Bama Girl......IS FREE!!!

Bama Girl......IS FREE!!!

WOW.... well I joined the Success Academy just about 7 months ago and had not done a deal yet. Yesterday 09/25/10 I locked up two (2)! LOL. both I will be able to wholesale at 45% & 49% of FMV. Honestly my goal Saturday was straight from Matt in the Edge10...not to focus on the money BUT to just do that 1st deal! I ran several versions of the I Buy Ads. They were released on Thursday. Friday these properties are driven to my by my ads (DONE FOR YOU MARKETING - SFL). So pulled comps TotalView, etc. ran #'s and called both when I got off work Friday afternoon. Set a time to site properties and let them know I'd be bringing my contractor to est. repairs. Swiped a gold nugget from Carol S. and took PA with me so I could lock it up then and there.
1st deal: was as smooth as butter, they were sooo motivated. Plus pulled a profile for them as a tenant buyer for a property to get them to the other side of town - fired up right!!
2nd deal: well I thought I lost it honestly....HUGE lesson on this one!! I was on cloud nine from the first appointment and confidence through the roof! Heard Dean's voice on it. Realized I needed to shut-up and listen!! Smiling I could tell/feel it and asked a open ended question and once he started talking...unloaded then looked at me and said...I tell you what "I'll let you have it at XXX) which was $3k less than his initial response" it was already a great deal on his asking price. Oh, and then he says as we are signing the PA...if those couple of people call back that wanted to think about it at the XXX price, do you want me to tell them to call you? I said Absolutely! LOL
I've consistently been learning/studying. But after ordering the SFL system and Dean's last CC with Matt.....had SUCH a wake up call! I've been SOOO busy but NOT productive. & was running all over town but had NO focus. Everyone has to grown at their own pace, we all have our own 'junk' to go through. Just keep pressing forward. ACTION CURES FEAR!
Well my work is just beginning!!! Will not be sitting around waiting on two eggs to hatch but steadily putting more & more in the hat!!!
So many incredible people included in the DG family....absorb their knowledge!

Just NEVER give up and DON'T allow anyone to steal your dream!!!

If your dream is big enough....the circumstances don't count!! Getten it done! Smiling




S.A.& SFL If you're able or like me and many other....FIND a way. LOL Would suggest both. taking 7 mo. for me to do a deal was just me having to GET OVER MYSELF! lol You have to do the work, they'll be there 4 u but their not our mom or babysitter! We have to remember it is OUR business and should treat it like one!

AND! If nothing but 15-30 min before bed. Would be amazed what a difference it makes! No junk though.....protect your mind! Smiling

Just a point or what led me to take action and get out there...beyond that comfort zone, past the fear, around the curve of self-doubt into an amazing feeling of following through, taking action on a goal/plan after a life long history of UNKEPT PROMISES to myself! I have broken that chain!!

You can do to...just believe in yourself.

five p's

Thats a good start the five p's makes sense, I am very excited for you and your drive for doing this while still working a full time job! I think this is my biggest road block is not having enough time to really do all I want to do. I have done 2 deals so far and they were only finder's fee deals, then the owner of the second one wanted us to help him rehab his house and that is what I have been doing for the last month every day after my J.O.B. I am so tired now I have not had any time for anything else. Any way I wish you the best of luck with your deals and send me some of that energy!!!! Diane


Hey Diane, definately understand the time constrants. I have had to use Dean's advice and if put something on the shelf, something had to come off. And sometimes just have to say no, if it doesn't line up with my goals/plans. Even been a little creative and pulled in family time with me and my son by getting him to help me make bandit signs, etc. He feels he is contributing (and is) plus we get to do something literally head to head on the living room floor with everything all spread out. Just remember to do a little something for you (long bath, workout, whatever lights your fire or re-centers you). To keep you burning the candle at both end. IT'S ONLY TEMPORARY!!! I always say "I can do ANYTHING for a 'short' period of time" because know what's coming!! You have bigger plans and dreams! Keep them visualized and infront of you all the time! And don't quit til you see them manifested!

