes hard work pays off. I met you personnaly at the last Edge event for the first time, after that I worked so hard on my buyer's list and 25:1 that I am thrilled to announce that I got my first wholesale deal here in San Diego for a whopping $16K on a home at $450K, thanks to you and Matt.......more to come



I loved it!


Weekly Wisdom

Thanks Dean !

Breanna is precious & awesome, just like her dad.

Practice & hard work !
Got it !

Thanks so much, Bre & Dean !

Weekly wisdom # 340 and your Daughter Breanna

Dean, Great wisdom this week and your daughter is getting so grown up so true about practice and hard work! thanks for the swell reminder!
Have a great rest of the week and weekend too!
All my Best to you and your family.Till next week have a Good one!

Thanks for the reminder!

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Crazy how simple it is! I especially like the part about practicing the "right way"...what's the definition of insanity??

Thanks for the great message guys Smiling

practice and hard work

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Breanna is darling! Thank you.

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