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Real Estate Marketing system!

Hi, If I am a paid member in the SUCCESS CLUB why can I not get into the Real estate Marketing System in the "Total View Real Estate" site?

I not sure.

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You may want to call your mentor. It's something simple. Good Luck. Matlock


Hi Harry, Did you go to Real Estate Analysis System here on your left side of your screen click it and then look down to Updates to Service and click on Marketing Release Status it should come up.Anway May You Have Great Success on All Your Endeavors.. Cecelia

How to do a REO the right way.

I am interested in doing REO deals.
Is there anyone who could offer me guidance and advice on how to do it properly.

I would appreciate help from a person that is presently working on REO's.

All you guys & Gals are great on this forum. It is so great to have people helping each other,may God bless you all.