You will make it, you seem to definately have the work ethic! As Matt says "The world can't stop someone who want be denied"!!!

Hello Jen Great post, very

Hello Jen

Great post, very uplifting to others,just wanted to let you know a lot of people see what you say but either are to afraid to post their feelings or just don't bother to. Away your doing a great job keep it up.

Jim Kendrick

Thank you Jim!!!

Thank you Jim for the encouranging words! Very kind of you to take a minute to post! So thank you for being a little ray of sunshine for me! LOL

Wishing much success and well fortune at anything in life you may put your hand to!

Happy Thanksgiving and have a great day!


What You Look Like ...

You just ********* LOOK LIKE ********** you're gonna do it !!!

So I believe you are!

~ Sherri


Thank you Sherri for the encouragement! Trust me....past a belief and on to a reality! I have been slacking on updating my journal here. But will definately take sometime this week to update all! Good....good stuff my friends!

Girl....look who's talken! Smiling Last time I hit your post of Probates....YOU had the thing going on! LOL Will sneak a peek at your forum too and make sure to catch all your 'gold' nuggets!!! Smiling

WE ARE REAL ESTATE MILLIONARES!!! (speaking it into existance but most importantly making the actions line up with the words that WILL deliver our desires!!!)

Hey Jen,

Just thought I'd drop in to let you know I completely agree with Jim. I've read quite a few of your posts on other forums here. Even as a "newbie", your are obviously wise beyond your RE years and deserve the recognition for such.

I remember reading one of your posts (can't remember which forum) about you speaking at your REI club meeting. I sure don't have the confidence/knowledge to do such a thing. I have to say that's VERY impressive!!!

I've noticed you are actively using the SFL system; seemingly with success. I have it, but haven't really utlized it like I should have. I am concentrating on building my buyers list first. I need to put SFL to use to help me do this, also. I'm just a little "weak" with the tech/marketing skills and seem to let it intimidate me. I'd love to pick your brain about it...details of what you've done with it (and how), etc. It would be great if you could PM me about this (or post here on site). So far, I haven't noticed anyone posting details about their "real" success with SFL.

By the way, Your can do/won't quit attitude is contagious. Kudos to you for the successes to date and keep up the good work. We ARE watching whether you know it or not.

Your neighbor,



Quitters NEVER win - Winners NEVER quit!

"P.U.S.H. = Persevere Until Something Happens" Dean

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Thomas A. Edison
Check out my Road to Redemption journal:

Hi Jen Just stopped to say

Hi Jen

Just stopped to say hello, and still watching.

Jim Kendrick

Thank you!

Thank you Jim and John! Very blessed! I appreciate your words of encouragement far more than you know!

John, I will PM you and leave contact info. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Would be glad to share anything I've discovered with SFL and how I am using the system.

Will update info here also. I know Carol and a few others have threads going that are packed with information and how-to's. Maybe in some small way, I can also contribute.

just a little update....progress shot! :-)

Hello all,

It would go on and some would loose interest before it got to the end of what's all been going on the last couple of months since I first posted this. I've definitely learned massive amounts, made a couple of not the best choices, made some money, missed some money but one thing I can honestly say that I have daily taken action steps. Some days were huge leaps, some were baby steps but have continually moved forward. I have to give praises to Success Academy. I know I am probably on their "she's driven me bonkers" list - lol, but they are always patient, kind, professional and give me great direction, equipment with the necessary tools, set me straight and leave them feeling encouraged!

I will sometime in the near future tell briefly my story. I've had a few inquiries but that will be another post. lol!

Just a brief....what's currently going on. Will keep u updated also on which of Dean techniques, tools, etc. I am using and how's it working for me.

