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Melissa Morse
Litchfield, CT
About Me: 

I have always loved real estate, or perhaps beautiful buildings, designing spaces, and watching shows about decorating, remodeling and renovation. I'm a former educator and now working in real estate.

Woodworking and crafts, anything that allows me to produce or create with my hands; I have a good sense for design and color.

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Real Estate Investor
My Pets Are My Kids
Completed Post Graduate

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Mainly Just This One


Dean's Birthday

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What a spendid tribute to a generous man. I will continue to follow and learn, inspired by your spirit, drive, and dedication. Many more to come.

Real Estate

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I have been doing this for about 2 years now. Even though I havent made any money yet, i have made alot of "friends" on here and made a few offers to get my feet wet, have met a bunch of people through the internet and on this site, right now i have several in my pipeline and many ofers out there, one is a market and an ajoining house the seller wants $369,000 for the market with inventory included, and they want $64,000 for the house. The store has been appraised at 535,000 without the inventory and the house has apprasied at 210,000, its in a rural area (very rural) just by getting in this area will be big for my company there are about 12 more houses either for sale or rent. I feel i will need a partner on this endevor and I am sure since you are like me a dean student this will be an awesome deal and many more to come!!!! I would like to offer this partnership first to you. Hopefully we can get dean to help us