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Isabel Perez-Cisneros + Fernando de la Cruz
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We relocated 6 years ago from Puerto Rico to South Carolina looking to improve our quality of life; which we have, and to improve our financial status; which we haven't. But that is about to change starting now. We are happy and proud parents of two boys; Fernando Andres and Jose Ignacio. We are a very active family with lots and lots of goals to fulfill.

When we moved I (Isabel) became a business and Spanish teacher. Before becoming a teacher I owned an apparel business. For over 10 years I designed and manufactured women, children and maternity apparel and swimwear. My Husband found a good job opportunity in South Carolina and we moved.

I (Fernando) am a marketing and product manager with over 20 years of sales and marketing experience in companies like GAP, Black & Decker, Xerox, Bayer, and Kodak. The company that I am currently working for is directly related to the new residential construction industry. Needless to say that I was part of those thousands and thousands of American employees that lost their jobs during this recession. I have to say that I am blessed because four months later I got hired back. But I got hired back with a small cached; a 40% salary reduction, no bonuses, no benefits and a bigger workload. Pretty smart corporate move, don’t you think?

That is when we realized that we have to do something different to avoid been at the mercy of an employer again. We are tired of making someone else richer? We decided to put most of the money left after the unemployment to educate ourselves into real estate investment. Now the challenge is on!!! We want our financial freedom; our personal and quality time and most important of all build a legacy for our family. We are excited and ready to make what it takes to reach our goals and to help others.

Isabel and Fernando

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