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John Ross
Sheboygan, Wi.
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Hello All, I'm currently wholesaling in 'all' markets..I'm finding that there are some subtle differences in some areas, and a total flip in other areas as if the RE market doesn't know 'what' to do! There in finds some incredible deals. Im excited for my Daughter and my Son who've shown an interest in what I'm doing! To have been blessed with two great kids is terrific in itself. But now I'm preparing them for the rest of their lives in RE...A dream come true. I thank my God for this blessing. And, I thank "You" Mr Graziosi...

Wholesale Flips (anywhere) , Buy Fix n Flip , Buy n Hold. Water skiing (with or without ski's), basketball, football, tennis, ping pong, racquetball, investing...

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Retired from J.O.B. (just over broke) RE Entrep'
Have Child(ren)
Completed College

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Mainly Just This One



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Since I ordered and read Deans book, I have got an eye opening realization, which for me has been a hope for me and my kids..I was just driving around and had left a ph# and an e-mail of where these sellers could contact me..they did and here I am..just need a buyer and I'm close..this happens to be a "Mansion" sitting on a bluff over looking Lake Michigan..I would never had been in tune to the fact that these oppurtunities even exist without Deans letting us know "Hey Here It Is"- Go Look! Some kinda fun



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Hi John
I first want to welcome you to the board and world of investing. It is very addictive and so much fun! Glad you are here with us.
If you don't mind me much assignment fee did you make on the mansion deal? I hear many people are in trouble with luxury homes. These deals are everywhere and you can find them if you work your business every single day. Opportunities are in abundance right now!