I have successfully built my power team! FINALLY have a Realtor I click with. Which was funny, he approached me from the last REI Club meeting that I was asked to speak at. I KNOW RIGHT....crazy! But I was sooo incredibly proud of myself and it was a packed house. Several standing outside the door. In spite of the overwhelming feeling of thinking at any minute I was going to be sick! I did it! You got to understand though, from the very first meeting I attended....I could tell I had the biggest dream in the room. These were investors but some maybe did one to two properties a year. One commercial guy, once guy in multi's, rest were SF. They were not movers and shakers. Which is fine if that's where they are at. Everyone always goes around and introduces themselves and says a few things about what each is doing. With the introductions and being actively involved in the discussions, networking (note all of which were SOOO out of my comfort zone but you just have to do it anyway) lead to the request to have me speak. I was talking about HM, Private Lenders, Transitional Funding, Wholesaling, etc. and I was wholesaling properties between 40 and 60 spreads also, setting my buyers up with HM lenders, private lenders, etc. to get the deal done. Soooo, long story short I spoke about what I was doing actually took them through one of my wholesale deals and left them all with a nugget. A list of approx. 50-80 HM, PL& TF for them to take home and use if they wished. Was there 1 1/2 hrs later still networking, answering questions and handing out biz cards. From it came a Realtor, Banker, 8 cash buyers, handyman, cabinet guy and hopefully I was able to assist someone overcome their challenge of not having money or finding the 'good deals'. lol

So through buyers and birddogs I am 18 states. Haven't flipped in all 18 YET! lol

Outside of wholesaling: I have a birddog agreement with an out-of-state buyer investing in AL. Team in place to do his short sale negotiations. one in negotiations, and fed him 3 more that haven't yet been contracted/began. I am negotiating an owner finance deal on a duplex as a personal investment. Running numbers and due diligence on 27 unit apt complex (wholesale flip but not a pretty as it first appeared so may pass if can't fit with my buyers), also anticipating locking up 115 acre parcel within the next week (also wholesaling to one of my buyers). The low end stuff in my area is still moving and picking up tons of retail cash buyers also. I countered on two today as best and finals. Already have these two 'presold'. Will lock either tomorrow or Wednesday and contract with buyer NTL than Friday and collect earnest money from buyer and yes pay to sellers agent (NOTE zero out of pocket)lol love it. I will actually be doing a double close on these two. Got a bit of room on them and wanting to pull off a little more. Already have my close attorney lined up and briefed of how I want it handle. Last response was o.k. get me the contracts. LOL

Probably enough for now, getting late and needs to recharge my batteries. lol
Bottom line....please don't quit or give up on yourself. I have barely scratched the surface and there are SOOOO many on absorb their knowledge! We all have something to contribute. Just make sure and be careful who you take advice from (world) there are alot of 'crabs in a bucket' as I call them, people always wanting to pull others back down. Don't let them, protect your Dream! No one can steal our dream unless we let them! Seek out, pursue the ones that are where you want to be......then Do What They Do! They may be incredibly successful, experienced, and a wealth of knowledge but they were once exactly were we are today. Newbies! If they can do it, it means we CAN do it too....but up to each of us to decide IF we ARE we gonna do it. It was not easy for them, it's not gonna be easy for us. But it will get easier. I am seeing that already. Once I stopped trying to move a mountain and realize all I had to do was lace up the shoes and I could just cross over it. It wasn't nearly as tough as I was making it out to be. It is my desire that hopefully someone take away something from this journal if nothing more than 'man if this chick can do this....I know I can' lol or maybe spark a thought/idea that you can use in you own biz or you find some words of encouragement from this.

You have to believe in yourself before anyone else will! And Never, Ever under any condition is quitting or giving up an option!

Hoping all had an incredible week! May Your Cup Overflow!!!
Sweet Dreams to all!

Happy New Year!

Well it has been a little while since I updated. So much has transpired over the past month or so. I desperately needed a self check. Well it manifested today. I have previously gone through EDGE 10 hm study course after I received in with the purchase of SFL. Today, I revisited it. As part of my self check, was to maintain my training as well. That I have to admit let slide over last couple of months as I've totally submerged myself in RE. But was feeling the weight of no outlet. So decided to combine the my two passions: RE and training today. When I popped in the DVD and laced my running shoes and jumped on treadmill. Well two DVD's later and a couple of mini breaks, a light came on during the DVD #2 (Greg, Matt and Dean). Matt mentioned during his session about being the two types of people: process or results. And Jen had a revelation, and I have been so massively consumed with doing everything.....that I don't have to. I need to use my team! I need to use the SA more! It's my fault that I didn't hit my goal for December that the self inflicted battle scars/self torment are healing - LOL. Yes, still making 5-10 offers through agent every week, plus all of my FSBO lead driven properties, I have several under contract with buyers right now that will be closing by 01/31 and it's only Jan 2! whoohoo! BUT I didn't hit the 10 closed by 12/31/2010. My RE biz mirrored today's on a treadmill with the elevation kicked up and HIIT pace....but staying in the same place!

