Real Estate Investing Weekly Wisdom #305 - Could people really be that negative?

Dean knows he shouldn't be shocked, but was.

There is a valuable lesson in everything, especially the one Dean shares in this weeks video...


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Hey Dean!

Hard to believe that naysayers and negative people could not understand what you were doing with the video last week. It amazes me how some people find their significance and certainty through being negative.

I've been pushing for the last 2.5 yrs by educating myself to be able to be financially free from my day job within 3 yr of starting and I'm making it happen! It took the first year to get my family to believe it and now they are completely onboard! Any people that are negative about what i'm trying to do I do not give them much of my time or energy. We are currently finishing up a cash out refi on a 3/2 in California that we purchased for 76k put 10k into it and it just appraised for 190k!! We can refi for up to 142k!!

This DG site, IE, the EDGE, and learning from all the wonderful outstanding DG students has changed my family's life and will continue to do so. The BEST part though is what I have learned from YOU DEAN about giving back to others, having an abundance mindset, and living a life of gratitude! THANK YOU DEAN and the DG family! We are all blessed to have each other!

Make it a great week!


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Hi Dean,
people are telling me not to get in real estate.Because of the down market and a lot of people are losing their jobs real estate was a good investment Not anymore.Dean this is really pulling me family and friends and coworkers are saying real estate is bad investment in today's market.Help me..

Good Morning Dean

Good message. I have to say that in working thru my own barriers and obstacles to try and uncover what it is that keeps me stuck I believe I know the answer. It is the conditioning and the programming that we receive and are bombarded with every day. We are trained to only go for what is secure and safe. We are trained to take a pill for whatever ails us. We are trained and programmed to stay comfortable. We are sold things that we do not need which creates addictions to just about anything. People find it extremely difficult to stop smoking, shopaholics, reducing food intake and increasing exercise, etc. etc. etc. I woke up one morning with a ? in my mind could it be that I am just lazy? So, I went to my computer to research the issue. No I am not lazy. We are taught to do things that are safe and have guarantees and therefore many people will not leave the machine shop job or take a chance on being an Independent Business Owner doing direct sales and being their own boss. They do not know how to do that and they only think scam and pyramid because that is what they have been taught. I have always been a bit rebellious wanting to be different and to have more but was also stifled by incoming messages from other people. So, I isolated and have been living quietly thru life.
I am making progress and working on a break through. Everything we need to build our character and to guide us to live the life we were meant to live abundantly can be found in one book. The greatest success book ever written is The Holy Bible. Just reading the book of proverbs one chapter at a time every day and when finished begin again with chapter one of Proverbs. My journey is about personal development and becoming the person I am meant to be according to a divine plan. I give all the praise and glory to God for all that I have and all that I am. I trust that as I move forward in Faith the right people will come into my life.
Yes Dean, you know first hand that there are those small minded people out there that will always put a negative spin on anything good. Scripture tells us that some will be blind and not ever see even though they may have perfect eye sight.

Not to long ago I saw where Bindi Irwin put herself out there trying to encourage young girls to dress more modestly and used the example of Grace Kelly and Bindi was massively attacked for her insight and opinions. It is sad that some people think they have a right to attack others. You can google her to learn more.

Sometimes an attack is evidence of doing great good!

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There is good and evil, light and dark, life and death. When you are doing the most good, shedding the most light, promoting the most life, evil gets alarmed and tries to bring darkness. What a joke! We are indeed like Teflon. Walk on in the light! Let's be a blessing DG Fam!
Thanks Dean for all you do and the example you set.

Thanks for sharing Dean

Here are the things I have learnt so far in life since I started investing in RE are as follow below,

1) No matter what I do, not every body would like me which I think it's ok. I know there are people who can't stand my success and they would do everything within their power to make sure I don't fulfill my goals.

2) I have come to realize they are people out there whose lives are miserable, and they derive joy seeing the next person unhappy, and would do all the can to make sure my life is the same like theirs. I NEVER let them and do that for sure.

3) There are people out there who wish to see me fail than to see me successful. Some of them were my family members, so called friends who can't stand my success and they see my success as a threat to them. I consider them my enemies and I don't hate them. I always pray to God each day to keep them alive so they would see my success at the end.

Here is what I have done in order to tune my mind off theses negative people.
- I was able to cut off the relationship with my so called friends.
- In regards to my family members, all I did was to love them from a distance.
- I ignore negative comments and I don't feed my mind with it.

Have a great week

My favorite quote of Today: "In tough times you can say "ALL IS WELL" knowing that opposition is a sign that something great is coming."- Joel Osteen



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Hi Dean,
I know the problem as family has a lot of negativity and we have to learn to deal with it. My wife is one I'm working on as she looks at the negative side of things first and I'm trying to help her with that. I'ts not always easy.
Keep up the great WW and look forward to the next segment.

