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doloris (robbie) artis
phoenix , arizona
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divorcee, 69 yrs young grown kids with 14 grandchildren ages 26 to 16mos. and counting. I want to make my dreams come true. I have always question how some of us acquired property or hotels and rentals but never knew how to get it myself. I thought being married would be enough but my partner did not have the dream I had and after living that life and leaving it I realize I still dream of being a property owner and haveing a income coming to me from rental properties. I have the mind set and the discipline to be in this business. It is "my time now."

golf, bowling, motor cycle riding, traveling and going to concerts, football games I like living.

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passenger service agent at airport
Have Child(ren)
Completed High School

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Mainly Just This One


new investor

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??There is so much reading and so many topics but I am determined to read every thing until I can understand where to begin to get my first deal.
Can someone suggest what I can do first to get my first deal with no money bad credit but willing to "fake it until I make it"..???


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I listened to you tonight talking about the edge and I am motivated to reread your books I bought and the investment package. I want to be an invester and make money this year. I Will come this year and meet you and other investors that have done it already. I really want it I Will learn how this year. I am more determined and desperate because I am off my job because of an injury and can not do my job.will have to find something else .


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Its serious and I am desparate now. Bad credit, no savings, off from work for medical reasons, living with relatives, sleeping on couch in front room, boxes in storsge and in their garage, only source of income is social sercurity and pension, feeling sorry for myself. Now what am I going to do I have put my thoughts on line so all can read and a little voice says STOP FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF Dean has a way out of this madness just follow his lead. So 2012 I will follow you Dean and do it your way. Thank you for all your blogs. I have your "Gain the edge 10"