So that's where the self check comes in....revising my daily action steps. Carrying forward what works, trash what doesn't. Forgiving myself for not hitting the target, issuing a swift kick and congratulating myself for my achievements thus far. And have this little nervous, excitement in my stomach (like right before you step on the roller coaster at Six Flags) of what MY YEAR will be like!

I encourage all to revisit Dean's material. We've all ready the books, etc. But every time you re-read a book, re-watch a video, etc. you will take something new away from it that didn't get absorbed the first time.

Don't Give Up! Do what you have to, to get what you need to, so that you will have what you want to! lol

Tomorrow is a new day! Make it count! We don't get any do-overs! Smiling

HI Jen looks like your on

HI Jen looks like your on fire,great job keep moving forward.

My dream girl

is found and she is living in Alabama!! What a great attitude!! Keep up the good work because you will have a string of positive results. You'll also find that the accountant job and education will really come in handy as this is a number crunching business (More than I would like to admit) Love your 5P's in your signature line. Keep the momementum up and make sure you do something "real estate" everyday. I know we'll see you at the top!


Always Looking to Acquire Houses | Always Looking to Amaze Investors

never fails.....

Jim: Thank you! Can only truly imagine the people within your circle of influence that has the blessing of knowing you personally. If never fails that you ALWAYS speak words of encouragement. Because the mouth with overflow what's in the heart! Thank you for being such a blessing to myself as well as so many others.

Bill: Thank you so much! Love reading your post. Your knowledge and encouragement are intoxicating. You are absolutely correct in every word! Daily action is key to separating it from a hobby to a business and crucial to the forward progression. Yes accounting background does play a huge role.

As we all deal with so much negative junk/people in this world, it is so refreshing and addictive to come to and be able to 'breathe' a bit. Alot of time I don't even comment, but absorb. Love that Dean has created a place for like minded people out there chasing their passions, dreams, freedom, etc. that their true motive here is to lift someone else up! To be a blessing.
As iron sharpens iron!

May your New Year and each to follow always be filled with health, happiness and prosperity!

Jen just thought I would

Jen just thought I would stop by and say Hi. I had to go find you sense you haven't posted in a couple weeks.

lol! my bad! Been crazy

lol! my bad! Been crazy busy but good stuff! Things have done an about face since New Years when everything died out a bit for the holidays. Picked up two (2) properties yesterday that I'll be wholesaling. (1-fsbo, 1-probate) Large volume of leads and buyers driven from advertising. So it's been rocking and rolling. Offering on five (5) REO's today. One of which I'm planning on rehabbing because I'll definately pull a substantial profit on it UNLESS I have a wholesale buyer to pick up then will settle for smaller but higher margin with a double close for this property. OMG....I LOVE RE! lol

k....warden has given me 1 hr off for good behavior to come up for air from JOB - LOL! Soooo got to hit the car to return calls, follow-ups & set-up close with my CA buyer on one that closes on 31st!

So stay's getten good! haha! Smiling

Jen glad to see such a turn

Jen glad to see such a turn around for you,as I always say.


Will be reading

your post more often now to see how things are going with you and hopefully will be able to read more details on how these deals were made and what you did to get them as well. My daughter does the creation of my bandit signs because she have great handwriting compared to mine because I use the pc for all my writing so I do less hand writing. Am going to have advertisement put on my truck so people know what I do as well. Some places around here bandit signs are not allowed and the city has called me about this and left a message to call them back because all my signs get taken down in the middle of the night after I had put them out so will have to check into putting them on private property close to streets and see what comes out. Once again keep up the great work and I will be keeping and reading your post more often.


