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DP Capital, LLC
Los Angeles, California
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Updated: March 2nd, 2015

Currently buying properties at steep discounts and wholesaling them to investor buyers in Los Angeles, California.

My real estate business is DP Capital, LLC. If you have any properties for Sale, please contact me right away.

I'm buying Single Family Homes, 3/2's, all over Los Angeles- SoCal and Sacramento area- NorCal.

Criteria is: 70% of ARV, minus rehab.

BEST MARKETING TIP: YouTube: 'Facebook Dark Posts' & 'Gary Vaynerchuk'

Wholesaling, Private Money, Building Systems, Facebook Dark Posts, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cordone, The Crimson Circle, Abraham-Hicks, Dean Graziosi, Matt Larson, Los Angeles Market, Sacramento Market, Insiders Cash, Real Estate Mentors

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Great Message

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It is a pleasure to see/read you are striving to be the best possible person you can be and providing inspiration to others. I share in your enthusiasm for achievement and aspiring to get the very best out of this life. It would be a pleasure to meet your team and possibly down the road be able to make money. Most of all never allow anyone to put out your fire for LIFE.


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Thank you for your kind words. I would be happy to learn more about what your doing! I myself am in the Bulk REO Wholesaling Game. And WOW, what a fun roller coaster!

Wow is right!!!!!!! lol

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Hi, I just have to say that your excitment is like out of THIS WORLD!!!!!!! LOL...but that's ok! You help motivate others! That's cool! Smiling

I just wanted to say hello and see exactly what did you have to do to get started in the wholesaling game? I'm curious because we're new and have considered to begin our journey through assignments and birddogging. But eventually I would like to see how the wholesaling game works and the tax liens/notes work along w/acquiring some rentals. Again, love the posting..it is very exciting!

Take care and stay blesed!