ALS Challenge

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Dean you inspire me so much to become a better person every chance I get. Your right about the dream stealers they will always be there but its up to us to ignore them and prove them wrong with our success. I can't wait unto you record yourself giving away the $100,000 check and wait to see what the dream stealers have to say then.

You cant please everyone

Hi Dean,
I have now come to realize that no matter what you do, or how much you give to others, there will always be those select few miserable people who have something negative to say. Misery loves company. Let those sad people live their miserable lives and the rest of US will keep pushing forward!!!
Also, I wanted to say that I'm a student of Matts 4 weeks to freedom training and wanted to say WOW, it was unreal. I've only closed 8 wholesale deals in the past 2 years and this training is exactly what I needed to take me to the next level! Absolutely amazing training!!! I'm going to end 2014 strong and make 2015 my best year yet!!! THANK YOU Dean & Matt Smiling

Yes Dean...

..People can be that negative. I'm reminded that God's Word says "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: ~ Proverbs 23:7King James Version (KJV)

My wife and I appreciate and are thankful to hear your 'Weekly Wisdoms'

Could people really be that negative?

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Hi Dean,

I'm not surprised at the negative comments you received. These people are the " Never Do Good " Types.....

I try very hard to steer clear of the Nay Sayers in life....but they are all around us....Sad

Thank You Dean for all you do....Smiling xo



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I almost didn't finish watching you weekly wisdom this time... when you started talking about the critics I was a bit turned off, and it's your fault Eye-wink
you have taught me to tune out the negativity, and these days I do it without thinking... I don't watch or read the news, and I avoid interacting with negative people.

We all encounter negative people, because as you say, there are so many of them out there! it's only the minority who strive to be positive, to excel, and to overcome challenges; hence, it's only the minority who succeed in life!
I am determined to make a change, I believe in myself, and I am grateful for every thing that I have learned here and all that I've accomplished this far!

thank you Dean!

So true

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Oh my, even I Dean when I heard you were donating to the make a wish foundation was negative! I thought why dont' they concentrate on giving to the cure of diseases instead of just taking somebody to Disneyland etc. can you believe it.(but no did not post negative comment on FB)

Just being honest, the world does a good job of beating us down & when you just said how that is connected to negative people downing our dreams in RE I caught myself & thought man what was I thinking.

Have to keep going & ignore the world completely because they want to sink us(to have company:) beginning to rock it here in san diego momentum keeps building fyi, thanks.

Negativity is the opposition needed to be Successful

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Muscles need resistance, strain and opposition in order to grow. In order for us to be successful that negativity from other people (friends or family) give us the resistance we need to push forward. How else can we know how bad we really want something unless we are tested and challenged. Tony Robbins says, "Choose your Peers, love your family". If we truly want success, we will pay whatever price is required. Sifting through all the negative is part of the price we must pay. If we are not failing enough we will never succeed. Failure proceeds Success. Thomas Edison had 1000 failed tests before the light bulb was finally invented. Our success in no different. The True question is "How Bad Do We Want It"?


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People are funny (stupid)..You made this website to teach people how to buy,sell,fix,and make money using Real Estate,which it does but for you (and us) its learning about people..I see people not believing a rich person would reach their hand down to pull down people up because they never would..Their self esteem is so low the only way they will be noticed is by being in the way,loud and unhelpful. To stay even, its easier to pull you down than to raise themselves up..WE know they are there so don't be surprised when you see them..You saved me Dean, Thanks Daniel...

Surviving The Crap

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Thanks for this as it has been a struggle my whole life. I have never done anything traditional in my life. This has lead to a life where other's viewpoint of me are not even close to who I am. And unfortunately, I attract the worst of the worst it seems. But I have learned what is my reality and what is theirs and to follow the truth (although sometimes that takes some digging). It is amazing to me, how many will come out of the woodwork to pull me/you/anyone down even in the most humanistic arenas. But they are there, everyday. Aren't you glad you are not one of them! I am!


Weekly Wisdom #305

We just have to be strong and learn to recognize the negatives, avoid them and stay positive. The pulic is full of negatives; we have to screen the negatives, and put them in a cage labeled "Danger - do not open".

Weekly Wisdom #305

We just have to be strong and learn to recognize the negatives, avoid them and stay positive. The pulic is full of negatives; we have to screen the negatives, and put them in a cage labeled "Danger - do not open".


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We already know that, but thanks for getting it off your chest, we are hearing you, your fam and friends. They act like it was coming out of their pocket, and you never know they may be a recipient of that charity and may change their attitude. Smiling pour coals on their heads. Scripture. God Bless.


