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Central Florida
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I have been in R.E. In some form since I was a kid. My Parents owned 13 Apartments and I learned what Landlords do early on. You know, painting, changing the wax that’s under the toilet so it would not leak anymore and many things that really you should pay someone else to do if the cash flow allowed. So now that I'm older and saw first hand the benefits of passive income. I just have a hard time dealing with Bosses. I am a licensed RE sales associate (not a Realtor right now) in the state of Florida and was a practicing mortgage broker for many years in south Florida until 2009.
I have read Profit from RE Right Now, Your town Your Profit, skimmed over Be a RE Millionaire, and have seen Gain the EDGE 2009,2010,2011 & was part of the 2012 livecast Edge. Bought the RBBP in August 2011. So I guess I’m pretty dedicated and have done some homework. So, Here I’m on D.G. trying to move into the, taking ACTION mode and getting off the bench. I will be networking with the rest of you guys out there. Talk Soon


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Welcome Joshua

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Glad to have you as a member here on Deans board. We are all like one big family here. We help each other with our RE problems and cheer each other on. I have done lots of cash deals since I started. It is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Just read everything you can here on the board and ask questions to the members who have been here a while and the one who have done lots of deals. You will learn quickly from them. That is what I did in the beginning is ask lot of questions and read everything.
Also be sure to fill out your profile. Someone who lives close to you may read it and then you may have a real estate partner to do deals with.
All my best to you.

Picked Up The Rock Bottom Blueprint Late Yesterday.

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I need to make this work for me. I'm investing money I just cant afford to spend. Failure is not an option. I have read 2 of Dean's books, listened to Gain the edge 2009 and 2010, & I just can't seem to get into gear. Why?.. I did some Bandit signs a few months ago, and there seemed to be a FLOOD of cash for your home signs everywhere. Now you cant even find 1 or 2 in my area. Is this Good new? OK
I'm going to get started with 30 Days to Quick Cash.

Thanks Keith,

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Great words. Looking forward to many great deals to come.


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Hello Joshua,

I am a new investor, and the only experience in RE is owning my owm home when it was purchased in 1999. What steps have you taken to gather your team, if I may ask. I live in the Orlando area, and see now and then some bandits signs. How are you doing getting Buyers? Thanks for taking the time to read my post...

Joe Ayala