Jen - It's always so uplifting

Jen - It's always so uplifting reading your posts! Your positive "get 'er done" attitude overflows and helps give me the confidence that I too WILL be successful.

I am currently "revisiting" Dean's material and focusing on amping up my marketing efforts (lots to do here). Dedicated to getting SOMETHING done EVERY day concerning REI!

Congrats on your latest're well on your way.

Talk soon,



Quitters NEVER win - Winners NEVER quit!

"P.U.S.H. = Persevere Until Something Happens" Dean

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Thomas A. Edison
Check out my Road to Redemption journal:

Hi Jen

I was writting you and touched my keypad mouse and lost everything I had written, but Ive now turned it off. hehe Been reading your post and what you are doing and the turn around you have experienced is redicilous. Such an inspiritional journal that tells us that good things happen when you keep on doing the good things. You had better consider taking a fire extinguisher around with you cause your moving so fast your skirt tails are in danger of catching fire. Lol Smiling I too am an AL DE'er and live in Bham/Vestavia and I love staying on touch with others in our AL family. I will PM you later and hopefully we can exchange telly and email info. Im sure there are alot of things I could learn from you.

You say you are a bama girl, but you live very close to Auburn. Are you a Tider or a Tiger? You take care and I hope all you've got in the pot turns into a wonderful dish.




We seldom get what we want, but we will always get what we expect.


Nice Journal Jen, keep up the good work and keep moving forward. You have a great attitude.


Always Looking to Acquire Houses | Always Looking to Amaze Investors

Big hugs and thanks!

Thank you to all that have stopped my post and/or message me to show Jen some love! lol It is very much appreciated and such a blessing. There so many incredible people on here. So much wisdom, heart, passion, & encouragement!

Oh & Steve - ROLL TIDE! LOL Feel free to pm/contact me. I am always networking and building new relationships! FIRMLY believe REI is a people business and properties are only tools we use.

Locked up another property yesterday that I am wholesaling. Uploaded all pics, setup profile, blasted through SFL (sellpoint, emailed buyers) when I got home last night (don't wait to market properties peps. clocks ticking). As soon as we sign and I get in my car, I start calling! lol Updated all manual marketing efforts that I do on each property as well and refreshed what I already had running.

This week I got a bunch of no's, got some yes's, alot of rejected offers, several accepted, exploring a few potential partnerships, removing some people, adding some people, found several things I was doing not to be working/productive so adjusting/cutting. I don't know about everyone else but being a single mom, working full time, my training, then the other responsibilities, daily maintenance and requirements (clothes don't wash themselves - lol) I HAVE to constantly adjust and access my actions to ensure no wasted time. Cutting anything or anyone that is not beneficial to my overall goals. Because if I don't I can easily slip into the busy but not productive area, which for me leads to frustration. Being exhausted but not seeing results. Bottom line we are all busy, we all have other responsibilities that must be taken care of. We all have to find our balance, determine what we are taking off our shelf in order to alot the time we need to accomplish what we need to, doing what we have to, to get where we want to!

Protect your time, protect your mind!

Make every shot count!

What is required?? What is the cost? What is that you have do to be successful??......AANNDDD The Answer is ...... WHATEVER IT FREAKEN TAKES!!! Get it done!

To each and everyone reading this post....may you have insurmountable success, fortune, wealth, health, happiness and love! But none of which will fall into our laps...go TAKE what you deserve!

God is no respecter of persons. If Matt can do it, if Dean and do it, etc.....SO CAN WE. You have the seeds of greatness already within you! You have what is takes. Know your worth and your value. Strengthen your weaknesses. Don't make excuses, make results. Just because we can, doesn't automatically mean we will! It's a choice.