Thanks for the Weekly Wisdom Dean....sooo sad but true there are tooo many Negative People today for what ever reason / but just gotta brush them off / put the ignore button on and moving forward with the Positive People and A Players. I remember when I had just only 2 houses and was trying to take a loan out so I could purchase a 3rd House and this loan officer told me that it was not possible / The 1st thing I did was shrug him off and then I looked for a new bank - Loan Officer / I will not allow my self to be dragged through the mud by negative people.....I want to make each and every day count!!!! Have an awesome week Dean and Staff :---))

Great Advice for my kiddos Too!

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Dean your message couldnt have come at the right time, to pass your powerful advice to be tephlon against the negative thoughts and nay-sayers in our lives, I had to share it with my kiddos in college, this was a tough week for them, dealing with coaches and teachers that tried to steal their dreams by putting those negative thoughts into their heads! Thanks for the words of Wisdom this week, PUSHING ON!!


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Don't let those naysayers discourage you!

Living in this great country we have the freedom to donate to whatever organization is near to our hearts. I applaud you for your generous donations.

Take care,

Naysayers come in many "colors"

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Sometimes we don't even realize those around us are naysayers--they may not be directly negative about our RE business, but very negative in other areas which also affects our business and our minds. We do need to just "let it bounce off" and repel any type of negativity that tries to bring us down in any way. There will always be some opposition, but we are always stronger than any of it. Great words of wisdom, Dean ! THanks again !


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And don't be surprised if the recipients even say "Thank you". It's what's in your heart that counts. We appreciate what you do and we had fun watching you and the kids Smiling

Could People Be This Negative?

I believe naysayers or haters can be negative when they are either younger or older persons who have a higher authority job or a higher paying company than mine or an older person who looks down on me whose sons and daughters want more out of life but they don't want me to have an opportunity as in real estate.
As for the people on Facebook (I don't have FB), the users should be rated on a scale based on the types of comments that they leave. That way, you'll know when you are facing a friend or a foe.
Thanks Dean, for another great Weekly Wisdom!

Thanks DEAN

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What to do?

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Your not spending any money and you have a place here to learn all about real estate for free...You will learn way more about real estate than they know.Go over to the "Real Estate Analysis System" over to the left and go to that website and watch all those videos a couple times,and bookmark both sites.More education costs but you will want it if you start seeing that there is something here.. Dan in Seattle..Do it.


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Dear Dean, I agree with you about the "Nay-Sayers". We simply need to look at the positive and stay in that direction. Thanks so much for everything that you do. Your gift is just another example. I might add that you are a (GOOD MAN).
Thanks Again,

Naysayers..... what are ya gonna do with them?

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I'm sorry for not seeing this and commenting sooner.
I saw the post, I did my likes and truthfully, I didn't go back to it to read what others had posted. I was very surprised to hear of all this negativity. But that's the world most live in. It's the "You're not giving it to me so you must be doing wrong" mentality. Sad, but more people think this way than don't.

I used to be the kind who wanted everyone to like me. My parents once told me that that will never happen. "There will always be those who just won't like you no matter what." As it turns out, they were right. So then I went from wanting everyone to like me to having them respect me even if they didn't like me. It turned out that that wasn't possible either. What I then learned is that happiness, true happiness, comes from within not from others. Now, as the happy person I am, I don't care if you like me or not. I like me! I believe that "Since I do you no wrong, there is no reason for you to do me wrong." There are too many people in this world who will do me right that my time is best spent with those people, not the ones trying to tear me down. But you know this already Dean. You have given us all so much already. It shouldn't matter to you that people wrote negative things. Look how many positive things have been said and have come from your offer and generosity. The most I would give to those negative commentors is a blanket " I'm sorry you feel that way" and that's it. That should be enough.
Dean, Are you happy with your contribution to ALS? to Make a wish? That's what matters most. What we all think about it really shouldn't matter to you then. It's nice that you consider what we think about it but it shouldn't be your driving force.
You have been such a great leader and have given us so many tools to overcome this type of thing. You are like the Dr. of finding happiness. So, to quote an old saying, " Physician, heal thyself!" No one will heal the entire world so the best you can do is touch those who want to be touched. I say "want" and not need to be touched because those who need to be touched will only respond when they want it. I refer you to the saying involving a horse and water Eye-wink .
Congrats on reaching your goal of $100K. It's quite a contribution and I'm sure it will help many. For that you should feel happy and proud. You did good for this world.

Until next week......
Andy Sager
DG's AndyS


Hi Dean great post and thanks for doing that wonderful thing in donating so others can have a better life, I say this how would those naysayers like to be in the situations these kids are in or any one with a serious health issue, no one in there right mind wants to be sick, some people live to make others as unhappy as they are, thats so sad,lets stay positive and keep moving forward for a better world and caring about others, Jim


Hi Dean great post and thanks for doing that wonderful thing in donating so others can have a better life, I say this how would those naysayers like to be in the situations these kids are in or any one with a serious health issue, no one in there right mind wants to be sick, some people live to make others as unhappy as they are, thats so sad,lets stay positive and keep moving forward for a better world and caring about others, Jim

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