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Mary-Jane "MJ"
Central California
About Me: 

I have many years experience in the Mortgage and Real Estate industry. Some of the positions I have held are Sr. Loan Processor, Loan Orignator, Bird Dog for properties, Loss Mittigation, ect... Now I'm working with a partner to help FUND deals as well as help those who have suffered from this Real Estate HardShip. Besides Real Estate my hobbies include spending time with my five dogs I have four American Pit Bull Terriers and a German Shepard/Dingo. (these are my kids, I love them so much). I share my lovely home with them and my boyfriend of ten years. I have the drive it takes to be in the Real Estate industry. I want to be financially secure in five years this is my goal.
Thanks for listening!

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My Pets Are My Kids
Completed College
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Hello Mary,

Welcome to the DG family.
May you have Great Success in your Journey!

Cash Buyers Short Sales

Hello Mary,

Welcome to DG's family. I enjoy meeting new people and fellow investors. I too have extensive knowledge in real estate. My background includes loan processing, loan officer, personal assistant to broker and now real estate investor. I'm interested in working with you on short sale deals for your buyers. Will you please PM me so we could discuss it further? Looking forward to working with you and hearing from you soon.

To Our Success!


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I just wanted to stop by and say hello to you. Welcome to the Dean family. We are all a close knit group here and we all help each other and encourage. Ask anyone for help here and you will get much help along the way. Glad to meet you and now get in there and learn and get a property under contract.

Hi MJ My Initials are CJ. Meeting your needs

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I read your message and would love to talk to you more.
Although we have been with Dean for 10 months we have really just gotten serious. We gave ourselves a year to not work for anyone else and get our investing down to a tee. Each week we adjust our directions to accommodate living in Ca. and what seems to be the most direct way to make money. We have not been able to find a REIC in our area so we are starting one. Drop me a PM and let me know where in Central Ca. you are located and what you are looking for. If we are close maybe we can join your REIC club or you can join ours or even come and be a quest speaker. Welcome, Good Luck and hope to hear from you soon.

One more thing,

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I would love to see what your logo says. Is it a Badger and a hawk? Does it represent Badger and Hawk medicine. Your shield? I looked again, I think its an eagle?

Short Sale

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Hey Mary,

We have a house I just found on my expired listings. It is now a short sale. They were asking, 289,000. Now they are asking, 239,000 it looks great, on 7 acres, In a gated community. I haven't done a short sale yet so what else do I need to ask. #1 Are the owners willing to walk away. #2 how many payments behind? I haven't locked it up because we live in Ca. so its like walking on a tight rope to do some of Deans stuff. E mail me @ I need to send you a private message.


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Hi Iam responding to your making extra money add. I live in Imperial Valley Ca. Our investment group covers the lower desert area. If I can help you with anything in the lower desert or arizona, yuma border let me know.


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Hi Mary,
I am in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment! I live in the southern portion of NM, up in the mountains where it is wonderful. The real estate crunch has not hit us that bad, but in Albuquerque, we can find some real deals. Property still appraises for $80-130 sq/ft and short sales are plentiful. I just located one for my daughter that was 3079 sq ft, 4BR/2.5ba, main floor office, huge lot all fenced, and only 5 years old. We got it for 162,000 and it appraised for 279,000. Needed paint and about half the house needs carper, but what an instant equity. If you are interested in anything out in this area, just send me your criteria.
Great to have you on the journey.

Interested in Finding Short Sales Based On Your Criteria

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Hello Mary,

Please provide me with your criteria of the short sales of interest. I am interested and have many years as an executive assistant/ project manager so I have a history of getting the job done. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I can send whatever you need. Best Regards, Laticia


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I am replying to your ad "ATTENTION CA BIRD DOGS!!!!" I would like to help you out. I need to know exactly what you are looking for, and what do you pay if I find you a fantastic deal?

PM me back.

Seattle, WA

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Do you invest in proprties in Seattle,WA or do you know of anyone who does?

Bird Dogs Nationwide

I found a house in Atlanta, GA and would like to know if you would be interested. It is a short sale with 3 spacious bedrooms,2.5 luxurious bathrooms. $325,000 asking price. It has been up for sale for 400 days. House was built 2006. Located in an upscale neighborhood. Let me know if this something that you are interested in. Jerry

RE Investor in New York

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Im a real estate investor in New York City and have been finding some really awesome deals in the area and also in many other areas. If you are interested in ridiculously low priced deals, Im willing to bird dog or work on contract with you. Contact me asap so we can work together and create win win situations for both of us!!!!


Mary-Jane "MJ"



Looking for Cash Buyers for Short Sales in VA

Hi Mary,

Welcome to the DG family. I am real estate investor and also bird dog. I live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. I would like to know if you and your partners were interested in funding deals in Virginia or purchasing in Virginia. I currently am looking for funding to purchase a Short Sale, which will go very fast due to the price and the value of the property. The sellers must sell ASAP, I have been tracking this property and it has great potential if I can locate the funding or paid with cash and close quickly. I already have a L/O ready to move in and the property needs very little rehab.

I look forward to working with you and hearing from you soon.


Just getting started in your area

Hi Mary,

We are in Livingston looking to get started and trying to connect with other investors.

Hope to hear from you soon,