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Jake de Gorostiza,III
Alpharetta, GA
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I was born in the Philippines, but I moved here in the US at the age of 8.

Graduated from South Forsyth High School as part of the Class of 2013. Before graduating, I was trying to figure out what I am supposed to do in life(I was to get a degree in Medicine); then my mom decided that we should go to a free seminar about Dean's program. This was before finals, so I guess I should have things to worry about other than listening to whatever the seminar had to offer, but then again I wasn't worried about what the finals had in store, so I had to go anyway. In this seminar, claims of making 6-figures with no money down were tossed about as though it were not only possible, but is also a norm, and more money as income does tickle my fancy, so I was interested. Dean Graziosi was no stranger to my memory: my mom was interested in his ways in Real Estate investing and had bought a couple of his books well before I had even started high school yet. After being interested, we finally decided to attend the Insider's Financial seminar, of which the $2000 required to attend was procured with polite permission from close relatives. In the seminar, it was largely a motivational workout for those skeptics and pessimists who came to be interested in Graziosi's program yet are weighted down by their doubts. It would be too easy to say that I am already motivated by the time I walked in the seminar, but then again I have yet to have worked in any sort of job that pays, so I'm not the one to judge. By the time I had walked out of the conference room, me and my mom already agreed to purchase the Platinum Package of Dean's Advanced Training Program.

After I had attended the subsequent Boots on the Ground Workshop, it is decided that I must participate in the business of Real Estate Investing. The reasons are evident: I wish to make more money to the point that money itself to me no long becomes a livelihood, but rather a means to live my life the way I choose to live it; my mom had worked as a pharmacist in the US for as long as she had moved here, and while it would be lying to say that we lived broke, it is a tedious profession for her and we had to count on what we are spending on. With what she earns annually, I wouldn't want to burden her and myself with the momentous responsibility that is College debt, especially debt from earning a degree in medicine. I choose to pay back my benefactors with what I have earned from this business venture, that and hopefully be able to pay off our personal debt of expenses by the end of the year 2013. With no job and no college plan until next year or so, I have as much free time as I could provide as of now(though I have yet to know how to drive) and I have much to do and learn from this business. Unless it would be my only friend in the Philippines, I don't have any as of year 2006; I am known to be shy and awkward to other people, and have some self-worth issues, and rather sparse in asking questions if they're rather coherent to begin with, and maybe unsure as to what I am supposed to do at times even as I know that I have something important to do, as I often have those inner doubts to my own existence or on other abstract concepts that I guess doesn't bother most people, or even come to doubt whatever I come to remember or know due to me forgetting things at certain times(my Asperger's might have something to do with it... that and/or my parents' influence), but I am willing to learn and do what is needed to be done in this business in order to succeed.

Varied, Gaming Enthusiast, Newswatching, Music, Reading.

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REI, once I figure out how it is supposed to work.
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Welcome to the DG family Jake!

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great story! I'm sure you will be successful in your rei career if you put your mind and heart into it. Always remember that knowledge + action = success
You can follow Dean's book '30 Days to RE Cash'; it's pretty much a step by step manual on wholesaling, which will bring you fast cash.

Also, I recommend that you read his other book Totally Fulfilled; it will help you stay motivated when you face obstacles.

Wishing you success,


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Welcome to the DG family Jake. wishing you and your Mother great success. Thanks for sharing your story. It is an inspiring read