Don't hope for a good week.....make it a good week! Smiling

God Bless and big hugs 2 u,

graet job

Graet job jen you found the way to a god real estate investor I wil like to know how you found the probate property and also you keep any rental or you resel them

to Candido Bran

The probate property I picked up this week was actually driven to my via my advertising. I get alot of leads off bandit signs but the probate came from an ad in a bulletin board. (it's a weekly book that comes out every Thursday that consist of everything on the world from automobile to football tickets for sale literally an A-Z category list of items to be sold and purchased). There is a price per ad (# of words) but I have found it is my #1 responder for leads outside of bandit signs in my area.

You can tweak these to be word responsive to your area but for Montgomery, AL. this is working for me! Here are just 2 of the ads I have a successful response with:

SELL ME YOUR HOUSE! Local investor pays $CASH$ for properties! Is your home in need of repairs? Are you ready for a fresh start? Behind of your payments? Facing Foreclosure? NO PROBLEM! STOP Stressing and Contact Me NOW! (then YOUR # & website)


I BUY HOUSES" ANY Condition - ANY Situation! Local investor pays $CASH$ for properties! Don’t Wait - Contact Me NOW!! (then YOUR # and website)

Hope they can bring you some good use.

I primarily wholesale properties and will continue, they are still moving in my area as wholesale flips. But will be picking up 10-20 over the next 3-6 mo. to be rehab projects for myself. I will hold on some, some I will sell. (also building a retail buyers list). I had two I offered on this week that we couldn't come together on #'s. We went bk & forth, I already established my max offer price, these were REO's we got pretty close. I reassessed my #'s, and I was dead on, submitted best and didn't work. So NEXT... lol! I am working on having multiple rehabs going at the same time. Right now, I've got 3 teams set up to accomplish this.

Hope this helps in someway!

Hi Jen just stopped to see

Hi Jen just stopped to see how you were doing, but please stop and take a breath. Looks like you are rolling along good job.


LOL I can't because I am chasing my air! Besides, breathing is overrated anyway - Taking a breather/break is for sissies! LOL! But I do understand what ur saying though.

Go hard to go home right!!!

No big play have ever come from someone warming the bench! Have to burn all bridges (avenues of retreat), meaning destroy all back doors. Leaving yourself no avenue other than fight and win or die. May seem harsh, but how I think for myself and my approach. With no back door you have no choice but to continually move forward!


Just got some incredible news / offer. That I am going to strongly consider and of course place in writing. But was contacted by a contractor I have used on several small projects. That started with a text to me earlier asking if I was free for dinner. Told him no, I had work to do. Which wasn't a lie. Then followed by a request that possibly this week we could meet for a few to discuss a few things. Understand I have known this guy for over 14 years now. He does incredible work and I would consider to be a good friend. Well just got off the phone with him, he is proposing to put up $20k as private funds for me to use. Will probably involve his lead on rehab projects or something along those lines. I'm still tossing ideas around on how to structure. Yes I know it's $20k but in my area I can do ALOT with $20k! I will be making a call to Success Academy in the a.m. to brainstorm and set a plan in motion. ( To make sure I don't "Jen's It Up aka 'Screw It Up" LOL )But had to tell someone tonight that could appreciate the news! Cause NONE of my 'friends/family' would appreciate. LOL Their like "MORE Real Estate Jen...really" oh well, probably why they'll be working the 40/40 plan and I'll be retired! hehe Smiling

Also proposing to one of my CA buyers along the same lines. He has offered to put up funds for me before, he threw it out there in one of our conversations but I didn't lock him up on it. We are about to close on our second property together. Have a great working relationship. He even send me a Christmas gift. lol I am going to propose a revolving 'line of credit' of $50k. Set with terms along the lines no payments or (maybe interest only pymts) payable at 6 mo terms., etc. Then perhaps after XX amount of time increasing the cap on funds. People have money....may not be in OUR current circle of influence. That's why we MUST expand out circles!

super excited!

Well Jen I'm still up and

Well Jen I'm still up and reading NY time 0:05am. And I think that is great news.


Thank you Jim

LOL! I'm still up too! Adjusting my action plan for week, refreshed all ads, printed out additional PA's for files box I keep in my trunk, printing out today's websites leads to follow-up with tomorrow. Too stoked to sleep right now. LOL My mind is going ninety to nothing!

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