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Nancy Proffit-Young
Tyler, TX
About Me: 

I've been involved in real estate for many years, but have not had the kind of success I had thought I would. I still work a full-time job, so I have blamed my lack of success on that, but I know there are others who have overcome that obstacle and achieved great success. I also was a single mom from the time my son was 5 yrs old, so I've thought maybe my responsibilities at home were the reason I didn't do more deals. My son is 22 now, and although he still lives at home, he does quite well at fending for himself. I guess it must be ME that's the reason for my lack of success! I've been becoming more active in the past few months, marketing for houses & building a buyer's list. So hopefully I'll start seeing good things happening soon. If anyone is in the East Texas area, give me a shout.

all things real estate related, and traveling

Basic Info

Medical Technologist, hopefully soon to be former MT
Have Child(ren)
Completed College

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Mainly Just This One


Hi Nancy

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welcome to this site! Here you will find great resources and advice from many experienced and successful investors.

Wishing you success on your rei journey!



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Thanks for your support. In return I am here to support and help you succeed. All we have to do is stay active.